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Group A: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by Japanese NGOs

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
1 The Institute of Cultural Affairs, Japan Environmental education and agroforestry combining afforestation, livestock farming and agriculture in Mulshi, India \6,100,000 India
2 Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network Promotion of conservation measures for Asian raptors through joint research and establishment of a database - Research projects on Asian raptor migration and the Indian black eagle - \3,600,000 Indonesia
3 Japan ASEAN Sound Environment Association Promotion of environmental education focused on sound and noise control in Southeast Asia \4,100,000 Thailand
4 Community Action Development Organization Environmental education and conservation project at primary schools in Nuu Division, Mwingi District, Eastern Province of the Republic of Kenya \2,800,000 Kenya
5 People For Promoting Rainwater Utilization Promotion of international cooperation and aid for rainwater utilization \3,000,000 Bangladesh
6 APEC Monitor NGO Network Collection of information on environmental deterioration inflicted by the deregulation of forest products and fostering public awareness of this issue in Japan \3,000,000 Japan
7 Japan Ecotourism Society Hosting the International Ecotourism Congress 2001 in Fukushima and its subcommittees \8,500,000 Japan
8 OISCA Clean and Green Project in southern Sri Lanka (Recycling) \3,000,000 Sri Lanka
9 Japan Industrial Conference for Ozone Layer Protection Technology transfer and introduction of alternatives for HCFC's and HFC's in Thailand \3,600,000 Thailand
10 Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center Information exchange and publication of manuals for the transfer of air pollution control technology (Glass manufacturing and fertilizer manufacturing industries) to China \5,100,000 China
11 Hexy Desert Tree-Planting Association Tree-planting in the Western Corridor of the Yellow River in Anxy Country (CHINA) \4,100,000 China
12 Association for the Cooperation and Rural Self-Support in West Africa Promotion of afforestation through the introduction of agroforestry to the village people of Sahel (Republic of Mali) \4,100,000 Mali
13 Otter Research Group, Japan Fostering public awareness for otter conservation in Asia \5,100,000 Vietnam
14 Japanese Research Group on Cambodian Environment Study on water and air pollution in Cambodia and sustainable technology transfer \5,600,000 Cambodia
15 Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project Inc Environmental conservation education in the cordillera area in Philippines \4,100,000 the Philippines
16 Kitakyushu International Techno-cooperative Association International environmental cooperation activities among Japanese and Chinese Cities (Kitakyushu, Dalian and Chongging) regarding environmental conservation and the establishment of a recycling-oriented society \5,100,000 China
17 Kitakyushu Saunders' Gull Research Group Ecological research for the protection of the Saunders' gull, which breeds in Liaoning Province, China \2,800,000 China
18 People to People Aid Project for building a community-based coastal marine resource management system in South Manila Bay \4,100,000 the Philippines
19 Care Japan Publication and distribution of a supplementary reader for environmental education and other enlightenment activities \5,100,000 Thailand
20 Japan International Marine Science and Technology Federation Environmental improvement project for the regeneration of coastal marine ecosystems of Indonesia \3,000,000 Indonesia
21 International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer (ICETT) Project for guidance on and dissemination of industrial pollution control in the Philippines \4,600,000 the Philippines
22 International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems Mangrove cultivation and tree-planting for the conservation of the coastline of the Republic of Maldives \3,550,000 Maldives
23 Japan International Forestry Promotion and Cooperation Center Tree-planting activities in Xuan Mai, Vietnam \4,100,000 Vietnam
24 Kosho Net Organizing the World Lake Conference NGO Workshop and supporting related NGO meetings \8,500,000 Japan
25 The Nature Conservancy Japan Proposal and implementation of the long-term financing mechanism for Komodo National Park in Indonesia \4,600,000 Indonesia
26 Desert Planting Volunteer Association Planting trees in forest plantations in the Gobi desert \5,600,000 China
27 Association of Support for People in West Africa (SUPA) Reforestation of tropical rain forests in Samureya Village in the Republic of Guinea \3,900,000 Guinea
28 Japan Association of Industries and Environment International Symposium on Waste Issue \5,500,000 Japan
29 The SUGINOKO Culture Foundation Environmental education through puppet shows in Japan and China \5,100,000 Japan-China-Korea
30 Bioecology Extension Leaguing Implementing environment-friendly chicken farming in ten provinces in northeast Thailand \5,600,000 Thailand
31 Japan Coal Energy Center Environmental Workshop on Coal and Global Warming Prevention \3,000,000 Japan
32 The Japan Milk Carton Recycling Association (JAMRA) Support for paper carton-recycling activities in the Philippines \5,600,000 the Philippines
33 The Japan Air Pollution Victims Association Exchange project with Asian NGO's to develop environmental education programs based on Japan's pollution experience \4,100,000 Japan
34 Japan Domestic Fuel Dealers Association Vitalization of farming villages and dissemination of charcoal production technology and use of the products in Thailand \5,100,000 Thailand
35 SOMNEED (Society for Operation Minimum Needs) Afforestation in South India \2,000,000 India
36 Japan Society of Atmospheric Environment Study on material damage caused by air pollution in East Asia \5,100,000 East Asia
37 Organizing Committee of the 9th World Lakes Conference 9th World Lakes Conference ?Session 2 New Developments in Environmental Education: Learn, Inform and Act Together? \8,100,000 Japan
38 EMECS 2001 Executive Committee Secretariat Side programs at the 5th International Conference on the Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas: "Environmental Education Fair" \4,500,000 Japan
