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Group C: Environmental conservation activities in Japan by Japanese NGOs

(Total Number of Projects : 190, Total Amount of the Grant: JPY624,767,000)

No. Name of Organization Project Description Project Site Amount (1000JPY) HP Address
1 Conference of Earth Environmentf from Akita The Mouretu PR Project for Special Eco Friendly Bag with NPO & Media Japan 3300 http://www.ceeakita.org/
2 Akita Nanohana Network Development of environmental education programs for promoting Eco-Town project by young people Japan 1700 http://www.akita-nanohana.com/
3 AQUA PLANET Coral reproduction an upbringing local extended activity in the Okinawa sea area Japan 4000 http://www.aqua-planet.org/
4 Nonprofit Organizaiton Asaza Fund Development and disseminaton of environmental eucation practice models by the collaboration of NPO-school-community Japan 2800 http://www.asaza.jp/
5 DESD World Festival Forum DESD World Festival Theme Workshops and ESD Theme Conference 2013 Japan 7200 http://www.desd.jp/index.php
6 u-ecogohan Promotion activities,"Eco-Action 2013"-Social version of CO2 reduction step for parents and children Japan 3200 http://www.u-ecogohan.com/
7 Marine Learning Center Ocean Literacy Study Program(OLS) Japan Project Japan 3900 http://blog.canpan.info/marinelearning/
8 Nonprofit organization Eco Communication Center Environmental Education Japan 2500 http://www12.ocn.ne.jp/~ecom/
9 ECOPLUS, a Nonprofit Organization registered in Japan Building a sustainability education program model centered around a community and place Japan 3400 http://www.ecoplus.jp/
10 Japan Youth Ecology League Suggestion for the environmetal management at the university from student toward the sustainability in Higher Education Japan 2500 http://el.eco-2000.net/
11 ECOPLUS, a Nonprofit Organization registered in Japan Building a sustainability education program model centered around a community and place Japan 3300 http://www.geocities.jp/etopirika_fund/
12 Everlasting Nature of Asia Monitoring of radioactive substance accumulated in the body of stranded sea turtles Japan 3000 http://www.elna.or.jp/aboutus/index.php
13 Friends of the Earth Japan Awareness building on issues of carbon offsetting schemes in developing countries Japan 4000 http://www.foejapan.org
14 OISCA Japan Participatory Approach of Reforestation to Promote the Biodiversity of Mt.fuji Japan 3000 http://www.oisca.org
15 NPO oita Environmental preservetion forum The maintainable wetlands ecosystem preservation project learned from a tortoiseshell dragonfly "reservoir preservation and environmental education program" Japan 2800 http://www9.plala.or.jp/kei_uchida/
16 Incorporated nonprofit organization Ooyamasenmaida Preservation association Grasp of the situation of biota to live in laurel forest and spread activity Japan 1200 http://www.senmaida.com/
17 Development Education Association and Resource Centre Development and Promotion of the Review Modules and Tools for ESD Japan 3100 http://www.dear.or.jp
18 Kasai Rinkai Environmental Education Forum The kasai Seaside Park Expdition Team Japan 3100 http://www.kasairinkai.com/tankentai/index.html
19 Eco picture diary executive committee Enforcement of an "eco picture diary" project which aimed at the production of an environmental activity platform Japan 3200 http://www.kankyo-enikki.jp/
20 Non-profit-organization ezorock Constructureing of ESSD platform with NPO whole hokkaido Japan 3100 http://www.ezorock.org/
21 Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies Multilateral approaches for the shift to sustainable energy society after 3.11 Japan 5700 http://www.isep.or.jp/
22 Sustainable Management Forum of Japan Research,Development and Promotion on Sustainability Due Diligence Tools for VCM(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) Japan 3000 http://www.smf.gr.jp/
23 Citizens Environmental Foundation Project for research,investigation and proposals for the enhancement of media literacy by facilitationg transmission of the appropriate environmental information to promote green purchasing Japan 6000 http://www.kankyoshimin.org/
24 Japan NGO Network for Creating the Capital of Sustainability Make it happen in Japan with our local initiatives : citizens-cetered community development for energy generation and low energy consumption thorough patnership Japan 5300 http://www.eco-capital.net/
25 Ecological Life and Culture Organization The personal training project for the recycling-based community by the residents in Hachioji Takao area. Japan 1500 http://www5.ocn.ne.jp/~elco/
26 Forum of Environmental Revitalization Research Creating of Sato-Umi(A New Concept for Coastal Sea Management) Japan 4200 http://www.kankyososei.jp/
27 NPO Corporation Environment TOKUSHIMA Network Restoration activities for local natural resources by networking in Shikoku Japan 3200 http://www.tv-naruto.ne.jp/kantoku001/index.html
