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Group C: Environmental conservation activities in Japan by Japanese NGOs

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
A1001 The Association for Collecting and Recycling Resources Building a school-based mechanism for recycling milk cartons \1,900,000 Japan
A1002 NPO Gunma Conducting research to study the possibility of efficient use of biomass including recycled food resources \1,100,000 Japan
A1003 NPO Birth Establishing an information base of organizations engaging in the conservation of countryside areas for the formation of a society with an environmentally sound material cycle and conducting networking activities \2,500,000 Japan
A1004 NPO Greenery Association Recycling food waste through EM using the compost method \800,000 Japan
A1005 Okinawa Environmental Network Employing a model plant to treat batches of effluent from cattle sheds at an oxidation trench, using an activated sludge method \3,500,000 Japan
A1006 Office Recycle Network Conducting research and studies to make policy recommendations for the forming of a fail-safe recycling-oriented society \4,000,000 Japan
A1007 Citizen's Network for Waste Problem in Kawasaki Conducting store checks and holding symposia for popularizing green consumerism \900,000 Japan
A1008 The Tohoku Chamber of Environment Conducting research to determine the state of discharged amounts of food waste after the enactment of the Food Recycling Law \3,500,000 Japan
A1009 Environmental Councilors Kyoto Establishing a system in the Kansai area for popularizing the use of uniform returnable bottles and setting up an information-sharing base \2,000,000 Japan
A1010 Environmental Study Group Cultivating and utilizing environmental partnerships through the "TOKYO Cleanup Welcome 21" \1,500,000 Japan
A1011 Environmental Planning Center Conducting research on the utilities and environmental friendliness of refuse derived fuel (RDF) \4,000,000 Japan
A1012 Citizens Environmental Foundation Promoting green consumerism and green purchasing in communities. Carrying out participatory educational activities to facilitate the building of a society with an environmentally sound material cycle \5,000,000 Japan
A1013 e-design Center Composting of pruned branches \2,000,000 Japan
A1014 Kyushu Clean Energy Association Conducting PR activities to raise citizens' awareness of the significance of environmental conservation activities through the launch of a website \700,000 Japan
A1015 The Council on Life-Innovation (CLI) Sponsoring seminars to train leaders specializing in living and the environment \2,000,000 Japan
A1016 Group for Reviewing Our Lifestyle Conducting activities to research environment-friendly city planning in the Kochi Prefecture areas \700,000 Japan
A1017 Green Life Promotion Organization Carrying out activities to promote the building of communities with environmental awareness of food, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and the environment \1,600,000 Japan
A1018 Group Eco-life Building a society with an environmentally sound material cycle through the participation of students and residents in the collection of food waste, composting, and cooperation with farmers \1,200,000 Japan
A1019 Kurobegawa Alluvial Fan Institute Researching waste treatment technology for processing plumage from chickens and its effective use \1,500,000 Japan
A1020 Shizuoka Consumers Association Preparing the "Shizuoka Green Consumer Guidebook" \1,100,000 Japan
A1021 Japan Wildlife Research Center Carrying out activities to help build a society with an environmentally sound material cycle through the tackling of garbage and waste problems in hills and mountains \4,500,000 Japan
A1022 Kyoto Institute for Eco-sound Social System Holding symposium and workshop for the establishment of a social system based on an environmentally sound material cycle and coexistence \500,000 Japan
A1023 The Japan Milk Carton Recycling Association (JAMRA) Coordinating the recycling of milk cartons on the island and conducting public awareness activities \2,100,000 Japan
A1024 Regional Recycling Research Institute Conducting local activities for the recycling of organic substances \2,000,000 Japan
A1025 Chubu Recycle Recycling stations (a recycling system jointly built by citizens, businesses, and the government \4,500,000 Japan
A1026 Churasa's Society Biogasification of organic waste \1,100,000 Japan
A1027 Tour de Communication Creating a website to provide know-how for promoting the recycling of personal computers \900,000 Japan
A1028 Alliance of Women Organizations in the Tokyo Area Establishing an information-sharing base for consumer-oriented environmental conservation activities \800,000 Japan
A1029 Preparatory Committee for the Nanohana Project Network Implementing the Nanohana Project--building a concrete local model for a society with an environmentally sound material cycle \2,700,000 Japan
A1030 Garbage Recycling Japan Network Conducting activities to enhance public awareness of the recycling of raw refuse utilizing information technology \1,000,000 Japan
A1031 Nippon Environment Club Conducting awareness-enhancement activities to promote the proper treatment and recycling of construction waste \600,000 Japan
A1032 Japan Cleft Palate Foundation Conducting activities to raise the public's awareness of the recycling of rare metals \4,000,000 Japan
A1033 Japan Sportfishing Association "Riparian Day"--a national day for the cleaning of fishing grounds nationwide \1,100,000 Japan
A1034 Wild Bird Society of Japan Holding symposium to make recommendations originating in the countryside of Tama hills, with an aim of creating a new society with an environmentally sound material cycle \1,900,000 Japan
A1035 Japan Recycle Network Conference Holding study sessions and creating a website for the formation of a network to support the building of a society with an environmentally sound material cycle \1,000,000 Japan
A1036 The Foundation for Environmental Rehabilitation and Redevelopment of Mizushima Investigating the state of undersea refuse in order to raise citizen awareness \800,000 Japan
