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Group C: Environmental conservation activities in Japan by Japanese NGOs

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
1 Earth Network Holding a workshop on environment-conscious dyeing using plants, colors, paints, and coatings \1,200,000 Japan
2 INE OASA Carrying out Nanohana Eco Project activities \2,800,000 Japan
3 A SEED JAPAN Carrying out awareness-enhancement activities for establishing a sustainable economic system in preparation for the Johannesburg Summit \4,000,000 Japan
4 The Association for Collecting and Recycling Resources Carrying out project to recycle cartons with aluminum material \4,100,000 Japan
5 Amagasaki Center for People, Town and Dragonfly Promoting the planting of sweet potatoes and trees in areas suffering from air pollution \2,800,000 Japan
6 Sendai Committee for Environment & Food Conducting an experiment recycling composted raw refuse for agricultural use in the local community \1,400,000 Japan
7 Imari Hachigame Plan Conducting activities to reduce burnable waste and to recycle organic waste in the Imari area, Saga Prefecture \3,000,000 Japan
8 Imba Floating Greens Club Carrying out water purification activities using vegetable-growing rafts in Lake Imba \1,800,000 Japan
9 Water Network Carrying out a Water Souncdscape project in Shimane Prefecture to advocate the importance of water cycle \4,000,000 Japan
10 Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition Holding the 2002 Tokai Junior Summit for the environment \3,000,000 Japan
11 Association of Renewable Energy & Electric Vehicles (AREEV) Establishing an information-sharing base for promoting the use of streetcars \2,300,000 Japan
12 Econet Joetsu Conducting educational activities for a zero-emission, recycling-oriented society, and activities to raise awareness for the use of eco-products \1,900,000 Japan
13 Eco-partner 21 Holding seminars to enhance awareness for protection of the global environment, and preparing environmental education materials \2,900,000 Japan
14 Soft Energy Research (SER) Taking active measures to combat the heat island phenomenon by introducing rooftop water cultivation and tree planting, together with the installation of a water-heating system \1,800,000 Japan
15 NPO Gunma Establishing and assessing a model system for effective use of bio-mass such as recycled food resources \2,000,000 Japan
16 Training and Information Center for NPO Carrying out the Eco Community Restaurants project aiming at the formation of a society with an environmentally sound material cycle \3,400,000 Japan
17 Sick House Syndrome Association Improving living condition through house refurbishing and ventilation, and conducting research on the management of chemical substances \4,500,000 Japan
18 NPO Birth Constructing an operation system for an environmental information base to promote the formation of environmental partnership and comprehensive environmental conservation \4,500,000 Japan
19 NPO Minamata Publishing reports on the experiences of Minamata Disease, lessons, and research; holding report sessions; and operating a website \1,500,000 Japan
20 Japan Industrial Conference for Ozone Layer Protection Holding seminars and exhibitions for protection of the Ozone Layer and mitigation of global warming \2,900,000 Japan
21 Office Recycle Network Establishing a system to recycle waste paper from offices \5,100,000 Japan
22 Girl Scouts of Japan Implementing a program to enhance awareness of environmental conservation through outdoor activities \1,500,000 Japan
23 The Citizens for the Improvement of Lake Kasumigaura (CILK) Implementing comprehensive forest management through the development of environment-friendly industries--concrete watershed management in Kasumigaura \3,000,000 Japan
24 The Kingdom of Kamehameha Conducting beach and ocean conservation activities along Sagara and Omaezaki coasts of Suruga Bay \5,400,000 Japan
25 River Activities Council Holding seminars for children to learn about the riparian environment \3,400,000 Japan
26 The Tohoku Chamber of Environment Holding symposia and expositions to facilitate the establishment of a society with an environmentally sound material cycle \2,600,000 Japan
27 National Alliance of Environmental Councilors Conducting activities to promote environmental education by formulating curriculum for the training of leaders \5,500,000 Japan
28 Sustainable Management Forum of Japan Conducting research and studies for environmental management and awareness-enhancement activities \3,100,000 Japan
