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Group C: Environmental conservation activities in Japan by Japanese NGOs

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
1 Institute for Environmental Technology Promotion Asia Practical study on appropriate waste disposal and treatment in major urban areas to minimize environmental load \3,000,000 Japan
2 A SEED JAPAN Verification, proposal and enlightenment activities regarding corporate environmental measures in preparation for RIO + 10 \3,600,000 Japan
3 The Association for Collecting and Recycling Resources Compiling a booklet showing practices of local authorities recycling "other paper containers and packaging," and holding symposiums \4,600,000 Japan
4 Environment Friendly Food of the 21st Century Enlightenment on and implementation of food-related global environmental conservation practices \3,000,000 Japan
5 Imari Hachigame Plan Reduction of combustibles, and recycling campaign for used cooking oil in the Imari area of Saga Prefecture \5,600,000 Japan
6 Imba Floating Greens club Water purification activities using vegetable-growing rafts in Imba Lake \1,000,000 Japan
7 Organization to Promote Amenities at Seas and Beaches Aggregation and analysis of results from studies on marine waste scattered in Japanese coastal waters \2,500,000 Japan
8 Urahoro Brown Bear Research Group Model project for non-lethal damage control measures in support of brown bear conservation \3,000,000 Japan
9 Eco-eco Research & Promotion Association Research & promotion of the theory of "Economy as Ecology" (Establishment of a long-term recycling-oriented society) \4,100,000 Japan
10 Association of Renewable Energy & Electric Vehicles (AREEV) Development of information infrastructure for the promotion of streetcars \2,000,000 Japan
11 ECOSYSTEM Release of illegally bred birds in support of the eradication of poaching \3,000,000 Japan
12 Econet Joetsu (NPO) Dissemination and education of ecological products (eco-products) \2,500,000 Japan
13 Eco-partner 21 Seminar for fostering public awareness towards environmental conservation, and the development of environmental teaching materials \3,000,000 Japan
14 NPO Gunma Establishment and assessment of a model system for utilizing biomass, including recyclable food sources \3,600,000 Japan
15 NPO birth Establishment of a support system for building a recycling-oriented society based on partnerships \5,600,000 Japan
16 Osaka NPO Center Development of information infrastructure concerning environmental conservation in Osaka Prefecture, and enlightenment activities including workshops \900,000 Japan
17 Osaka Environmental Counselors Association Promotion of the environmental conservation activities by citizens and small and medium-sized enterprises through the dissemination of environmental management systems \1,500,000 Japan
18 Nature Conservation Society of Osaka Natural environment classes (lectures and field work) on demand \1,500,000 Japan
19 Trust of Ootaka-no-Mori Forest conservation activities to enrich the natural environment of Ootaka-no-Mori in western Saitama Prefecture \700,000 Japan
20 Goshawk Protection Fund, JAPAN Development of a local conservation management plan for the goshawk \2,000,000 Japan
21 Office Recycle Network Establishment of a recycling-based society through the dissemination of a recycling system for industrial used paper \5,600,000 Japan
22 Girl Scouts of Japan Refresh Camp in Yufuin - Awareness raising program for environmental conservation through outdoor activities - \1,500,000 Japan
23 The Citizens for the Improvement of Lake Kasumigaura (CILK) A practice of comprehensive forest administration through fostering environmentally friendly industries-embodiment of watershed management in Kasumigaura \2,000,000 Japan
24 Kamakura Citizens' Society Kamakura city planning taking advantage of its springs (Spring symposium, spring exploration walk) \2,000,000 Japan
25 Executive Committee of "River Day (kawa-no-hi) " Workshop River Day (kawa-no-hi) Workshop \4,100,000 Japan
26 Environmental NPO RYOKAN Experimental system utilizing illegally parked bicycles for the realization of a recycling-oriented society not dependent on automobiles and \2,000,000 Japan
27 The Tohoku Chamber of Environment Symposiums and expositions as a step toward the establishment of a recycling-oriented society \2,500,000 Japan
28 Environmental Auditing Research Group (EARG) Development and dissemination of the EARG Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) \4,100,000 Japan
29 Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society Policy proposals and information dissemination for "Greening Japanese Fiscal Policy" for a sustainable society \4,100,000 Japan
