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Group C: Environmental conservation activities in Japan by Japanese NGOs

(Total Number of Projects : 153, Total Amount of the Grant: JPY457,789,000)

No. Name of Organization Project Description Project Site Amount(JPY) HP Address
1 A SEED JAPAN Actions to Public Awareness that Generate “Green Jobs” which Contribute to Conservation of Biodiversity and Advocacy To the 10th Conference of Parties To Convention on Biological Diversity Japan ¥4,418,000 http://www.aseed.org/
2 Aomori Environment Partnership Center The Project of Making the Regional Network Pointed in Agricultural high Schools for the Global Warming Solutions Japan ¥3,325,000 http://www.eco-aomori.jp/
3 Ariake Bay Rehabilitation Organization Developmental actions towards regeneration of
ariake bay through restration of oyster reefs
Japan ¥1,554,000 http://www.npo-ariake.jp/
4 ESD kids club ESD kids program of leaders training course Japan ¥1,443,000 http://esd-kidsclub.ecgo.jp/
5 Japanese Huchen Ecological Research and Conservation Network The establishment of monitoring procedures for adequate conservation of endangered salmonid, Japnese huchen Hucho perryi in Hokkaido. Japan ¥2,000,000  
6 Iriomote Island ecotourism association of NonProfit Organization The activities for recognition and social significance of environmental education in Iriomote Island Japan ¥2,507,000 http://www10.ocn.ne.jp/~iea/index/html
7 The Woodmiles Forum Promotion and integration of environmental indexes concerning wood products Japan ¥1,864,000 http://www.woodmiles.net
8 Specified Nonprofit Corporation  Eco Link Association preserve of coral and create of “Life with Our Sea” Project in the East China Sea Japan ¥1,731,000 http://eco-link.jp/index.php
9 NPO Oita Environmental preservation forum Nature experience biotope creation activity for [bekkoutonbo], habitat network construction Japan ¥3,000,000  
10 Goshawk Protection Fund The Regional Planning for Coexisting with Grey-faced Buzzard Japan ¥2,183,000 http://www.ucatv.ne.jp/~goshawk.sea/
11 Ogasawara Wildlife Research Society Regeneration of the Forest in Bonin Island Japan ¥1,200,000 http://www.ogasawara-islands.info/yasei-ken
12 Development Education Association and Resource Centre (DEAR) The Skill Up Training for the Practitioners of “Education for Sustainable Development” Japan ¥2,500,000 http://www.dear.or.jp
13 Non Profit Organization "Kawada Dream Green" The circulation Eco Project-Seeds of trees connect forest with village Japan ¥2,000,000 http://www.kawada-yg.org/index.html
14 River Activities Council Reinforcement of experienced-base summer camp, featuring the river Japan ¥3,566,000 http://www/rac/gr/jp/
15 Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society Cooperation Enhancement, Policy Recommendation and Information Dissemination regarding Environmental Fiscal Peform, Emission Trading Scheme, and Policy Mix for Coping with Climate Change and Promoting Green Economy/Jobs Japan ¥4,800,000 http://www.jacses.org/
16 Kankyou Ishintai - Environmental Revolution Corps Enlightening activity for recyclying society formation Gomiga - Herujyan - Project, PROJECT VI Japan ¥621,000 http://ishintai.org
17 Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP) Practical activities for the climate change and energy policies, possible to achieve "25% Reduction" Japan ¥7,153,000 http://www.isep.or.jp
18 Environmental Counseling Association of Nagasaki The conference of environmental restoration for isolated islands about problems of drifted trush Japan ¥2,400,000 http://www.npo-ecan.org/
19 Sustainable Management Forum of Japan Research, Development and Promotion on Carbon Management for medium and small scale companies Japan ¥3,842,000 http://www.smf.gr.jp/
20 Citizens Environmental Foundation The formation of a strategic cooperation system between NGO and local Goverments to create sustainable and well-being society, and the research, studies and the proposal of the policy to create the environmental and sustainable society based on a region. Japan ¥6,000,000 http://www.kankyoshimin.org/