29 Citizens Environmental Foundation Forming environment-conscious local governments with citizen participation to build a sustainable society, and transforming local economy and lifestyle through the dissemination of green consumerism \8,000,000 Japan
30 Ecological Life and Culture Organization Conducting research on the trial production of containers specialized for infectious waste using injection molding technology and recycled PET resin as material, and holding expositions to disseminate use of the product \3,000,000 Japan
31 Environmental Partnership Organizing Club Promotion of zero-emission through concerted efforts among industries in the Chubu region \5,600,000 Japan
32 Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century Holding a symposium to share the vision to work towards the realization of a recycling-oriented sustainable society and to promote dialogs \2,400,000 Japan
33 Kiko Network Building a network for mitigating global warming and proposing concrete measures to implement policies \8,100,000 Japan
34 Fishing Village Culture Association Carrying out educational activities for the marine environment and sponsoring an event fostering contact with living things at coastal areas \2,500,000 Japan
35 The Council on Life-Innovation (CLI) Holding seminars to train leaders in living and the environment \2,400,000 Japan
36 Citizens' Research Center for Food, Agriculture and the Environment Implementing a program for promoting a citizens' movement aimed at protecting food, agriculture, and the environment \5,100,000 Japan
37 Kurukuru Network Hokkaido Carrying out activities to enhance awareness of a society with an environmentally sound material cycle in the Hokkaido region \1,000,000 Japan
38 Global School Project Earthworms and acorns--a participatory environmental education jointly provided by the industrial, government, academic, and citizen communities \3,500,000 Japan
39 GENKIGOMI Promoting a national civic activity information network and a recycling-oriented society created by citizens \4,600,000 Japan
40 The Committee for the Promotion of Recycling of Construction By-product Holding a symposium on the recycling of construction materials \2,900,000 Japan
41 Center for the Redevelopment of Pollution-damaged Areas in Japan (The Aozora Foundation) Researching and preparing educational materials related to pollution experience \4,100,000 Japan
42 International EMECS Center Implementing a project to form partnership among environmental NGOs for the restoration and creation of environment in enclosed sea areas \3,000,000 Japan
43 International Conservation Working Holiday The 6th International Conservation Working Holiday in Fukuoka \1,900,000 Japan
44 The Classic Live for the United Nations Nationwide environmental conservation activity; THE CONCERT OF LIFE "OUR FOREST IS ALIVE" \3,300,000 Japan
45 Civil Activity for Paper Recycling Carrying out public-awareness project aimed at establishing a sustainable waste paper recycling system \2,000,000 Japan
46 Learning and Ecological Activities Foundation for Children Implementing an information network program of environmental activities for children in the world \3,000,000 Japan
47 Sagamigawa Club Holding seminars and creating a manual for utilizing GPS in activities for preventing the illegal dumping of waste \1,600,000 Japan
48 JCA-NET Establishing and popularizing an information and PR supporting system for nature protection movements (prweb) \4,100,000 Japan
49 Shiga Green Purchasing Network Researching methods for assessing green purchasing \1,200,000 Japan
50 Shizuoka Recycle Volunteer Work (SRVW) Disseminating and implementing a waste paper collection system in which residents participate and products made from recycled paper are used (waste reduction) \2,600,000 Japan
51 Green Energy law Network (GEN) Operating the Green Energy law Network and conducting activities for an environment-friendly electricity policy \4,500,000 Japan
52 Natural Educational Institution and International Village in the Sun Carrying out activities to protect "Satoyama", the countryside, using natural agricultural methods \3,000,000 Japan
53 Global Guardian Trust Developing methods for managing catchments areas with the participation of local residents \3,500,000 Japan
54 Citizens' Policy Planning Forum Studying and drafting legislature for promoting environmental education \1,100,000 Japan
55 Japan Computer Access for Empowerment Establishing a system for disclosing, distributing, and publishing NPO/NGO's environmental information \5,000,000 Japan