A1037 Mori no kai (Forest Network) Implementing program for the utilization of recycled materials from environmental improvement works \1,500,000 Japan
A1038 Association of the Dissemination of Organic Crops and Promotion of Composting Presenting case studies of the successful recycling of kitchen waste and conducting information exchange and public awareness activities \2,000,000 Japan
A1039 Yume ASK Holding the Dream ASK Forum "Passing on a Beautiful Earth to the Children" \1,000,000 Japan
B1001 Community Action Network for Preserving Akame Forests (CANPAF) Establishing a community-based mechanism for providing information on conservation of the countryside \900,000 Japan
B1002 Marimo Research Association Creating and operating a website to provide information on the conservation of aegagropilae and their habitats at lakes and marshes \900,000 Japan
B1003 A SEED JAPAN Collecting and providing information of NGO activities for Rio +10 and establishing a base for information-sharing \600,000 Japan
B1004 Foundation for Conserving the Green Stock in Aso Establishing a mechanism for providing information on environmental conservation activities at Aso \600,000 Japan
B1005 Nature Conservation Society of Osaka Providing information and popularizing activities for the protection of natural environment of hometowns through the improvement of information systems \950,000 Japan
B1006 Osaka Green Trust Establishing an information-sharing base for the Green Volunteers Network in Osaka \600,000 Japan
B1007 Obihiro Salon of 28 NPOs Collecting and providing information through the Tokachi Information Center of Environmental Conservation Activities \500,000 Japan
B1008 Girl Scouts of Japan Establishing an information-sharing base for environmental education \600,000 Japan
B1009 Toyama-Eco-Hiroba Conducting community-based activities for the exchange of information on environmental education \500,000 Japan
B1010 Kitakamigawa River Basin Society for Cooperation and Exchange Establishment of a network of environmental conservation activity with common interest in rivers \500,000 Japan
B1011 Center for the Redevelopment of Pollution-damaged Areas in Japan (The Aozora Foundation) Compiling a database of NGOs and citizens' movements that tackle pollution problems \600,000 Japan
B1012 International EMECS Center Preparing the "Open Ocean Network Conference" \950,000 Japan
B1013 Wetlands International Japan Creating a webpage for introducing activities in the conservation of wetlands \500,000 Japan
B1014 The Classic Live for the United Nations Building a website "OUR FOREST IS ALIVE," providing links to environmental conservation activities in Japan \750,000 Japan
B1015 Learning and Ecological Activities Foundation for Children Launching a website to introduce environmental activities carried out by children in the world \1,600,000 Japan
B1016 Satoyama 21 Supporting activities for protecting countryside through use of the Internet \900,000 Japan
B1017 Global Guardian Trust Launching a website to provide information on the Global Guardian Trust and its activities \650,000 Japan
B1018 World Wide Fund for Nature Japan Enriching the contents and functions of information provided on the Internet to raise public awareness for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) \650,000 Japan
B1019 People's Association on Countermeasures of Dioxins & Endocrine Disruptors Strengthening the capacity for gathering and providing information on hazardous substances using information technology \600,000 Japan
B1020 The Supporters' Network for Terraced Paddy Field Providing information on terraced paddy fields through the creation and operation of a website \600,000 Japan
B1021 Regional Exchange Center Establishing the "Environmental Communication Museum" \600,000 Japan
B1022 The Action for Protecting Maldives from Global Warming Establishing an information base for raising public awareness of the need for mitigating global warming \400,000 Japan
B1023 "Tokyo Ours" Promotion Council Establishing a website to help expand Tokyo Ours activities \600,000 Japan
B1024 Executive Committee for the Toyosaka Groundwork Action for the Environment Conducting activities to establish the infrastructure for an information society \600,000 Japan
B1025 The Sloth Club Gathering and providing information through a multi-lingual website with the objective of protecting the ecosystems in tropical rain forests \600,000 Japan
B1026 Caring for the Riparian Environment in Niigata Collecting information on riparian environment and living, and gathering and providing information through the Internet \1,600,000 Japan
B1027 Japan Bear & Forest Association Using a website to provide information and raise public awareness for the restoration of forests as wildlife habitats \400,000 Japan
B1028 Nature Conservation Society of Japan Building an environmental conservation database and a network for information-exchange using the Internet \950,000 Japan
B1029 Japan Nature Game Association Building a database of regional group engaged in environmental education activities and creating a website \1,600,000 Japan
B1030 Hachinohe Environmental Science Society Launching a website to gather and provide information on studies to monitor the water quality of rivers \550,000 Japan
B1031 Protection Club of the Buna Forest in Kakkonda River Conducting activities to restore the forest ecosystem in mountainous areas surrounding Morioka City and building an information network dedicated to virgin forests \550,000 Japan
B1032 Minamata Disease Center Soshisha Setting up introduction and Q&A corners in the website to provide primary and middle school students with information on the Minamata Disease \500,000 Japan
B1033 Minamata Forum Creating a database of visual materials on the Minamata Disease and providing the information through the Internet \950,000 Japan
B1034 Yodogawa River System Water Quality Research Group Creating a database of river information on the Yodogawa water system and exchanging information through the Internet \800,000 Japan
Total amount of grant for Group C \100,650,000
Total amount of grant for Groups A, B & C \127,000,000