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Group C: Environmental conservation activities in Japan by Japanese NGOs

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
1 NPO Earth Network Workshop of natural dyes and paints and plaster for Environment ¥2,500,000 Japan
2 Urban Ecology Tokyo Creating a Bicycle Green Map of Tokyo ¥3,190,000 Japan
3 Specified Nonprofit Corporation The Association for Collecting and Recycling Resources the project to increase a rate of recycle of beverage cartons laminated by an aluminum foil to 10 percent ¥4,500,000 Japan
4 NPO Corporation "Abukuma Nature, School, and Network." The environmental preservation and Aid party promotion activities in home country ¥2,000,000 Japan
5 Center Akatombo Greening by sweet potato in the air-polluted area, Amagasaki ¥2,923,000 Japan
6 People for Rainwater Creating Networks for Rainwater Utilization based Society ¥3,200,000 Japan
7 Isshinjuku Monitoring of a killer alga (Caulerpa taxi folia) and establishing an effective network for the prevention ¥2,419,000 Japan
8 Water Network "The Original Sounds cape of Water" Project at Mt. Aso is a complex activities of environmental education and experience, which appeal to the people hoe important water and its circulation is from the point of view "the sound and the relation with culture" ¥4,500,000 Japan
9 Organization to promote conservation of sea and seashore The creation of the evaluation methods which forest affects coast environment. ¥3,200,000 Japan
10 NPO A.R.S "Environmental education through the opportunity to learn about nature, history, culture, and local customs in Aizukougen area and the surrounding region, mainly Nikkou national park and Mt.Tashiro to protect the nature in these regions. ¥3,000,000 Japan
11 NPO Egao Tsunagete Modeling of a Sustainable Society utilizing Woody Biomass ¥3,763,000 Japan
12 Nonprofit organization The ecosystem Enjoy at Nature Education Program which promote children who protects global environment. ¥3,000,000 Japan
13 Non Profit Organization ECO Ranger National [the second time] child environment meeting ¥2,500,000 Japan
14 ECOLOCAL YASU.COM Enlightment for Local Economic Circulation ¥2,000,000 Japan
15 ECO WORKS comprehensive and practical courses on natural environment for senior people (Senior College of Nature) ¥2,980,000 Japan
16 NPO-Edogawa-Ecocenter Climate change actions at city Edogawa Tokyo ¥1,465,000 Japan
17 NPO Training and Resource Center (TRC) "Eco Community Restaurants" Project for transforming into the Recycling-based Society ¥3,100,000 Japan
18 Workshop for Sustainable Community Civil Action for Development of Natural Energy at the foot of the North Japan Alps ¥2,400,000 Japan
19 FoE JAPAN A Study and Publication on An Equitable and Viable Global Climate Policy Framework ¥6,031,000 Japan
20 Nnature Conservation Society of Osaka The Second Citizen's Course of Nature Conservation ¥1,500,000 Japan
21 Goshawk Protection Fund The Regional Ecosystem Planning for Coexisting with Goshawks ¥2,997,000 Japan
22 Non-Profit Organization Okinawa Environment Club Conservation and Restoration for Vegetation and Red-data Plants in Water-front of Ryukyu Archipelago ¥2,400,000 Japan
23 OLALA charcoal burner's lodge educational activities of recycling-oriented life skills by mountain's old guard ¥1,200,000 Japan
24 I LOVE Onga River Activities of Environmental Preservation and Education by cooperation between volunteer groups of the Onga River Basin. ¥1,769,000 Japan
25 Development Education Association and Resource Centre (DEAR) the project for construction and maintenance of the information network about "Education for Sustainable Development" ¥3,900,000 Japan
26 Conservation of fresh-water fish of Kagawa Conservation of Japanese Rose Bitter ling, Rhode us ocellatus kurumeus ¥1,000,000 Japan
27 The Citizens for the Improvement of Lake Kasumigaura (CILK) Implementation of Comprehensive Forestry Management by Nurturing Industry of Environmental Conservation Type ¥3,300,000 Japan
28 Kasumigaura Citizen's Association Symposium on rare Bitter lings Acheilognathus types in the Kanto region, JAPAN, its conservation and question on release of culture strains to the nature ¥921,000 Japan
