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Group A: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by Japanese NGOs

(Total Number of Projects: 179, Total Amount of the Grant: JPY514,158,000)

No. Name of Organization Project Description Project Site Amount(JPY) HP Address
1 Asia Arsenic Network Diffusion of drink water purification equipment in the Mekong Delta Vietnam 6,400,000 http://www.asia-arsenic.jp/top/
2 Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network Nature Conservation resulting from the collaborative research of migratory raptors in South East Asian countries. South-East Asia 1,500,000 http://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~raptor/index.htm
3 ICLEI Japan Office Preparatory research for LAB Asia Initiatives Philippine 3,889,000 http://www.iclei.org/japan
4 Indonesian Education Promoting Foundation (IEPF) Program Development for General Environmental Education based on Social
Innovation in South Tangerang Indonesia
Indonesia 4,100,000 http://www.baliwind.com/
5 HUTAN Group The illegal timber reserch and request to stop the illegal trade in Indonesia, Japan, the other countries, and the reserch and reforestation of Borneo native plands (Ramin, Ulin, and others) for the conservation of the Red List Species Indonesia 2,913,000 http://hutang.jimdo.com/
6 Institute of Environment and Conservation Program on Promoting Sustainable Agriculture through Eri-culture in Greater Phnom Penh of Cambodia Cambodia 3,600,000 http://www.erecon.jp/
7 Television Trust for Environment Japan (TVE Japan) “Preserving Gene diversity”, environmental education by visual media in Asia Pacific Asia-Wide 5,400,000 http://www.tvejapan.org/
8 Kitakyushu International Techno-cooperative Association Establishment of the waste management system in Metro Cebu, Philippines. Philippine 2,908,000 http://www.kita.or.jp/
9 Green Purchasing Network (GPN) Development of Green Purchasing in Asia-Pacific major countries Asia-Wide 5,638,000 http://www.gpn.jp/
10 Non Profit Organization SHANTI YAMAGUCHI Agroforestry and  agricultural  development  in  North Thailand「From slash  and  bum  to  a  new  concept  of  farming」 Thailand 4,500,000 http://www.shanti-yamaguchi.com/
11 Tancho Protection Group International enlightenment project for conservation of the Red-crowned Crane in China China 2,010,000 http://www6.marimo.or.jp/tancho1213/
12 Terra People Association Environment improvement project with using natural resources at Lake Inle  ~To aim for a sustainable symbiotic society~ Burma 4,105,000 http://tpa.nk-i.net/
13 Green Earth Center The Project cooperated with "The Internatinal Year of Forests 2011"and "Dicade of Biodiversity" ; a model project for forests created by corporate enterprise  in China China 3,400,000 http://www.n-gec.org/
14 Tokyo Occupational Safety and Health Center The Participatory Action-Oriented environment protection program for young generation in the Mekong Delta. Vietnam 3,579,000 http://www.toshc.org/
15 Japan International Volunteer Center Training of Ecological and Sustainable Farming for Community People at a School Yard South Africa 4,117,000 http://www.ngo-jvc.net/
16 Japan-Malaysia Association Building a sustainable system to regenerate the tropical rain forests in Sarawak, Malaysia with the local people and studying possibilities of ESD through its efforts Malaysia 2,040,000 http://www.jma-wawasan.com/
17 NPO Nihon-Mongolia Goodwill Association The tree planting program at Mongolia capital airport highway(Ⅱ) Mongolia 437,000 http://www.mongolia.gr.jp/
18 NPO Corporation Partnership Center Establishing a regional environment education network in cooperation with Asian national partners Asia-Wide 3,536,000 http://www.p-center.or.jp/
19 BirdLife International Asia Division Conservation of Chinese Crested Tern and Other Breeding Seabirdson the Chinese Coasts Asia-Wide 4,998,000 http://www.birdlife-asia.org/
20 Nonprofit Organization HANDS (Health and Development Service) Project on Dissemination of Agroforestry in the West Amazon of Brazil Brazil 3,500,000 http://www.hands.or.jp/
21 East Asia Environmental Information Express Messenger Modeling for “Green Supply Chain” at China China 959,000 http://www.eden-j.org/
22 Bridge Asia Japan Agricultural Biogas Project for Small-scale Farmers in Hue City, Vietnam Vietnam 2,371,000 http://www.baj-npo.org/index.html
23 Mekong Watch Promotion to solve issues caused by expansion of plantations in tropical countries South-East Asia 5,200,000 http://mekongwatch.org/
24 MONGOLIA ECOLOGY INFORMATION CENTER Establishment of environmental safeguard system for Dahadyn wetlands by Mongolian Mongolia 4,800,000 http://blog.livedoor.jp/gf998002/
25 Ramsar Center Japan “KODOMO Ramsar” for ESD -  Education for Sustainable Development Asia-Wide 8,000,000 http://homepage1.nifty.com/rcj/
26 i-i-network --- Research & Action for Community Governance Promoting Sustainable Livelihood with Bio-diversity at Bali Barat National Park in Indonesia Indonesia 3,102,000 http://i-i-net.org/
27 Community-based Development Initiatives Center The promotion of environment club of children in the Maumeta village in Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste East-Timor 2,231,000 http://www.cdic.jp/
28 JAPAN HABITAT ASSOCIATION Activities to preserve the environment through garbage sorting and recycling in Mae Lun Cam Village, Chiang Mai Province,  in the northern mountain region of Thailand Thailand 650,000 http://www.habitat.or.jp/
29 ICLEI Japan Office Research on contribution of local governments for green economy in Southeast Asia towards cooperation with Japanese local governments India 1,320,000 http://www.iesglobal.org/
30 Japan Council on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD-J) Development of Civil Society Network to Promote ESD in Asia Pakistan 1,313,000 http://www.crcp.org.pk/
Group A: Total Number of Projects: 30, Total Amounts of the Grant: JPY102,516,000