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Group B: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by non-Japanese NGO's

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
1 Indian Environmental Society Water Quality Monitoring And Awareness Building Programme For Schools ¥2,500,000 India
2 Wetlands International-Asia Regional Office 2003 Asian Waterbird Census ¥4,100,000 Malaysia
3 AFAP Vietnam-The Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific. Red River Delta environmental cleanup and insecticide elimination ¥3,755,000 Viet Nam
4 OISCA-International Uruguay Filial Induction of environment-preserving techniques utilizing effective micro-organisms to Uruguayan agriculture. ¥3,400,000 Uruguay  
5 Khmer Youth Association The making of forest and   Environmenl conservation Network in Canbodia ¥2,893,000 Cambodia  
6 Thai Volunteer Service Environment Protection Project at Maeklong Basin ¥3,000,000 Thailand
7 Team Today and Tomorrow Environmental Conservation and Rehabilitation Project in Kellela, South Wello Zone, Ethiopia ¥5,100,000 Ethiopia
8 Friends of Nature Desertification prevention--sustainable development and environment education in rural China ¥4,000,000 China
9 BagongPag-Asa Foundation Inc. Community-based Forest Conservation Activities in Palawan Island, the philippines ¥1,693,000 Philippines
10 Bangladesh POUSH Community Based Coastal Wetland Management Building Capacity & Organizing Communities ¥3,000,000 Bangladesh  
11 Bulgarian National Association On Water Quality Awareness-raising to global environment through the nature conservation practical activity by Children in Bulgaria ¥3,500,000 Bulgaria  
12 Beijing Environmental Volunteer-Network The making of Network on Sustainable Agriculture in China. ¥1,333,000 China
13 RAKS THAI FOUNDATION Child Participatpry Environmental Education in Northern Thailand ¥4,800,000 Thailand
Total amount of grant for Group B ¥43,074,000