56 RSY Carrying out regular recycling activities, which can also be used in times of emergency such as disasters \3,600,000 Japan
57 Consumer Co-operative Institute Japan Research for activities to reconsider our lifestyle in a practical and scientific way for the mitigation of global warming \4,500,000 Japan
58 Biodiversity Network Japan Holding symposia and workshops on introduced species, and conducting on-site research and information collection on measures taken in Europe to cope with the problems related to introduced species \4,000,000 Japan
59 National Association for the Promotion of Environmental Conservation Conducting activities to train instructors for the environmental activities assessment program (EA21) \2,500,000 Japan
60 The Japan Milk Carton Recycling Association (JAMRA) Conducting basic studies for the creation of a school-based local recycling system of milk cartons \4,500,000 Japan
61 National Association for the Development of Mountain Regions Production and distribution of the video series "Mountain Villages of Japan" giving thought to the development and the environment in mountainous regions \3,600,000 Japan
62 People's Association on Countermeasures of Dioxins & Endocrine Disruptors Conducting comprehensive research of the effect of chemical substances on children and awareness-enhancement activities \1,000,000 Japan
63 Society for the Future of Tagawa Implementing a program for nurturing environmental conservation leaders through the dissemination of environmental education information \2,000,000 Japan
64 Terraced Paddy Field Network Holding seminars to raise awareness for the environmental conservation of terraced paddy fields \1,200,000 Japan
65 Tamagawa Center Carrying out activities for the establishment and operation of an information database on the Tamagawa river basin \3,300,000 Japan
66 Tango Ajiwainosato Conducting activities to learn about the natural environment of the Kyoto area (Yasaka-cho) and natural energy \3,000,000 Japan
67 Global Environmental Forum A conference on domestic trends of water resources issues \3,800,000 Japan
68 FoE Japan Activities to disseminate advanced concepts of the conservation of global environment in preparation for the Johannesburg Summit \5,500,000 Japan
69 Chubu Recycle Creating a version of the Global Environment Information Centre in the Chubu area \3,700,000 Japan
70 Tour de Communication Recycling discarded personal computers to be utilized in citizen activities \2,700,000 Japan
71 Japan DME Forum Conducting research and studies of the effectiveness of dimenthyl ether (DME) in decreasing the impact on the environment by diesel-fueled vehicles \3,500,000 Japan
72 Tokyo Junior Chamber, Inc. Nerima Eco Bag 2002 \1,500,000 Japan
73 Citizens Union for Recycling in Tokyo and Tama Preparing a manual for operating cooperative environmental events \1,800,000 Japan
74 Toyama Used Paper Recycling Circle Analyzing the environmental load of recycling used paper and compiling a green procurement data book \3,000,000 Japan
75 Nanohana Project Network Promoting the Nanohana Project to create a specific local model of a society with an environmentally sound material cycle \4,400,000 Japan
76 Garbage Recycling Japan Network Compiling and publishing a handbook to promote the recycling of raw refuse and training compost advisors \2,900,000 Japan
77 The 21 Shibuta River Promenade Planning Association Carrying out river beautification (Shibutagawa river), activities to promote cleanup, and building an environment-conscious promenade \1,900,000 Japan
78 Nishiyodo Association for Natural Culture Carrying out nature observation and environmental restoration of polluted areas by citizens \1,500,000 Japan
79 Japan Environmental Education Forum Holding a workshop for the training of leaders for the scientific experience learning program "GEMS" \2,500,000 Japan
80 Japan Groundwork Association Green Community, a program evolved from the planting of one tree \2,200,000 Japan
81 Japan National Open-Garden Scheme Implementing the "Environment-conscious Gardening Seminar" and "Park Exercises for Children" projects \1,000,000 Japan
82 Japan Natural Environment Study Center Creating biotopes for nature studies and participatory-type farmlands \3,300,000 Japan
83 Nippon Association of Consumer Specialists Popularizing and raising awareness for the use of environmental labels to facilitate the selection of eco-friendly products \5,100,000 Japan