30 Citizens Environmental Foundation Establishment of a recycling-oriented society through Environmental Capital Contests, information exchange among Eco Cities and lectures on green consumers \7,650,000 Japan
31 Ecological Life and Culture Organization Trial manufacture and market research of injection molded products using recycled PET resin, and disclosure of recycling-related information via the Internet \2,500,000 Japan
32 Environmental Partnership Organizing Club (EPOC) Zero-emission promotion through industrial coalition in the Chubu district \5,600,000 Japan
33 Northwest Pacific Region Environmental Cooperation Center Publication of an East Asian environmental terms dictionary \3,000,000 Japan
34 Kiko Network Policy proposals related to the prevention of global warming, and networking at the civic level \8,100,000 Japan
35 Citizen's Network for the Kitakami River Basin Establishment of a network of environmental conservation activity with common interest in rivers \1,000,000 Japan
36 Organization of Kita Ward Recyclers Green consumer campaigns in local shopping areas \1,600,000 Japan
37 Fishing Village Culture Association Educational activities on marine environment; Opening of a petting zoo with animals from the coastal natural environment \2,500,000 Japan
38 Kumagaya Organic Matter Circulation Study Group Utilization of weeds and raw garbage for next generation Japanese Cattle based on organic matter circulation \3,600,000 Japan
39 The Council on Life-Innovation (CLI) Sponsoring seminars to train leaders specializing in living and the environment \2,500,000 Japan
40 Green Purchasing Network (GPN) Publication and distribution of a handbook for consumers on green purchasing \4,600,000 Japan
41 Green Life Promotion Organization Promotion of civic movements for the conservation of food, agriculture, forestry, fisheries and the environment, and the establishment of a Green Life community \5,100,000 Japan
42 Group Eco-life Establishment of a recycling-oriented society through the collection and composting of raw garbage with the involvement of children, students and residents and collaboration with farmers \2,000,000 Japan
43 Kurukuru Network Hokkaido Enlightenment activities for a sustainable society in Hokkaido \500,000 Japan
44 GENKIGOMI Promotion of a "National Civic Activity Information Network" and the promotion of a "Recycling-oriented society created by citizens" \2,000,000 Japan
45 The Committee for the Promotion of Recycling of Construction By-Product Symposium on the recycling of construction by-products \2,500,000 Japan
46 Center for the Redevelopment of Pollution-damaged Areas in Japan (The Aozora Foundation) Research and development of educational material on experiences of pollution \4,100,000 Japan
47 The Classic Live for the United Nations Nationwide environmental conservation activity; THE CONCERT OF LIFE "OUR FOREST IS ALIVE" \4,600,000 Japan
48 Learning and Ecological Foundation for Children Networking information on global environmental activities for children \3,000,000 Japan
49 Association for the Promotion of the Junior United Nations Eco-Workshop (JUNEC) Junior United Nations Eco-Workshop \3,000,000 Japan
50 JCA-NET Establishment and dissemination of a public relations support system (prweb) for environmental conservation campaigns \4,100,000 Japan
51 Nature and History Society of Shishitsuka Pond Area Forest Conservation Activities around the Shishitsuka Pond Area in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture \1,500,000 Japan
52 Shizuoka Recycle Volunteer Work (SRVW) Promotion and implementation of a community-based used paper collection system integrating the use of recycled paper products \1,400,000 Japan
53 Renewable Energy Promoting People's Forum Research on public awareness towards the implementation of the Green Electricity Pricing Program and energy conservation \3,000,000 Japan
54 Green Energy Law Network (GEN) Management of the Green Energy Law promotion network, and activities for green electricity policies \4,100,000 Japan
55 Natural Educational Institution and International Village in the Sun "Satoyama" conservation activities incorporating natural farming methods \3,000,000 Japan
56 Citizens' Networking Sagamigawa (CNS) Survey on the status of illegal dumping in the Sagamigawa river/Sagami Bay area, and provision of findings via the Internet \3,600,000 Japan
57 The National Conference for the Advancement of Recycle Society Symposium for the realization of a recycling-oriented society \1,000,000 Japan
58 Rescue Stockyard Everyday recycling activities to be utilized in emergencies such as disasters \3,600,000 Japan
59 Society for the Conservation of Shimachikawa River River environment conservation activities, including those for Shinmachi-gawa and Yoshino-gawa rivers \3,600,000 Japan
60 Japan's Save the Ozone Network Networking and holding forums for the reinforcement of local anti-CFC's measures \2,200,000 Japan
