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Group C: Environmental conservation activities in Japan by Japanese NGOs

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
1001 Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women Conducting activities to promote and popularize the "Environmental Network for Women in Northeast Asia" \1,300,000 Japan
1002 Japan Ecotourism Society Commemorative symposia for the International Mountain Year and the International Ecotourism Year \1,500,000 Japan
1003 Okayama UNESCO Association Conducting activities to make recommendations from Okayama for the implementation of Agenda 21 \1,000,000 Japan
1004 Japan Industrial Conference for Ozone Layer Protection Carrying out awareness enhancement activities for protecting the ozone layer and combating global warming \1,100,000 Japan
1005 Development Education Council of Japan Creating a website and preparing a guide for introducing education materials on the subject of sustainable development \2,000,000 Japan
1006 Television Trust for the Environment- Japan Conducting activities to increase understanding of the Johannesburg Summit in Asia including Japan through films. \4,500,000 Japan
1007 Japan Sea Rim Forum in Toyama Japan Sea Rim Forum in Toyama for policy recommendation \2,000,000 Japan
1008 Group Mizuho Participating in the Johannesburg Summit Sendai Forum and holding local seminars \1,500,000 Japan
1009 Solid Action on Globalization & Environment Implementing a project to involve young people with the Johannesburg Summit through direct participation in the Summit \1,100,000 Japan
1010 Biodiversity Network Japan Attending the Johannesburg Summit and holding symposium for the conservation of biodiversity \1,000,000 Japan
1011 Citizens' Alliance to Save the Atmosphere and the Earth Carrying out CASA activities at the Johannesburg Summit \1,800,000 Japan
1012 Leaf Conducting activities to make policy recommendations to the Johannesburg Summit, etc. \1,500,000 Japan
1013 Chubu Recycle Implementing the Johannesburg Summit Chubu Project \1,300,000 Japan
1014 The Network "Earth Village" Advocating formation of a global citizens' united nations at WSSD \2,800,000 Japan
1015 The Foundation for Environmental Rehabilitation and Redevelopment of Mizushima Using the documentary film "MIZUSHIMA" to provide information on pollution experience to developing countries and conducting exchange activities \2,000,000 Japan
1016 Minamata Forum Compiling a catalog of English publications on Minamata Disease, to be distributed to participants at the Johannesburg Summit \1,000,000 Japan
1017 Miyagi Environmental Life Out-reach Network Conducting activities to raise awareness of the Johannesburg Summit and Agenda 21 among citizens in the prefecture \1,300,000 Japan
1018 Toxic Watch Network Promoting international cooperation for reducing toxic chemical substances and promoting the PRTR system \1,900,000 Japan
Total amount of grant for Group C \30,600,000
Total amount of grant for Groups A & C \53,500,000