39 Secretariat of the 3rd World Water Forum Partnerships among NGO's in Japan, China and Korea for the Third World Water Forum \2,800,000 Japan-China-Korea
40 Japan National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation Supporting environmentally sound regional vitalization in the Galapagos Islands \3,600,000 Ecuador
41 TAIYOH-NO-KAI 2001 International Junior Conference on the Global Environment: Exchange of opinions among school children in Japan ,China, Korea, and other countries. \6,100,000 Japan-China-Korea
42 Organizing Committee of the 6th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant 6th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant \8,500,000 Japan
43 Global Environmental Action (GEA) Dissemination and awareness-building activities for the promotion of global environmental conservation and sustainable development \6,100,000 Japan
44 Global Environment Centre Foundation Demonstration project of environmental preservation activities with community participation in Lamphun Municipality, Thailand \3,000,000 Thailand
45 Green Earth Center Afforestation project in China's upper Yangtze River \6,600,000 China
46 Society of Electric Vehicle (SEV) EV Conference in Beijing jointly hosted by Japan, China, and South Korea; and other EV diffusion activities \3,600,000 China
47 Forum Commeatus Urbanus Tramway Summit 2001 Kumamoto, suggesting an urban life independent of cars, and a relevant citizens' appeal \2,500,000 Japan
48 Geo-Environmental Protection Center Hosting international workshops on cleaning up soil contamination for the establishment of a recycling-oriented society (The 5th International Workshop on Geo-Environmental Restoration) \3,000,000 Japan
49 The Lions Club of Nagoyajhohoku The village forest conservation and afforestation support project \2,000,000 Laos
50 Environmental Science Research Niigata Fostering public awareness of acidification problems in East Asia \8,500,000 East Asia
51 Japan-China-Korea Environmental Education Forum China-Japan-Korea Database Creation Project for Environmental Education \4,100,000 China
52 Japanese Association for Wild Geese Protection (JAWGP) Investigating the impact of global warming on migratory wild geese \3,000,000 Russia
53 Japan International Volunteer Center Environmental education on pesticide effects to farmers in Thailand \5,600,000 Thailand
54 Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development Agro forestry in Vietnam based on a Permaculture System \6,100,000 Vietnam
55 Japan Industry Development Youth Association Making model farms to demonstrate both afforestation of desert area and agriculture and stock raising \5,600,000 China
56 Japan Offspring Fund Project on prevention of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and other organochlorine compounds contamination in the Asian region \5,600,000 Japan
57 Japan Wetlands Action Network Conducting research of least sandpiper and educational activities through international cooperation \5,000,000 Japan
58 Japan Committee for Negros Campaign (JCNC) Training agricultural instructors and disseminating sustainable agriculture practice in Negros Island, the Philippines \1,800,000 the Philippines
59 Japan Biovillage Association Implementation and diffusion of environmental education in Elesun Zhen in the Horqin Desert of Inner Mongolia, China \5,600,000 China
60 Japan Organic Agricultural Association Providing seminars on market development for promoting sustainable agriculture in Asia \2,500,000 Japan
61 Japan-Latin America Cooperation Network Environmental conservation of lakes and sustainable development program in Atitlan, Guatemala \3,000,000 Guatemala
62 Rainforest Foundation Japan Reforestation of the Amazon Jawalun region \4,600,000 Brazil
63 The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering Improvement of desertified agricultural lands and grasslands in cold, arid regions of Asia and countermeasures against poverty \5,100,000 China
64 East Asia Environmental Information Express Messenger Joint project among China, South Korea and Japan to share environmental information on the Internet \4,100,000 Japan-China-Korea
65 The Institute for Himalayan Conservation Introduction and dissemination of alternative energy technologies to Nepalese mountains and hills for forest conservation \4,600,000 Nepal
66 Hyogo Environmental Advancement Association International forums for forest regeneration and CDM promotion in Mongolia \5,600,000 Mongolia
67 Association for Exchanges between Lake Biwa and Lake Huvsgul Support for environmental education and transmission of environmental information from Mongolia's Khubsgul National Park \5,600,000 Mongolia
68 FIELD (Fellows in Environmental Leadership Development) Human resources development and networking for environmental management in the Philippines and Indonesia \4,600,000 the Philippines
69 Fujisan Club (Mt. Fuji Club) International symposium: Is Mt. Fuji Eligible for Registration as a World Heritage Site? Considering the possibilities from the viewpoints of environmental conservation, nature and culture \5,000,000 Japan
70 Wildlife Preservation Bureau of Hokkaido; Corp Research on the impact of lead pollution on the breeding habitats of Steller's sea eagle and the White Tailed Eagle \1,460,000 Russia
71 Action for Greening Sahel (A.G.S.-JAPON) Flood control and afforestation along the Goria River for the prevention of desertification \3,600,000 Burkina Faso
72 Specified non profit corporation Green Earth Network Reforestation with diverse tree species in Taihang-Mountains, Shanxi, China \3,000,000 China
73 The Defense of Green Earth Foundation Model afforestation projects at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania \3,000,000 Tanzania
74 Japan Non-Governmental Rice Research Institute Spread of environmentally sound rice growing technology and Restoration wild animals in Korea ,China, and Japan \1,500,000 Japan
75 Conservation Breeding Specialist Group Japan Rescue activities for the Sumatran tiger, resulting from the damage of forest fires in Sumatra, Indonesia \6,600,000 Indonesia
76 Ramsar Center Japan Asian Wetland Symposium 2001: Bringing Partnerships into Good Wetland Practices (Penang, Malaysia) \8,500,000 Malaysia
77 Leucaena Communication Japonesia (LEUCAENA) Ecosystem investigation and natural environment preservation activities around Lake Tonle Sap (Cambodia) \4,100,000 Cambodia
Total amount of grant for Group A \349,610,000