29 River Activities Council (RAC) The experienced type school about the river environment for a child ¥6,185,000 Japan
30 Pray for River committee Misogigawa-River cleanup project by purification system and building relationship between people and River ¥3,300,000 Japan
31 Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies Scientific Studies and Enlightenment Campaigns for Establishment of Sustainable Energy Policies Japan ¥4,000,000 Japan
32 The Tohoku Chamber of Environment The Practical Activities for Extermination of Illegal Eradication of Waste and Model Area Establishment with Symbiosis and Material Circulation ¥2,500,000 Japan
33 Environment Counselors Union Promotive activities for instructors on local environmental education. ¥6,800,000 Japan
34 NPO Sustainable Management Forum of Japan (SMF) Research & development and Promotion of Sustainable Management ¥3,900,000 Japan
35 Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society Policy recommendation and information dissemination on "public funds" and "trade" for sustainable development and prevention of global warming. ¥5,800,000 Japan
36 Citizens Environmental Foundation The project which aim is to make an environmental local government by citizenship and partnership, in order to create a sustainable society ¥8,500,000 Japan
37 The Sloth Club ROR (Recognition オf Responsibility) Campaign2004-Be the Change! ¥4,000,000 Japan
38 Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century (JAES 21) Development of Environmental Educational Programs to Realize a Sustainable Society and Activities for Policy Proposal ¥2,400,000 Japan
39 Environmental Preservation Rice Network Creating an Infrastructure to Promote and Entrench Environmental Preservation Rice in Local Communities ¥2,854,000 Japan
40 Kiko Network Review and Policy Proposal for Guideline of Measures to Prevent Global Warming ¥5,500,000 Japan
41 AUTHORIZED NPO WEATHER BROADCASTER NETWORK Educational Activites of the Global Environment by Water Broadcasters ¥3,000,000 Japan
42 Fishing village Culture Association Educational activities on seaside environment : Opening of a contact space with the seaside fish and shellfish ¥2,500,000 Japan
43 Green Purchasing Network (GPN) Making promotion kit for consumers to understand important environmental issues which should be considered when purchasing ¥3,898,000 Japan
44 Kurukuru Network for Sustainable Society in Hokkaido Building of Regional System to Circulate Organic Resources including Garbage in Hokkaido ¥2,290,000 Japan
45 Center for the Redevelopment of Pollution-damaged Areas in JAPAN A comprehensive Environmental Education Project on the Pollution Experience ¥4,500,000 Japan
46 ECOSYSTEM CONSERVATION SOCIETY-KOCHI Research and Study for Making a Regulation Manual for Conserving the Habitat of the Fairy Pitta at Taisho-town in Kochi-prefecture ¥3,300,000 Japan
47 International Center for the Environmental Management of Enclosed Coastal Seas (International EMECS Center) Project for NGO's Partnership toward the Environmental Restoration and Creation of Enclosed Coastal Seas ¥3,347,000 Japan
48 Solid Action on Globalization & Environment "Earth Conscious Life from the Point of View of the Trade" project ¥876,000 Japan
49 Wetlands International Japan Current State of Major Spring Lines in Japan and Recommendations for Conservation Measures ¥4,500,000 Japan
50 The Classic Live For The United Nations Our Forest is Alive ¥4,000,000 Japan
51 Learning and Ecological Activities Foundation for children Development of Environmental Education Training System for Business Sectors in Liaison with NPOs and Schools ¥3,372,000 Japan
52 Association for the Promotion of the Junior United Nations Eco-Workshop (JUNEC) Education for Sustainable Development: Promotion Consciousness-Raising and Training ¥7,500,000 Japan
53 Forum for Children, Rivers, and Neighboring Environment Each individual's "My River" ¥4,000,000 Japan
54 Nonprofit Organization KONO-YUBI-TOMARE Children's ecology cram school KONO-YUBI-TOMARE! ¥1,634,000 Japan
55 NPO Community Support Center Kobe A Research and Development Project for Sustainable and Renewable Energy Production System ¥3,800,000 Japan
