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Group A: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by Japanese NGOs

(Total Number of Projects : 168, Total Amount of the Grant: \513,288,000)

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site HP Address
1 Assisting the People of Developing Countries The farm development by the afforestation to conserve the forest and support poor villagers in Middle-South of Laos Laos \2,200,000 http://aiyugo.fc2web.com
2 Asia Arsenic Network Research and environmental improvement to drink groundwater pollution problem of Mekong delta VietNam \6,000,000 http://www.asia-arsenic.jp/
3 Community Action Development Organization(CanDo) Environmental Consciousness and Adaptation Skills Improvement Project for Children and Community member for Coping with Climate Change due to Global Warming Kenya \3,872,000 http://www.cando.or.jp/
4 ICLEI Japan Office Preparatory research for LAB Asia Initiatives Southeast Asia \4,502,000 http://www.iclei.org/japan
5 Indonesia Education Promoting Foundation An Activity for the Formation of Recycling-based Society through Utilization of Biomass in Bandung, Indonesia Indonesia \2,800,000 http://www.baliwind.com/
6 HUTAN Group The illegal timber research and request to stop the illegal timber trade in Indonesia, Japan and other countries, and the research and reforestation of Borneo native plants for the conservation of the Red List Species and the prevention of climate change in Central Kalimantan and others Indonesia \3,192,000 -
7 Everlasting Nature of Asia Conservation of leatherback turtles at Manokwari, west Papua, Indonesia Indonesia \2,600,000 http://www.elna.or.jp
8 Friends of the Earth Japan Study and advocacy activities on international aids climate financial mechanisms Asia \4,474,000 www.foejapan.org
9 OISCA International Japan Afforestation of School Forest and Experience-based Environmental Education in the Northeastern Part of Thailand(Province of Surin and Khon Kaen) Thailand \5,051,000 http://www.oisca.org/
10 Research Group for Applied Geology The Technical Training on Construction of Alternative Safe Water Device for Local NGO and Residents in the Arsenic Affected Area of Bangladesh Bangladesh \2,885,000 -
11 Institute of Environment Rehabilitation and Conservation Encouragement Program on Enhancing Organic Farming for Sustainable Agriculture for Local Farmers and Elementary School Students in Bangrakam district of Phitsanulok province, Thailand(Phase3) Thailand \3,800,000 http://www.erecon.jp
12 Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project Inc. Environmental Education Project for Youth in Northern Philippines Philippines \3,500,000 http://www.keep.or.jp
13 Kitakyushu International Techno-Cooperative Association Project for the environmental improvement through support enlightenment activities to the citizens by introduction of Cleaner Production(CP) in Viet Nam Viet Nam \2,664,000 http://www.kita.or.jp
14 Green Purchasing Network(GPN) Research and Promoting of Green Purchasing in Developing Countries Asia \6,031,000 http://www.gpn.jp/
15 Japan International Marine Science and Technology Federation The restore of water treatment at urban and offshore Cambodian area from the effect of water pollution Cambodia \2,600,000 http://homepage3.nifty.com/JIMSTEF
16 International Lake Environment Committee Foundation Promotion of the low carbon economy and the Integrated Lake Basin Management International Conferences \3,214,000 http://www.ilec.or.jp/
17 SHANTI YAMAGUCHI The development practice of the fuel manufacture device for the family fitted to the north Thai area natural circulation-type rest room diffusion Thailand \4,500,000 http://www.shanti-yamaguchi.com/
18 Tancho Protection Group International Project for Protection of Tancho(Grus japonensis) Asia \4,000,000 http://www6.marimo.or.jp/tancho1213/
19 Japan Indonesia Orangutan Conservation and Research Committee Making a Strategy of the Forest Conservation and Reforestation Plan at the Habitat of the Wild Orangutan in Indonesia Indonesia \4,500,000 http://orangutancommittee.web.fc2.com/
20 Japanese Forum of Environment Journalists Japan-China-Korea Seminar for Promoting Sustainable Development -How to Preserve and Report Biodiversity Asia \3,076,000 http://www.jfej.org/
21 Japan International Volunteer Center(JVC) Promotion of Natural Farming through training at schools in SOWETO, South Africa, by practical use of natural resources South Africa \3,735,000 http://www.ngo-jvc.net
22 Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development(NICCO) Promotion of Environmentally-friendly Agriculture in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Palestine, Middle East Jordan \6,700,000 http://www.kyoto-nicco.org/
23 Partnership center Asia partnership environmental education network Asia \3,249,000 http://partnershipc.web.fc2.com
24 BirdLife Asia Division Conservation of Chinese Crested Tern and Other Breeding Seabirds on the Chinese Coasts China \4,601,000 http://www.birdlife-asia.org
25 Hunger Free World Nursery Building and Agroforestry in Wakiso District, the Republic of Uganda Uganda \2,343,000 http://www.hungerfree.net/
26 HANDS(Health and Development Service) Project on Dissemination of Agroforestry in the West Amazon Brazil \3,000,000 http://www.hands.or.jp/
27 Green Alliance The Jatropha Planting for Energy Self-Sufficient Village Program in Slawesi, Indonesia Indonesia \3,973,000 www.greenalliance.or.jp
Group A :Total Number of Projects: 27, Total Amount of the Grant: \103,062,000