21 Environmental Information Center Awareness-raising and promotion of activities for nature protection and biodiversity conservation Japan ¥1,453,000 http://www.eic.or.jp/
22 Ecological Life And Culture Organization A research and a Symposium of Building a Fiber Recycling System Japan ¥1,436,000 http://www5.ocn.ne.jp/~elco/
23 Forum of Environmental Revitalization Research
Actual condition grasp and evaluation analysis of a greenhouse gas delivery and information service activities Japan ¥2,235,000 http://www.kankyososei.jp
24 Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century
(JAES 21)
Giving the Eco-power Award to corporate executives, and spreading deeply the Eco-power concept to a wider society, based on the JAES 21’s 12 – point qualification to lead the business community in the 21st Century Japan ¥3,400,000 http://www.kanbun.org/
25 Northwest Pacific Region Environmental Cooperation Center Development of coastal environmental assessment method focused on marine biodiversity in the Northwest Pacific Region Japan ¥3,300,000 http://www.npec.or.jp
26 Kiko Network Link Project between UNFCCC Negotiation Processes with Promoting Domestic Measures and Policies Global Warming Prevention Japan ¥5,000,000 http://www.kikonet.org/
27 GLOBE Japan (Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment) Building a social and economical system aiming for preservation of biodiversity and symbiotic society with nature based on sustainable use. Japan ¥2,607,000 http://www4.osk.3web.ne.jp/~globejp/
28 Japan Network for Earth Environment and Prevention of Pollution Announcing and educating the information about measures of greenhouse gas emission reduction, research of the effect of climate change to regional adaptation for climate change, using NGO network Japan ¥2,048,000 http://www.jnep.jp
29 Center for the Redevelopment of Pollution-damaged Areas in JAPAN Gathering Information and Implementing Participatory Educational Program for Relating the Current Situation of the Pollution-Damaged Areas Japan ¥4,100,000 http://www.aozora.or.jp/
30 International Lake Environment Committee Foundation(ILEC) World Lake Forum; Considering the preservation of the lake environment from biodiversity's perspective Japan ¥1,614,000 http://www.ilec.or.jp/
31 Japan Committee for IUCN Making A Citizen's Action Plan for Better Implementation of Output of CBD-COP10 Japan ¥5,000,000 http://www.iucn.jp/
32 The Classic Live for the United Nations The 2010 Concert of Life Environmental Musical ” Our Blue Planet –Will it Survive till Tomorrow?~ For aiming at coexisting with human beings, animals and nature ” Japan ¥4,500,000 http://www.classiclive-un.org/
33 Association for the Promotion of the Junior United Nations Eco-Workshop(JUNEC) JUNEC workshop 2010:Preservation of biodiversity and Promotion of Education for Sustainable Development Japan ¥4,000,000 http://www.junec.gr.jp/
34 Communet Association Japan , CAN Collection and coordinated project of environmental activity information in Kyushu Japan ¥823,000 http://communet.jp/
35 Community Youth Bank momo Social finance promotion NPO which support environmental conservation activities Japan ¥2,100,000 http://www.momobank.net/
36 Consumers Kyoto Networking the recycle-system of fluorescent lamp Japan ¥1,694,000 http://consumers-kyoto.net/
37 Sapporo Convention Network Promoting environmental consciousness at conventions and other events Japan ¥4,088,000 http://www.sapporo-convention.net/
38 NPO the People The making up project of the fiber recycling activity model with the regional alliances style Japan ¥2,000,000 http://www.iwaki-j.com/people/
39 Sapporo Freedom School 'YU' "Link Nature to People, People to People"
Project for building ESD models and human resources for the future ESD leaders and for enhancement of cooperation among ESD leaders
Japan ¥2,904,000 http://sapporoyu.org/
40 Non Profit Organizations and citizens network supporting corporate social