56 Non-Profit Organization of Saikati Nature Club (NPO SNC) Promotion of environmental education "Junior Eco-Club" ¥3,000,000 Japan
57 Sapporo Freedom School "YU" the framework building program of "Education for Sustainable Development" based on Hokkaido Locality ¥3,000,000 Japan
58 Japan Association of Industries and Environment Partnership promotion Environmental Education and Environmental Learning ¥2,400,000 Japan
59 Non Profit Organization Sanctuary NPO. Practical enlightening activities for conservation of Japanese Natural seashore with changes in the coast laws. ¥2,500,000 Japan
60 Reduce CO2 Study Group Reduce Co2 Program ¥1,200,000 Japan
61 Shiga Green Purchasing Network Researches about the assessing method of the effect of Green Purchasing ¥1,200,000 Japan
62 Renewable Energy Promoting People7s Forum(REPP) Training course for facilitators for energy shift-learning from the field works ??2,600,000 Japan
63 Green Energy law Network Follow-up of Japanese RPS law and promotion of renewable energy in Japan ¥4,000,000 Japan
64 The natural academy and the sun international village Animal protection and environmental education by eco-power generation ¥2,800,000 Japan
65 GLOBAL GUARDIAN TRUST Development of the technique of watershed management with local residents ¥3,000,000 Japan
66 Japan Council on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (EDS-J) Platform Preparation to Encourage/Support Active ESD Implementation by Japanese NGOs for the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (UNDESD) ¥8,600,000 Japan
67 GENKI Network for Sustainability National Summit on Regional Communities demonstrate the Sustainable Society ?the Social Economy shall be compatible with the Natural Environment? ¥4,500,000 Japan
68 NPO Sick House Syndrome Association Research and Study of Analysis of Volatile Organic Chemical Metrical Contained in Building Material and Application For House Living Environmental Improvement ¥5,000,000 Japan
69 THE SENIOR NATURE COLLEGE Natural Environment-Field-Work Class ¥1,800,000 Japan
70 Citizens Policy Research Committee The research, propose of domestic law and holding of meetings for the promotion of the citizens participation in the environmental education. ¥1,500,000 Japan
71 Japan Computer Access For Empowerment Development of publicity, distribution and publication system for environmental information owned by NPOs and NGOs ¥5,800,000 Japan
72 Shimin Forum 21・NPO Centre Individual Support & Consulting for NPO of Environmental Preservation in Tokai Area of Japan ¥3,800,000 Japan
73 Food・Agriculture・the Environment Research and Promotion Center Promotion of people movement in food, agriculture and conservation of the environment ¥4,619,000 Japan
74 Specific Non-Profit Activity Corporation The Shirakami Mountains Preservation Society Tree Plating for the Restoration of the Shirakami Forests, and Some Measures for Beech-Eating Rabbits ¥2,900,000 Japan
75 The amateur theatrical company "Ourayasu" The project to produce the programs of the public performances which tell the people about the environmental conservation of the farming village and to perform them in the city. ¥2,300,000 Japan
76 Institute of Environmental study on Blackish Lakes shinji and Nakaumi "Study for renovation of Lakes shinji and Nakaumi aiming for reproduction of Scapharca subcrenata or Zostera Japonica and good habitat for Cubicula japonica" ¥2,900,000 Japan
77 NPO Association for Shinmachi River Conservation The Model Activity for Promoting Grand-Works of Environmental Preservation of Rivers including Riv. Yoshino and Riv. Shinmachi. ¥4,000,000 Japan
78 Center for Restoration of Regional Nature Field study and civil education on the negative effects of expanding deer populations on the diversity of local vegetation ¥2,743,000 Japan
79 Wetlands International Japan (JAPAN) Current State of Major Spring Lines in Japan and Recommendations for Conservation Measures ¥2,446,000 Japan
80 Consumer Co-operative Institute of Japan The practical and scientific research on reviewing daily life for global warming prevention ¥2,011,000 Japan
81 eco works Training Program for Wildlife Researchers ¥2,000,000 Japan
82 Biodiversity Network JAPAN Projects to rouse public opinion by offering useful information concerning with the problems of Alien Species (Introduced Species) through Symposia and Study tours ¥4,200,000 Japan
