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Group A: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by Japanese NGOs

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
1 AIYUGO-Assisting the people of Development Countries- Agricultural development for the reforestation and self-support of minority people in northern Thailand ¥2,900,000 Thailand
2 Pacific Asia Resources Center Research and information dissemination for sustainable fisheries resources management ¥5,300,000 Asia-Pacific
3 Asia Arsenic Network Research and environmental improvement to drink groundwater pollution problem of Inner Mongolia Xilin Gol League ¥6,000,000 China
4 Asia Volunteer Center Mangrove planting project through South to South cooperation in Sarawak, Malaysia ¥3,664,000 Malaysia
5 Africa Children Education Fund The development project of community forest in Mberee district of Kenya ¥2,700,000 Kenya
6 People for Rainwater Development and installation of low cost rainwater tanks in the monsoon Asia area ¥4,800,000 Bangladesh
7 FoE JAPAN A study on climate change impacts in and networking with developing countries in Asia ¥3,611,000 Asia
8 OISCA-International Program of experiential environmental education and creation of school forests in Northern Luzon, Philippines ¥4,583,000 Philippines
9 Development and Malaria Consortium Practice and promotion of environmental preservation to prevent malaria outbreaks due to development of tropical islands ¥3,000,000 Papua New Guinea
10 Association for the Cooperation and Rural Self-support in West Africa Construction of the forest for local people in Kiba (Republic of Mali) ¥4,000,000 Mali
11 Environmental Counseling Association of Nagasaki The environmental education project for high school students, aiming the formation of circulating society through effective use of wastes ¥3,100,000 Indonesia
12 Television Trust for Environment Japan Committee Production and distribution of a video series in Asian countries for enhancement of environmental education ¥6,000,000 Asia
13 Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project Inc. Environmental education project for Cordillera area in the Philippines ¥3,200,000 Philippines
14 Kitakyushu International Techno-Cooperative Association Project for the promotion of waste education and recycling by separated collection of waste and composting in Surabaya city, Indonesia ¥7,000,000 Indonesia
15 Marine Wildlife Center of JAPAN Study about the sustainable industry and conservation of natural ecosystem in the northern four islands ¥3,600,000 North East Asia
16 Kids' Asian Union The youth environmental education and the activation of its network in Northeast Asia through a forestation experience for the desertification prevention in Mongolia ¥4,000,000 East Asia
17 Green Purchasing Network Promotion of green purchasing ¥6,400,000 Asia
18 Japan International Marine Science and Technology Federation (JIMSTEF) The environment restore of aquatic habitat at Cebu island and Philippines offshore area from the effect of offshore pollution ¥3,200,000 Philippines
19 International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC) Preparation of "World Lake Vision Action Report" and further promotion of "World Lake Vision" ¥5,100,000 International Conferences
20 International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME) Restoration of coastal forests for local communities and coastal environment in small islands of Republic of Maldives ¥3,100,000 Maldives
21 Japan Association of Industry and Environment International symposium on waste and recycling management ¥4,800,000 International Conferences
22 NPO People's Institute of Environment Plantation to prevent of sand and salt movement in the former bottom area of Aral Sea ¥3,200,000 Kazakhstan
23 TAIYOH-NO-KAI The environment action of Asian children ¥4,200,000 Asia-Pacific
24 Global Environmental Action Information provision, dissemination and awareness raising relating to the promotion of global environment conservation and sustainable development ¥7,500,000 International Conferences
25 Global Environment Center Foundation Support project for local activities to recover the water quality of rivers in Thailand ¥3,800,000 Thailand
26 The Children of Earth's Club Asia Pacific children's conference for biodiversity ¥5,400,000 Asia-Pacific
27 Niigata Prefectural Conservation Corporation Public awareness activities on acid deposition problems in East Asia through development of Brochures etc. ¥5,764,000 East Asia
28 21st Century International Cooperation Movement Shimane Executive Committee Ningxia china desert a forestation and environmental awareness promotion activities ¥1,900,000 China
29 NGO Japan-China Science and Technology Exchange Association Japan-China cooperative studies on the atmospheric environmental monitoring and assessment at Chinese cities including Beijing ¥3,500,000 China
30 Committee for Encouraging of Environmental Education Instructors by Japanese, Chinese and Korean NPO's Editing and prevailing of participating type guidance book for training of environmental education instructors co-edited by Japanese, Chinese and Korean NPO's ¥3,600,000 Japan-China-Korea
31 Japan China Korea Environmental Education Forum Joint promotion project of Japan China Korea environmental education for youth ¥4,700,000 Japan-China-Korea
32 Japan-China New Century Association Japan-China Water Forum 2006 Shanghai ¥0 International Conferences
33 Japan NGO Network on Indonesia Institutionalizing ecological reform and rural commitments in Renun tributary, North-Sumatra : How different interests meet and converge into a new "adat"? ??3,300,000 Indonesia
34 Japan Indonesia Orangutan Conservation and Research Committee (JIOC) The survey to propose a new systematic forest conservation plan for orangutans and other species in the limestone area in East Kalimantan, Indonesia ¥5,500,000 Indonesia
35 Japanese Forum of Environmental Journalists Asian and Japanese journalists partnership seminar ¥4,185,000 Asia
36 Japan Bear Network Status survey on biology and conservation of bears in Asia for their future management programs ¥6,422,000 Asia
37 Japan Association of Drainage and Environment Technical cooperative activity to improve sanitation at rural area in Bangladesh focusing on dissemination and awareness raising ¥5,200,000 Bangladesh
38 Japan International Volunteer Center (Certified NPO) Sustainable agriculture and environmental protection in Cambodia through effective use of local resources ¥5,631,000 Cambodia
39 Japan Toilet Association The second workshop for supports to improve toilet and environment in developing countries ¥4,000,000 International Conferences
40 NPO Association of Japanese-Mongolia Friendship Mongolia capital road and roadside tree planting promotion project ¥2,000,000 Mongolia
41 Japan Tropical Forest Action Network Promotion of supply chain management of tropical plywood ¥2,500,000 East South Asia
42 The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering Research investigation on environment-adaptive irrigated agriculture in Cambodian Mekong Delta ¥5,905,000 Cambodia
43 Bird Life Asia Conservation and restoration of important waterbira sites in North East Asia cranes as flagship species ¥5,500,000 North East Asia
44 Biwa-Khubusgul Inter-lake Friendship Association Forest conservation project at the northern part of Mongolia-support project for recovery of the sites of the forest fire and prevention from the month damage and hastening of its recovery from the damage ¥5,500,000 Mongolia
45 Japanese Non-Governmental Rice Research Institute Organization of the conference on sustainable rice farming technologies in Japan, Korea and China, and campaign of environmentally creative rice farming practices for environmental revival ¥2,000,000 Japan-China-Korea
46 Mekong Watch The action research on the land forest allocation and community-based forest management in Pak Beng district, Lao people's democratic republic ¥3,163,000 Lao
47 NPO Mongolia Ecology Information Center Environmental preservation of Darhadyn wetland, and the influence investigation which stock-breeding gives to an ecosystem ¥4,800,000 Mongolia
48 NPO Yokohama Art Project Rainmaker Project ¥3,452,000 Kenya
Total amount of grant for Group A ¥202,680,000