A grass roots study and education for the assessment of corporate social responsibility Japan ¥3,945,000 http://www.i-nsl.org/
41 The Japan Environmental Action Network (General Incorporated Association) Grasping conditions of the milieu to consolidating measures for the problem of marine litter and holding the "Marine Litter Summit" Japan ¥3,274,000 http://www.jean.jp/
42 Shikoku Institute of Natural History The examination of an advanced conservation plan on wildlife habitat to realize a formation of the ecological network. Japan ¥2,400,000 http://www.litra.jp
43 Renewable Energy Promoting People's Forum(REPP) Visualisation domestic thermal energy usage and Development of citizen-led green initiatives. Japan ¥3,981,000 http://repp.jp/component/option,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
44 Civic group report association that promotes natural reproduction Proposal for CBD COP-10 civic group report association that promotes natural reproduction that connects forest, hometown, river and sea. Japan ¥4,474,000 http://satoshi.net/saisei/
45 Global Guardian Trust CoP10 project: Conservation of Marine Biological Diversity and Cultural Diversity Japan ¥1,734,000 http://www006.upp.so-net.ne.jp/GGT/
46 Japan Council on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development(ESD-J) ESD model development based on bio-diversity and advocacy to CBD/COP10 Japan ¥6,666,000 http://www.esd-j.org
47 NPO GENKI Net for Creating a Sustainable Society Asian 3R Citizen Network Project for Cooperation to construct the Waste Management Society in Asia Japan ¥3,020,000 http://www.genki-net.jp/
48 NPO Sick House Syndrome Association Promotion of the popular movement for the higher insulation of the houses Japan ¥2,800,000 http://www.sickhouse-sa.com
49 Shimin Forum 21・NPO Centre The Development of Learning Program for future leaders of environmental NGOs Japan ¥2,611,000 http://www/sf21npo.gr.jp/
50 The Association for the Study of Sacred Forests The Investigation of the management of sacred forests in urban area and the establishment of management technique Japan ¥3,400,000 http://www2.odn.ne.jp/shasou/
51 Institute of Environmental study on Brackish Lakes Shinji and Nakaumi An activity for preserving the connected environment of ‘forests’, ‘rivers’, and ‘lakes’ - a case study on the catchment area of Hii River Japan ¥2,078,000 http://www1.biz.biglobe.ne.jp/~kisuiko/
52 sinrinjuku seisui The mechanism that conserve the meadow with multifaceted worth continuously.
Business that reproduces, and uses Japanese pampas grass meadow in uenohara field
Japan ¥1,600,000 http://www.commonf.net
53 Corporation of Aquatic life Conservation Conservation of the biological diversity of a bitterling fish inJapan Japan ¥2,664,000 http://www.fish-water.jpn.org/
54 Biodiversity Network JAPAN Assessment of 2010 national target achievement
and support of next phase for GSPC
Japan ¥4,518,000 http://www.bdnj.org/
55 Japan Civil Network for Convention on Biological Diversity Enhancing civil society's capacity for advocacy and outreach to the CBD-COP10/MOP5 Japan ¥6,602,000 http://www.cbdnet.jp/
56 Japan Forum for Biodiversity(JFS) From the propulsion of Countdown 2010 campaign to the Decade of regional biological diversity Japan ¥5,038,000 http://www.jf-biodiversity.org/
57 Japan Youth Ecology League Campus Climate Challenge
-Environmental survey and support for universities-
Japan ¥3,000,000 http://www.eco-2000.net/
58 NO Black-Bass Network(NBN) Voluntary trial "establishing a waterside sanctuary free of invasive fishes" Japan ¥5,300,000 http://www.no-bass.net/
59 THE NATIONAL WILD BIRD POACHING COUNTRMEASURE OF JAPAN Public education activities for wild bird protection aimed at eradicating poaching and illegal breeding and selling Japan ¥3,200,000 http://www008.upp.so-net.ne.jp/mittairen
60 Greater Sendai Area ESD/RCE Steering Committee Development of System to Promote ESD in Miyagi Prefecture Japan ¥2,275,000 http://rce.miyakyo-u.ac.jp/
