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Group B: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by non-Japanese NGO's

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
1 Upland Development Institute, Inc. (UDI) Protecting forests and raising living standards of people living in Luzon, the Philippines \5,000,000 Philippines
2 Amur Socio-Ecological Union Training for protection and management of major crane breeding grounds in northeast Asia \3,200,000 Russia
3 International Ocean Institute Environmental education and capacity building for the improvement of living environment in coastal poor communities \4,000,000 India
4 Indian Environmental Society Awareness raising and education for residents and school children and teachers on nature, environment and natural resources - A Project on Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur \3,500,000 India
5 Wetland International - Asia Pacific Development of a manual for maintaining an Asian wetland inventory \5,000,000 Asia
6 KIRANG Love Green Development Cooperation Inc. KIRANG Reforestation Programs \3,300,000 Philippines
7 Yayasan Gemi Nastiti (GENI) Practical diffusion of technology and knowledge of renewable energy to Indonesian rural people and NGOs \5,500,000 Indonesia
8 The Ecological Foundation IRIS-ECO Measurement, public relations and education activities for the evaluation of the status of air pollution in Bucharest \5,000,000 Romania
9 The Wilderness Trust of Southern Africa Environment education workshop for teachers of the northern province in South Africa \5,500,000 South Africa
10 Sao Paulo Natural History Research Center Reforestation of recharge forests in Guarulhos, Greater San Paulo \2,200,000 Brazil
11 Thailand Environmental Institution Urban tree-planting project \4,500,000 Thailand
12 World Wide Fund for Nature-Bhutan Protection of black-necked crane through environmental education and eco-tours in Bhutan \2,500,000 Bhutan
13 China Forum of Environmental Journalists Chinese media activity to raise awareness on the relationship between climate change, pressure on ecosystems, and our daily life \4,500,000 China
14 China Biodiversity Protection Foundation Providing training on the sustainable management of Biosphere Reserves in China \5,500,000 China
15 Chinese Society for Agricultural Eco-Environment Protection (CSAEEP) Enlightenment and ecology conservation activities regarding the Black-necked Crane wintering in agricultural minority group regions of Tibet, China \3,500,000 China
16 Chinese Society for Future Studies Conducting studies on waste disposal/treatment and anti-pollution measures in China \2,200,000 China
17 Association for Auto-development of Dielibakoro (AAD) Reforestation of the hills of Folonougb in Kankan, Republic of Guinea \1,800,000 Guinea
18 Pesticide Action Network-Asia and the Pacific Research, seminars, and education projects regarding agricultural chemicals and biotechnology \10,000,000 Asia
19 Pallishree Environmental education and awareness program for the stakeholders of Chilika Lagoon regarding the wise use of wetland ecosystems \4,500,000 India
20 Save the Children Center Environmental conservation and support for self sustained communities using water hyacinth on a grassroots level \2,500,000 Kenya
21 Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc. Region 7 Seminars to nurture environmental industries in the Philippines \3,800,000 Philippines
22 Forum for Social Studies Research and recommendations regarding the environment and conservation policies in Ethiopia \4,000,000 Ethiopia
23 Friends of the Earth Ghana Desertification prevention programs: community afforestation and awareness raising in Ghana \5,000,000 Ghana
24 Beijing Environmental Protection Foundation Research on pollution control of municipal solid waste in Beijing and its implementation \5,500,000 China
25 Mongolian Children's Cultural Foundation Environmental education in Ulan Bator, Mongolia's capital city \2,700,000 Mongolia
Total amount of grant for Group B \104,700,000