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Group B: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by non-Japanese NGO's

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
1 Asia Forest Network Asia regional exchange on forest sector contribution to millennium development goals ¥3,487,000 East South Asia
2 African Wildlife Foundation Trust, Botswana (AWF) Community carnivore monitoring system and formation and implementation of Tran boundary conservation and management plan for large carnivores in Botswana and Namibia-Phase ? ¥4,000,000 Botswana
3 Wetlands International-China (WI-C) Wetland awareness campaign for children and teachers in three nations, China, Japan and Korea ¥3,000,000 Japan-China-Korea
4 Academy for Green Culture, Academy for Chinese Culture (Friends of Nature) Activity or promotion of Chinese private cooperation network of education for sustainable development ¥2,463,000 China
5 Pallishree Sustainable experience based environmental education in participatory management in the drainage basin of Chilika lagoon ¥3,100,000 India
6 Vietnam National Parks and Protected Areas Association (VNPPA) Eco-tourism development supporting biodiversity at Bai Tu Long national park ¥2,500,000 Viet Nam
7 Raks Thai Foundation Northern Thailand networks of environmental education and community forest ¥4,800,000 Thailand
Total amount of grant for Group B ¥23,350,000