61 Japan Endocrine-disruptor preventive Action research and provision of information regarding effects of neonicotinoid insecticide on ecosystem and human Japan ¥3,800,000 http://www.kokumin-kaigi.org
62 University Consortium Ishikawa Development of multi-stakeholder mechanism to promote ESD in Hokuriku Region Japan ¥3,964,000 http://www.ucon-i.jp/
63 Non-Profit Organization“Local Environmental Network” Learning from our hometown of OITA : Creating a climate change learning program and leader training program Japan ¥2,400,000 http://homepage3.nifty.com/npolen/info.htm
64 Global Environmental Action(GEA) To educate and raise public awareness on conservation of global environment and realization of a sustainable society Japan ¥4,564,000 http://www.gea.or.jp/
65 Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) Awareness raising on “Biodiversity” in urban area (Symposium on “Comfortable life with natures in Osaka” and its result report to COP10) Japan ¥1,406,000 http://gec.jp/jp
66 Citizens' Alliance for Saving the Atmosphere and the Earth(CASA) Studies on the 25% reduction of CO2(Cargon dioxide) and influences in the economy and civil life in Japan Japan ¥3,000,000 http://www.bnet.jp/casa/index1.htm
67 Global Enviromental Forum FairWood Interior/Exterior Wood Products
Purchasing Campaign
Japan ¥4,500,000 http://www.gef.or.jp
68 NPO CHUBU RECYCLE Construction of an Unwanted Article Reusing System based upon the Exiting Nongovernment Recycling System Japan ¥3,300,000 http://www.es-net.jp/
69 Tsukuba Environment Forum "Comprehensive Environmental Education in Mt. Tsukuba" Japan ¥3,295,000 http://www12.ocn.ne.jp/~tef298
70 Nagoya N.G.O Center ~A Preparatory Event for the 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP10)~
ESD Training and Leadership Development at the World Collaboration Festival
Japan ¥1,800,000 http://www.nangoc.org
71 Specified Nonprofit Corporation Garbage Recycling Network Japan Wide-ranging spread and enlightenment activities among citizens about the hygienic way of garbage treatment based on the scientific research Japan ¥4,200,000 http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~namagomi/
72 JAPAN ASSOCIATION OF ENVIRONMENT ASSESSMENT Practicing Investigation Research of Biological Diversity Potential Map necessary for Environmental Impact Assessment Japan ¥1,268,000 http://www.jeas.org/
73 THE JAPAN ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION FORUM DEVELOPMENT AND PROMOTION OF CONVINIENT ENVIRONMENTAL TRAINING PROGRAMME SET(in order to learn biodiversity and ecosystem services) Japan ¥2,929,000 http://www.jeef.or.jp/
74 Japan Bear Network Extension/Education and Local Support Project on the Countermeasure against Bear Appearances around the Human Settlements Japan ¥2,706,000 http://www.japanbear.org/cms/
75 Wetlands International Japan The Making of an "Inventory for the Culture and Technology of Wetlands (Draft)" in Japan Japan ¥4,400,000 http://www.japan.wetlands.org
76 Japan Association of Botanical Gardens Establishment of the National Network for Endangered Plant Conservation between Botanical Gardens and the Public Japan ¥3,906,000 http://syokubutsuen-kyokai.jp
77 JAPAN TOILET LABO. Toilet Ecology Action Japan ¥2,982,000 http://www.toilet.or.jp
78 Wild Bird Society of Japan Information collection, knowledge diffusion and proposal of the impacts of offshore wind turbines on birds. Japan ¥3,058,000 http://www.wbsj.org/
79 Network Fukushimagata Further creation of Fukushimagata into one more richer in nature and life, and the further promote the conservation of Fukushimagata Japan ¥1,100,000 http://www5e.biglobe.ne.jp/~hishikui/
80 Harenokuni Wild life Research Club Biodiversity Research in Andrias japonicus Biotope  Japan ¥2,382,000 http://www.net626.co.jp/sougenhp/
81 Conference for Human and Environmental Sustainable Transport Movement for Human and Environmental friendly Transport Japan ¥2,600,000 http://www.areev.org/
82 Hyogo Environmental Advancement Association NGO Network Strengthening & Proposals to COP10
~NGO and the citizen's Debate on Biodiversity in Hyogo~