28 Kumamoto Environmental Net-Work(KANKUMA) Project of the Kyushu Environmental education white paper Japan 1100 http://www.kankuma.jp/pc/
29 Environmental Partnership Council Building Platform of Environmental NGOs to deal with the Global Environmental Problems Japan 3900 http://www.epc.or.jp/
30 Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21th Century Supporting project for the improvement of environmental education and policy proposal for specific cities,based on the Revised Environmental Education Promotion Law Japan 2500 http://www.kanbun.org/
31 Environmentally Friendly Rice Network Building the evaluate system for reginal environment by using the certification of eco-friendly rice Japan 1600 http://www.epfnetwork.org/okome/
32 Northwest Pacific Region Environmental Cooperation Center Development of regional network for conservation of marine biodiversity in the Sea of Japan Japan 1900 http://www.npec.or.jp/
33 Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project Research study for the forest environmental preservation policy making which aimed at glirulus japonicus protection, and promotion of forest environmental education Japan 3000 http://www.keep.or.jp/ja/
34 Kiko Network Promotion and networking of Low-carbon local societies, contributing global warming prevention Japan 6100 http://www.kikonet.org/
35 Non-Profit Organization Weather Caster Network Development and Promotion of"Making Environment Video Report"Education Program Japan 2200 http://www.weathercaster.jp/
36 Advanced Chemicals Master Database System of Educational and Scientific Institutions(ACSES) Investigation and support for manpower training of environmental education in universities an colleges Japan 1100 http://www.kyokanet.jp/
37 Climate Youth Japan Climate Youth Japan is trying to be a platform based on student organizations and NGO organized by Japanese youths who are highly aware of and active towards climate changes issues.We hold seminars and send Japanese youth to international conference(COP) Japan 2300 http://climateyouthjapan.jimdo.com/
38 Groundwork Mishima Development of "Genbee River Conservation Network" through educating local residents to protect our hometown river and the aqua restration for endangered Lefua echigonia Japan 4900 http://www.gwmishima.jp
39 Green Economy Forum Japan Cooperation Enhancement,Policy Recommenation and Information Dissemination to Promote Green Economy, Sustainable Consumption/Production, and Formulation of SDGs in the World an Japan Japan 5200 http://www.jacses.org/
40 NPO Greenwood Nature Experiential Education Center   Japan 1300 http://www.greenwood.or.jp/
41 NPO Global Sports Alliance "Project to conduct a sports and environment awareness questionnaire, study its results and promote environmental actions based on those outcomes" Japan 2400 http://www.gsa.or.jp/
42 GLOBE Japan (Global Legislators Organization for a Balanced Environment) Building a social and economic system to develop green economy based on the idea of susutainable development Japan 3000 http://www.globejapan.org/
43 Kuroshio Zikkan Center Sustainable Utilization as wel as Reassesment of Lanscape , Plants and Animals resources in Asizuri-Uwakai National park Japan 3000 http://www.tv-naruto.ne.jp/kantoku001/index.html
44 NPO Koajiro Council for Managing Field Activities Cooperative efforts for comprehensive coservation and wise use of estuary flat and fresh water marsh at Koajiro Japan 2500 http://www.koajiro.org/
45 Center for the Redevelopment of Pollution-damaged Areas in Japan(Aozora Foundation) ESD(Education for Sustianble Development) from Pollution-Damaged Areas-Gather,Organize and Bequeath the learned information of region Japan 2800 http://aozora.or.jp/
46 The Bat Study and Conservation Group of Japan Indicator Bats Program 'iBats-Japan' Japan 2100 http://www.bscj.net/
47 International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC) Promotion of Intergrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM)in Africa Japan 3500 http://www.ilec.or.jp/
48 Japan committee for IUCN Implemanting and Supporting the Aichi Biodiversity Target in global, national and local level. Japan 5000 http://www.iucn.jp/
49 Japan Civil Network for the United Nations Decade of Biodiversity Taking Action Ⅱ For UNDB ―Message from the Fukushima for CBD/COP11 Japan 6100 http://jcnundb.jimdo.com/
50 Community Youth Bank momo Social finance promotion NPO which support environmental conservation activities Japan 3800 http://www.momobank.net/
51 Waste Reduction Network The project for strengthening the coodination of waste reduction promoters who are leaders of the zero waste society Japan 5700 http://gomigen.net/
52 Consumers Kyoto Proposal and Action for Minamata Convention on Mercury Japan 1600 http://consumers-kyoto.net/
