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Group A: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by Japanese NGOs

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
1001 Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies Holding the "Sustainable Energy Policy and Local Communities" event and meetings to report results \1,800,000 Asia-South Africa
1002 International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC) Holding the World Lake Vision (provisional) Conference in Johannesburg \1,500,000 South Africa
1003 Executive Committee of the World Water Forum for Children Carrying out activities to prepare for the World Water Forum for Children \800,000 South Africa
1004 SOMNEED (Society for Operation Minimum Needs) Presenting case studies on the "Relationship between the Revitalization of Communities in Agricultural Villages in South Asia and the Environment" at an environmental meeting associated with the Johannesburg Summit \1,000,000 South Asia
1005 Secretariat of the 3rd World Water Forum Strengthening cooperation with NGOs participating in the 3rd World Water Forum and the Johannesburg Summit \3,000,000 South Africa
1006 FoE Japan Constructing an Internet Information Center that deals with measures against illegal logging and illegal trading of lumber \1,400,000 South Africa
1007 Japan Association on the Environmental Studies Carrying out activities to promote the establishment of an eco-tourism network to sound the alarm of global environmental problems at WSSD \1,400,000 China-South Africa
1008 Japan Environmental Education Forum Establishing an environmental education network for the Asia-Pacific region and holding international conferences \3,000,000 Asia-South Africa
1009 Earth, Water & Green Foundation Conducting activities during the Johannesburg Summit to disseminate the "integration of environment and development" concept \3,000,000 South Africa
1010 Minamata Disease Center Soshisha Communicating the lesson of Minamata Disease to the world at the Johannesburg Summit \3,000,000 South Africa
1011 Japan Forum for Johannesburg Making recommendations to the Johannesburg Summit \3,000,000 Indonesia-South Africa
Total amount of grant for Group A \22,900,000