Japan ¥3,200,000 http://www.eco-hyogo.jp/
83 Lake Biwa Citizens College Research and enlightenment activities impact the benthic habitat of global warming on Lake Biwa Japan ¥2,500,000 http://www.hyogokankyo-lab.com/biwako/
84 Cooperative Network for Distribution of Returnable Bottles promotion for generalization of returnable bottles advanced with student and the citizens Japan ¥2,800,000 http://www.binnet.org/
85 Fringe Theater Project Project for “Perfoming arts Workshop in Environmental Education” Japan ¥4,117,000 http://www.fringe-tp.net/
86 NPO Executive committee thinking about Tokyo as Birthplace Tokyo swim place revival project(SATOUMI creation plan) Japan ¥4,050,000 http://www.furusato-tokyo.com/index.htm
87 NPO ATTRACTVE MIKUNI - MINATO PROJECT GREEN RELAY PROJECT -to make lively forest, and to enliven town- Japan ¥2,079,000 http://www.mikuni-minato.jp
88 MINAMATA FORUM Succession of experience of Minamata Disease for youth and a rearing talent based on Partnership between Educational facilities and the Press Japan ¥5,000,000 http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~mf1997/
89 MAKE the RULE Campaign Committee The national campaign for the mid-long term scheme of a large scale GHG emission reduction Japan ¥4,472,000 http://www.maketherule.jp/dr5
90 Japan Wildlife Conservation Society(JWCS) For CBD COP10, research and raising awareness to propose for biodiversity issues, backed by commercial trade in wildlife. Japan ¥3,024,000 http://www.jwcs.org/
91 Toxic Watch Network The restructuring of our PRTR website accompanied with the revised PRTR Law and the integration with the greenhouse gas emissions published data Japan ¥2,543,000 http://www.toxwatch.net/
92 Ramsar Center Japan KODOMO Biodiversity: Children's Participation in Implementation of the Convention of Biological Diversity. Japan ¥7,000,000 http://homepage1.nifty.com/rcj/
93 Earthday Everyday Let’s research Satoyama and Make wood benches in Aihara Japan ¥830,000 http://earthday365.net/
94 DESD World Festival Forum DESD World Festival Planning Workshoop Japan ¥1,928,000 http://www.desd.jp/
95 Marine Learning Center Coral Reef Study Program promotion and local Ocean
Literacy Program production project
Japan ¥1,900,000 http://www.marinelearning.org/
96 NPO Etopirika fund Development of "Satoumi" model for the coexistence of the human community with the seabirds in the Northern area. Japan ¥1,900,000 http://www.geocities.jp/etopirika_fund/
97 Incorporated nonprofit organization Ooyamasenmaida Preservation association Grasp of the situation of biota to live in terraced paddy fields and the spread activity Japan ¥947,000 http://www.senmaida.com/
98 The Okayama Nature Conservation Group Conservation education via an environmental load-reducing cleanup activity. Japan ¥996,000 http://www.geocities.jp/okayama_sizen/
99 marine environmental disaster prevention Investigation society Investigation of actual conditions concerning biodiversity (seaside plant of extermination misgivings)in sea of hometown in Noto Peninsula Japan ¥1,100,000  
100 NPO Environment Tokushima Network A networking project of environmental NGO in Shikoku Japan ¥2,129,000 http://www.tv-naruto.ne.jp/kantoku001/index.html
101 Non Profit Organization Environmental Network Saitama “Best season for local food! Local production for local consumption is the way to stop global warming!”that make the base of our activity for environmental promotion Japan ¥1,997,000 http://www.kannet-sai.org/
102 Kansai Asbestos Doctor Association Making asbestos-free society Japan ¥2,254,000 http://www.kansai-ada.jp/index/
103 Groundwork Mishima Aqua restoration project for endangered Lefua echigonia to enhance biological diversity of Genbee river Japan ¥3,954,000 http://www.gwmishima.jp/
104 Non-Profit-organization greenconsumer-tokyo net spread eco-cha spot in asakusa Japan ¥1,993,000 http://www.greenconsumer-tokyo.net/
105 Kuroshio Zikkan Center Create Forest In The Ocean on Kashiwajima Island
at the end of Southwest in Kochi prefecture