84 Japan Sportfishing Association Promoting environmental conservation activities through the experience of releasing fish--Learning about the environment that nurtures fish through the release of fish \3,000,000 Japan
85 Japan Toilet Association Conducting water-quality research at mountains nationwide \2,500,000 Japan
86 Japan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Conducting research, review, and preparing manual for the rescue of animals during disasters \4,100,000 Japan
87 Japan National Trust for Cultural and Natural Heritage Conservation Conducting research for the conservation and use of reed plains and thatch sites, which are excellent natural environments \2,100,000 Japan
88 Japan Nature Game Association Implementing a model nature project providing environmental education using an agricultural village approach \3,000,000 Japan
89 Japan Water Clean Association Developing and providing the publication "Keeping Japan's waters clean--Friends that keep our waters clean" \2,900,000 Japan
90 The Japan Plastics Industry Federation Promoting measures to prevent the leakage of resin pellets from plastics manufacturing and processing industries \3,300,000 Japan
91 Advice Center for Rural Environment Support Tambo no Gakko (paddy field school): Environmental education utilizing rice fields, waterways, reservoirs and "Satoyama." (National "Paddy Field School" Forum in Yamaguchi) \3,000,000 Japan
92 Environmental Forum for Agriculture and Food Carrying out a series of seminars for the creation of countryside, characterized by a sound material cycle and coexistence, that can be inhabited by the Japanese crested ibis \4,600,000 Japan
93 North Wind Generate Club Establishment of an environmental experience-oriented "Touch and See Park" and hands on study program \4,600,000 Japan
94 Teshima Residents Exchange activities in the "Island for the Environment and Learning" in the Seto Inland Sea \1,900,000 Japan
95 Foundation for Flowering & Greening Planting flowers and building a flower-rich village with concern towards the environment in the surrounding areas of airports \2,500,000 Japan
96 Brown Bear Society Creating forests as the habitat for bears--protection of bears from the perspective of habitat management \2,960,000 Japan
97 Cooperative Network for Distribution of Returnable Bottles Conducting activities to popularize and disseminate the use of returnable bottles \4,800,000 Japan
98 Water Environment Hokkaido Nurturing an environmental forest in the Ishikari-gawa river basin \2,900,000 Japan
99 The Foundation for Environmental Rehabilitation and Redevelopment of Mizushima Raising public awareness through research to determine the actual state of garbage undersea \4,500,000 Japan
100 Minamata Forum Carrying out a practical program for learning about the Minamata incident \4,300,000 Japan
101 Miyagi Environmental Life Out-reach Network Carrying out a project to popularize energy saving practices through the use of a CD-ROM environmental account book \3,000,000 Japan
102 Miroku Senior Mountaineers Organization, Japan (MSMO-J) Providing information and removing illegally dumped waste for the recovery of the natural environment of Tanzawa/Oyama mountains \1,800,000 Japan
103 Satoyama Conservation Society of Musashino Conducting a concurrent survey of red dragonfly nationwide to raise awareness for nature in the neighborhood \3,300,000 Japan
104 Mori no kai (Forest Network) Implementing a program to utilize recycled construction materials in environmental improvement works \1,500,000 Japan
105 Yakushima Eco Festa Conducting activities for the research, education, and awareness-enhancement for the realization of a society with an environmentally sound material cycle \2,200,000 Japan
106 Association of the Dissemination of Organic Crops and Promotion of Composting Conducting tests to verify the effectiveness of using composting as a means to integrate waste reduction and agriculture \2,000,000 Japan
107 Research Group for Universal Use Conducting studies on the introduction of returnable PET bottles and activities to raise awareness \1,600,000 Japan
108 Raptor Japan Conducting research on the establishment of technology for catching large raptors, especially golden eagles \2,200,000 Japan
109 Council for the Promotion of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Carrying out dissemination and awareness-enhancement activities to promote the formation of a society with an environmentally sound material cycle \4,000,000 Japan
Total amount of grant for Group C \340,460,000
Total amount of grant for Groups A, B & C \747,060,000