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Group B: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by non-Japanese NGOs

(Total Number of Projects : 168, Total Amount of the Grant: \513,288,000)

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site HP Address
1 Wetlands International China Wetland School Network Programme Popularized in Asian Countries along the East Asian-Australasian Waterbird Flyway Asia \3,300,000 http://www.wetwonder.org
2 Bagong Pagasa Foundation Rehabilitation of denuded watershed through the Assisted Natural Regeneration method in Bohol island, the Philippines Philippines \1,530,000 -
3 PALLISHREE Building capacity of the stakeholders through Environmental Awareness and Education in Bhitarkanika Ramsarsite, Orissa, India India \3,000,000 http://www.pallishreeindia.org
4 Bangladesh POUSH Community Based Climate Change Adaptation through Participatory Planning in Moheshkhali Island, Bangladesh Bangladesh \2,800,000 http://www.bdpoush.org
5 Bina Karta Lestari Foundation Developing model case and advocacy activities on community based agro forestry as solution to climate change in Indonesia Indonesia \3,122,000 http://www.bintarifoundation.org/
Group B :Total Number of Projects: 5, Total Amount of the Grant: \13,752,000