Japan ¥2,400,000 http://www.orquesta.org/kuroshio/
106 The Bat Study and Conservation Group of Japan Establishment of a volunteer network on bat monitoring project 'iBATS-JAPAN' Japan ¥1,644,000 http://www.bscj.net/
107 Kodomo wakamono matching The forest conservation activities in cooperate with younger generation
'MORI MORI project'
Japan ¥3,154,000 http://www.k-w-m.jp/
108 Waste Reduction Network the waste reduction promoters activation and domestic networking project Japan ¥3,000,000  
109 Coalition for Legislation to Support Citizens' Organizations Information Service for grass-roots NPOs/NGOs to Improve their Participation in Enviromental Policy Making Process Japan ¥1,858,000 http://www.npoweb.jp/
110 Environmental NPO "SHU" The development and propagation of practically environmental programs which uses familiar hometown
mountains-making activity with cooperative enterprises
Japan ¥1,683,000 http://www.shu.or.jp/
111 Workers Club for Eco-harmonic Renewable Society
(略称: Junkan Workers Club)
Research and Planning of Developing Eco-communities in Localities. Japan ¥2,691,000 http://www.nord-ise.com/junkan/index.html
112 Japan Citizens’ Network for Planet Diversity(JCNPD) Making policy recommendations on the fifth meeting of the Conference of the
Parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety(MOP5) and involved in
international exchange activities for MOP5
Japan ¥4,800,000 http://mop5.jp/
113 Nonprofit Organization Space Fuu From Oneway to Reuse Spread to Japan Nationwide Project! Japan ¥1,591,000 http://www.spacefuu.net/
114 SAFETY OUTDOOR Executive Committee Promotion and Enlightenment of Risk Management in Nature Conservation Area through Outdoor Environmental Education Japan ¥1,432,000 http://www.cone.jp/safety_outdoor/
115 World Commission on Protected Areas-Japan Exploring potential for applying Japanese nature park system to Asian nature parks Japan ¥2,408,000  
116 Japanese Association for Water Energy Recovery The First National Summit on Micro Hydropower in Tsuru Japan ¥2,500,000 http://j-water.jp/conference/
117 NPO Support Center for Sustainable Regional Design Youth Networking Local Project by COP10 Japan ¥3,334,000 http://c-mirai.org/
118 Global Environment Initiative (GEIN) Visions for 2050 Years for the Realization of the Sustainable Society Japan ¥1,837,000 http://www.re50.jp/
119 Chiba Prefectural Environment Foundation Survey of distribution and study of maintenance activity of habitat for Lefua echigonia at Chiba Prefecture northwest region Japan ¥1,038,000 http://www.ckz.jp/
120 Chubu ESD-RCE Promotion Network(CERPN) ESD Global Dialogue for CBD/COP10 Japan ¥1,947,000 http://archive.mag2.com/0000238666/index.html
121 『Conference on the project for conserving the environment for Pika’s survival』 『Community development activity based on the idea of biodiversity conservation in Furano area』 Japan ¥1,450,000 http://www.nakiusagi.org/
122 The network of Nissin citizens for environmental improvement Training undergraduate students to be The Process Facilitator for sustainability and biodiversity Japan ¥1,829,000 http://nissin.ifdef.jp/
123 NPO Nature academy MOGAMI Regional Development Project for Biodiversity Conservation independent. Japan ¥2,574,000 http://ameblo.jp/nponam/
124 The non-profit organization of water and green lovers Providing environmental education to elementary school students through forest conservation activities Japan ¥0,000 http://www.wa.commufa.jp/~m-midori/
125 The national promotion network for 3Rs of the container packing The 2Rs propulsion campaign with citizens Japan ¥2,157,000 http://www.citizens-i.org/gomi0/
126 WASEDA ENVIRONMENT EDUCATION PROMOTION AGENCY Practice and Diffusion of Environmental Education with Local Community for Elementary School which is having an eyes for Home Training
-Cooperation with Honjo-city, Waseda-university and Non-profit organization-
Japan ¥509,000 http://we-npo.main.jp/
Group C :Total Number of Projects: 126, Total Amount of the Grant: JPY359,098,000