83 The National Association for the Development of Mountainous Regions Japan The symbiosis measure of mountain region residents and a wildness wildlife etc. ¥2,939,000 Japan
84 Igune School in SENDAI The TOHOKU Global Seminar on Decades of Education for Sustainable Development. ¥4,000,000 Japan
85 People's Association on Countermeasures of Dioxin & Endocrine Disruptors Research and enlightenment activities on preventive principles ¥2,000,000 Japan
86 Center for Multicultural information and assistance Publishing and distributing environmental education materials in foreigners and immigrants residential area ¥1,990,000 Japan
87 The School of Pleasant Contact with Nature In The Tannaka Highland The Restoration of Natural Environment And The Operation of Environmental Education In The Tannaka Highland ¥4,800,000 Japan
88 Specified nonprofit corporation The Earth Desighning School An action for making a sustainable forest keeping harmony with human life, in Tango ¥4,000,000 Japan
89 Global Environmental Forum The Conference on Environmental Problems Relating to Water Resources ¥3,062,000 Japan
90 Chita peninsula green map Love and earth exposition "the production of a green map in Aichi Chita peninsula area" ¥1,100,000 Japan
91 Tsukuba Environment Forum Creating Satoyama(countryside) forests with high biodiversity ¥2,200,000 Japan
92 Tokyo 23 Ward TOKOTON Forum Meeting to make action plants aiming for the Sustainable Society ¥1,500,000 Japan
93 The wildness return liaison council of a crested ibis The collaboration preservation enterprise which aims at the wildness return of a crested ibis ¥5,200,000 Japan
94 Nanohana-Project Network Practical study of Sustainable design for Nanohana-Project by the case of Shinasahi-cho ¥3,814,000 Japan
95 Society of Nature Observation Instructor in Niigata-ken Researches on the vegetation along the seaside of Niigata Prefecture ¥2,400,000 Japan
96 Japan Ecotourism Society (JES) Local Seminars and Conferences for Ecotourism ¥3,000,000 Japan
97 JAPAN NATIONAL OPEN-GARDENS SCHEME (JNGS) Safe green tract of land project ¥2,400,000 Japan
98 Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development (NICCO),Japan Complex model building for natural resources management and community revitalization in west coast of Biwa Lake ¥3,604,000 Japan
99 The nature conservation society of Japan Methodology survey and promotion for monitoring system with citizens in a rural ecosystem, SATOYAMA. ¥2,000,000 Japan
100 Nippon Association of Consumer Specialists Survey of Environmental Communication between Consumers and Business through Corporate Environmental Reporting ¥4,000,000 Japan
101 JAPAN SPORTFISHING ASSOCIATION "Join us! In stocking with fish, Let's learn the environment and how they grow." ¥3,000,000 Japan
102 Japan Toilet Association Research of Natural Drinking Water and its Surroundings in the Mountain Aria in Japan ¥3,000,000 Japan
103 CORPORATION AGGREGATE: JAPAN WATER CLEAN ASSOCIATION The Manual For Pupil's Activities ?A water Clean Up Campaign of Japan ¥4,242,000 Japan
104 Forest Owner's Association Of Japan Development and Enforcement of Skills and Techniques on Revitalization of Abandoned Forests ¥3,500,000 Japan
105 NPO Nekko no Kai Mountain Village preservation activity and making the base ¥2,099,000 Japan
106 Network Earth Village Stop The Global Warming Campaign ¥4,000,000 Japan
107 North Wind Generate Club The conservation activities of the water environment by deployment of circulated type agriculture. ¥1,107,000 Japan
108 Specified Nonprofit Organization Partnership Support Center Creation of the Community Network and Information Transmission in the Activities of Environmental Conservation and Maintenance for Disaster Prevention. ¥3,606,000 Japan
109 NPO Partnership Center Environmental safeguards education protect of mountain village for children, and leader training seminar ¥2,100,000 Japan
110 Protection Club of the Buna Forest in Kakkonda River (PBFKR) The forest project and natural conservation in Mt. Iwate and the River Kakkonda ¥3,100,000 Japan
111 Society of Sunflower Seeds "Civil Solar Power Generation" Community Power Plant Project ¥3,000,000 Japan