61 Biodiversity Network Japan International symposium and workshops on introduced species \5,100,000 Japan
62 The Association for the Environmental Conservation of Seto Inland Sea Management of information on discoveries of finless porpoises in the Seto Inland Sea \2,000,000 Japan
63 National Association for the Development of Mountainous Regions Japan Production and distribution of the video series "Mountain Villages of Japan" giving thought to the development and the environment in mountainous regions \3,600,000 Japan
64 Society for the Future of Tagawa Fostering environmental conservation leaders through the dissemination of environmental information \2,000,000 Japan
65 The Supporters' Network for Terraced Paddy Field Enlightenment seminars on environmental conservation in terraced paddy fields \1,200,000 Japan
66 Tango Ajiwainosato Educational programs on nature and the environment (interactive agricultural park) in Yasakacho, Kyoto Prefecture \3,000,000 Japan
67 Tancho Protection Unit Study of the status of the Japanese crane in Eastern Hokkaido \2,500,000 Japan
68 Global Environmental Forum Conference on domestic trends related to the promotion of a recycling-based society \3,000,000 Japan
69 Chubu Recycle Fostering environmental leaders and promotion of community activities for the establishment of a recycling-based society \5,100,000 Japan
70 Churasa's Society Environmental research on Yakatakatabaru \2,000,000 Japan
71 The Birds of Prey Japan at Mt. Cyokai Study Group Ecological study and conservation of the natural habitat of the golden eagle & mountain hawk eagle and other raptors inhabiting Mt. Cyokai \900,000 Japan
72 Tour de Communication Recycling discarded computers for effective use in civic activities \1,600,000 Japan
73 Japan DME Forum Research and development activities on the environmental improvement effect of DME fuel used in diesel-powered automobiles \4,600,000 Japan
74 Tokyo Junior Chamber, Inc. SHINE! GREEN CONSUMER (BLUE PLAN in Taito, Nerima Eco-Pack Strategy) \1,000,000 Japan
75 Tokyo TOKOTON Forum the Environment Meeting to develop action plans for a sustainable society \2,000,000 Japan
76 Toyama Used Paper Recycling Circle Management of a website for recycling projects in Toyama Prefecture for used office paper and project evaluation \2,500,000 Japan
77 The Natural Step Japan Environmental education and enlightening activities for a sustainable society \3,000,000 Japan
78 Nanohana Project Network Promotion of the Nanohana Project, a concrete regional model planning project for a resource recycling society \5,600,000 Japan
79 Garbage Recycling Japan Network Dissemination/enlightenment activities and provision of information through demonstrative courses and an environmental reader on garbage recycling \2,500,000 Japan
80 The 21 Shibuta River Promenade Planning Association Beautification campaign for Shibuta-gawa river, promotion of clean-ups and development of a design for an environmentally friendly promenade \2,000,000 Japan
81 Nishiyodo Association for Natural Culture Community-based nature observation and environmental restoration activities in polluted areas \1,500,000 Japan
82 Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition Aichi Expo Interactive School: THE KIDS' PLAY CAMPUS 2001 \3,000,000 Japan
83 Japan Walking Association Enhancement of environment conservation activities combined with walking \2,000,000 Japan
84 Sea Turtle Association of Japan Survey of the status of sea turtle spawning grounds in Japan \3,600,000 Japan
85 Japan Environmental Managers and Auditors Society (JEMAS) Development of an integrated database for environmental management systems \4,600,000 Japan
86 The Japan Environmental Education Forum Workshops for school teachers linking science education with environmental education \2,000,000 Japan
87 Japan Groundwork Association Community environment improved jointly with children and youth \3,000,000 Japan
88 Nature Conservation Society of Japan Nature conservation seminar "Conservation of the nearby nature - toward a sustainable community -" \1,500,000 Japan
89 Japan Consumers' Association Promotion of consumer activities focusing on the 3Rs (reduce, recycle and reuse) \3,000,000 Japan
90 Nippon Association of Consumer Specialists Popularization of environmental labeling for the selection of environment-conscious products (ECP) \4,100,000 Japan
91 Japan Research Institute Survey conducted by society (citizens) on the evaluation of corporate environmental performance \3,000,000 Japan
92 Japanese Society for Preservation of Birds Fostering environmental education leaders capable of considering the impact of human activities on nature and wildlife \2,000,000 Japan
93 Japan Sportfishing Association Nature Experience: Environmental Fishing School \3,000,000 Japan