112 Candle Night Candle Night ¥4,000,000 Japan
113 Hyogo Environmental Advancement Association The Kids Eco-check promotion project, using the Eco-check-book Kids version for global warming mitigation ¥3,800,000 Japan
114 Cooperation Network for Distribution of Returnable Bottles Research of the waste management accounting ¥3,900,000 Japan
115 Fujinokun・Gakkou biotope The pursuit of the improvement system for a local environment by collaboration of NPO and a school ¥3,505,000 Japan
116 Flower Circle 2000 Movement to plant flowers on the streets of town centre ¥1,500,000 Japan
117 Project Eco II Promotion for   Effort of GHGs Emission Mitigation toward Homemaker ¥4,195,000 Japan
118 Japanese Society of Conservation Ecology Evaluation of ecological impacts of invasive alien species, and development and practice of extermination procedure and an environment programme against the species ¥1,500,000 Japan
119 NPO Hokkaido Greenfund Promotional Activities for Preventing Global Warming in the Tohoku and Hokkaido Area ¥3,837,000 Japan
120 Hokkaido Community facilitating The Education about Nature and Culture Production of educational video on brown bears and the spread and the enlightment activities to the whole Hokkaido elementary schools. ¥3,643,000 Japan
121 My Town Concierge Association (MyCon) Discovery Report System of Onihitode (Crown-of-thorns starfish) in Japan ¥1,200,000 Japan
122 Kanagawa Information Center for Citizen's Activities Kannavi Project The fullness of the information collection and the information provision of the environmental conservation group in Kanagawa by using the internet (the construct of "Kanagawa NPO navigation"). The making in the place of the learning and the alternating wh ¥2,700,000 Japan
123 Specified Nonprofit Corporation The Forum for Community Management of Kagoshima The River Valley Environmental Map Creation Enterprise in Kagoshima-City and Makurazaki-City, South Kyusyu, JAPAN. ¥2,000,000 Japan
124 The Foundation for Environmental Rehabilitation and Redevelopment of Mizushima Construction activities of partnership for streamlining of Sea-Bed litter ¥5,000,000 Japan
125 BOYS WATER AND GREENERY GROUP Tree Planting Activities in Ashio Town in Tochigi Prefecture ¥1,558,000 Japan
126 Minamata Disease Center Soshisha Collecting and archiving newspaper articles about Minamata Disease, creating and maintaining a database, and making this information available ¥2,500,000 Japan
127 MINAMATA FORUM Study Programs for Minamata Disease,? ¥4,500,000 Japan
128 Miyagi Environmental Life Out-reach Network Energy Saving Activity using Organization Software ¥2,958,000 Japan
129 Nonprofit Organization Miyazaki Cultural Head Office Evergreen Oak Forest's Corridor Project ¥2,300,000 Japan
130 The Musashino satoyama Researching Group Countrywide investigation of Red-Dragonflies for consideration of neighboring nature ¥2,741,000 Japan
131 Non-profit organization Fellows in the glove of met sequoia The project to gain popularity the idea of Ecology-Camp attending a school for the kids. ¥4,800,000 Japan
132 NPO Moshimoshi Chikyu Practical project of global environmental delivery service course ¥2,400,000 Japan
133 The Forum for Forest Creating NPO for environmental conservation Creation of the citizenship guidelines for sustainable forest conservation and the maintenance activities ¥5,425,000 Japan
134 Yakutanegoyou Research Group The conservation activities of research, breeding and enlightenment for Pinus armandii var. amamiana. ¥2,088,000 Japan
135 Yasuoka Council for Outdoor & Nature Experiences The project of environmental safeguards education and creating sustainable region for children, and parents ¥3,000,000 Japan
136 Toxic Watch Network Improving the PRTR date web site for citizens and networking with NGOs working outside of Japan ¥5,500,000 Japan
137 Yokohama Satoyama Institute Development of SATOYAMA conservation program using traditional methods ¥2,400,000 Japan
138 The Conference for the Promotion of Reduce, Reuse and Recycling Educational and public relation activities towards Reduce, Reuse and Recycling ¥3,500,000 Japan
Total amount of grant for Group C ¥445,946,000
Total amount of grant for Groups A, B + C ¥2,500,000