94 Japan National Trust for Cultural and Natural Heritage Conservation Research program on the conservation and utilization of reed beds as a well-balanced natural environment for a sustainable reservation \2,500,000 Japan
95 Japan Nature Game Association Model project for natural environment education designed for agricultural areas \3,000,000 Japan
96 Japan Water Clean Association Keep Japan's water clean -development of a civic activity manual- \3,000,000 Japan
97 Japanese Medaka Trust Society Social activities to hold the Third National Medaka Symposium \2,000,000 Japan
98 Wild Bird Society of Japan WING (WBSJ International Center for the Nature of the Globe) International Nature Academy \3,000,000 Japan
99 Japan Recycle Network Conference Surveys on local governments and learning sessions for the establishment of a "Support Network for Environmental Town Planning" \3,000,000 Japan
100 Advice Center for Rural Environment Support Tanmbo no Gakko (paddy field school) Symposium: Environmental education utilizing rice fields, waterways, reservoirs and "Satoyama" \3,000,000 Japan
101 Environmental Forum for Agriculture and Food Building recycling-based symbiotic villages where the ibis can co-exist with humans and holding serial lectures \4,100,000 Japan
102 North Wind Generate Club Establishment of an environmental experience-oriented "Touch and See Park" and hands on study program \4,600,000 Japan
103 Teshima Residents Exchange activities of the "Island for Environment and Learning" in the Seto Inland Sea \4,600,000 Japan
104 Do-nuts Provision of information on national Medaka protection activities \2,000,000 Japan
105 Foundation for Flowering & Greening Planting flowers and building a flower-rich village with concern towards the environment in the surrounding areas of airports \3,000,000 Japan
106 Brown Bear Society Building forests where the bear can live - Brown bear protection and control measures from the viewpoint of management of their habitats \3,000,000 Japan
107 The Old Broads, Hitakami Human resource development program to help foster environmental awareness about river matters \1,800,000 Japan
108 Cooperative Network for Distribution of Returnable Bottles Study of a social system for widespread use of returnable bottles and related promotion activities \4,600,000 Japan
109 Fukuoka Young Men's Christian Association (Fukuoka YMCA) Forest volunteers (Nakatsuemura, Oita Prefecture) \2,000,000 Japan
110 Fukuoka Veterinary Medical Association Wildcat protection support project \2,500,000 Japan
111 Water Environment Hokkaido Cultivation of an environmental forest in the Ishikarigawa river basin \2,500,000 Japan
112 The Foundation for Environmental Rehabilitation and Redevelopment of Mizushima Enhancement of public awareness through the investigation of the status of seabed waste \4,100,000 Japan
113 Minamata Disease Material Collection Liaison Conference Provision of information and holding of symposiums on the Minamata Disease \1,500,000 Japan
114 Minamata Disease Center Soshisha Environmental education program to learn environmental lessons from the Minamata disease incident \1,800,000 Japan
115 Minamata Forum Awareness-building regarding the Minamata Disease in polluted areas \4,600,000 Japan
116 Mino Society for Citizen-based Forest Building Family-oriented Forest Building activity \2,000,000 Japan
117 Miyazu City Ladies' Association Environmental conservation and enlightenment \900,000 Japan
118 Miroku Senior Mountaineers Organization, Japan (MSMO-J) Provision of information, and removal of illegally dumped waste for the recovery of the natural environment of Tanzawa/Oyama mountains \1,500,000 Japan
119 Mori no kai (Forest Network) Program for the utilization of recycled building material in environmental improvement work \1,500,000 Japan
120 MORI MORI Network Development and practice of ideals for future lifestyles \4,600,000 Japan
121 Association of the Dissemination of Organic Crops and Promotion of Composting Enlightenment and dissemination of kitchen waste composting; integrating waste reduction and agriculture \2,000,000 Japan
122 Research Group for Universal Use Enlightenment activities for the promotion of returnable PET bottles \900,000 Japan
123 Citizens Recycling Society Free on-line swap shop information on electric home appliances, furniture, and other unwanted household goods \3,600,000 Japan
124 The Conference for the Promotion of Recycling Education and public relations activities towards the creation and promotion of a recycling-oriented society \4,100,000 Japan
125 Japan Recreational Diving Industry Association Establishment of a monitoring system for the marine environment run by a divers' network \2,500,000 Japan
Total amount of grant for Group C \366,450,000
Total amount of grant for Groups A, B & C \794,260,000