53 Renewable energy promoting people's forum west Japan Model building which considers introductiion of the renewable energy suitable for the area by local resident participation Japan 2300 http://www.repw.net/
54 CSO Network Japan Research on Innovative cases of community-initiated development for sustainability,dissemination of the finings and recommendation based on the findings within/outside Japan, Japan 2900 http://www.csonj.org/
55 Non-Profit Organization Shizukuishi Active Life Network We are wisely using the natural resources of the Ouu mountain range [Southern Hachimantai and Kakkonda virgin Beech forest]for the benefit and enhancement of the local farming village children and urban residents. Japan 2000 http://shizuiki.com/
56 Natural Environment Coexistence Technology Association Forumlating the Manual of Nature Restoration Project and familiarizing it at the first Asia Parks Congress etc. Japan 3100 http://www.necta.jp
57 Association for Nature Restoration and Conversation, Japan "Ranger's Project" Conversation and maintain of Neighboring Nature-the practice of regional models- Japan 2700 http://www.narec.or.jp/
58 Council for Outdoor & Nature Experiences Development and Promotion of "Risk Manager"Training Program for Outdoor Environmental Education Japan 3400 http://cone.jp/
59 Japan Council on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD-J) Project to empower & network area coordinators for the enhancement of ESD Japan 7100 http://www.esd-j.org/
60 NPO GENKI Net for Creating a Sustainable Society For Building sound material-cycle areas cooperated and co-created Holding multi-stakeholder meeting about review of acts on recycling Japan 5000 http://www.genki-net.jp/
61 Japan Citizens' Network for Sustainable Food and Agriculture To raise awareness about the international rules regarding biological diversity and the influence of genetic moification (GM)on the integrity of living organisms in the case GM crops are utilized Japan 3800 http://fa-net-japan.org/
62 NPO Springboard Unity 21 Participatory type environmenntal education about the biodiversity conservation learned from soil organisms Japan 3200 http://www.springboard.jp/
63 Space fuu nonprofit corporation Research and stuy to develop the environment-consiered event Japan 2900 http://www.spacefuu.net/
64 Ecosystem Trust Society Biodiversity Conservation of Shimanto River zone which is one of the most high-biodiversity areas in Shikoku Japan 3600 http://wwwd.pikara.ne.jp/ecotrust/
65 Biodiversity Network Japan Scientific Support for Biodiversity Recovery in Disaster-affected Region Japan 3300 http://www.bdnj.org/
66 Biodiversity and Children's Forest Campaign Committee Project for development of children's environmental education supporting program and awarding to promote actions for conservation of biodiversity in United Nations Decade on Biodiversity Japan 6300 http://www.greenwave-net.com/
67 CEPA JAPAN 5 ACTIONS!!!!!Our Choice Today to Preserve Biodiversity Japan 4100 http://cepajapan.org/
68 ALL Japan High-school Students Ecology Action Project Executive Committee Constructive Activity of Environmenal Network by High School Students in Japan Japan 3000 http://www.smn.or.jp/
69 Japanese Association for Water Energy Recovery Local activity build up program to realize local micro hyropower potential Japan 5000 http://j-water.sub.jp/conference/
70 NO Black-Bass Network Dissemination of "Conservation Activity of Waterside Species" Japan 5700 http://www.no-bass.net/
71 Japan Endocrine-disruptor Preventive Action Holding international symposium on chemical substances control for the implmentation of 2020's goal and making policyy proposals Japan 3700 http://kokumin-kaigi.org/
72 University Consortium Ishikawa Promotion of biodiversity conservation through ESD in Hokuriku region Japan 4200 http://www.ucon-i.jp/
73 PV Owner Network, Japan A project of maximizing the power generation amount of photovoltaic generation equipment by the citizens Japan 3500 http://www.greenenergy.jp/
74 NPO tambo (Rice Paddies Network Japan) Enforcement of "Children's Conference for enhancing the biodiversity in rice paddies"based on"the rice paddy resolution (Ramsar COP10X31)"for the last year world conference of ESD and CBDCOP12,RamsarCOP12 Japan 4900 http://npotambo.com/
75 Institute for Local Communities with Sound Material-Cycle Creation of human resource system to support environmental education in schools Japan 3100 http://www.junkan.org/
76 Japan Network for Climate Change Actions "Selection of effective object and Deployment of Empowerment Program"to encourage people to change action to limit climate change Japan 2800 http://www.zenkoku-net.org/
77 Citizens' Alliance for Saving the Atmosphere and the Earth(CASA) The feasibility study of Japan's CO2 emission reduction in 2030 Japan 2500 http://www.bnet.jp/casa/index.htm
78 Nonprofit Organization CHIBA SATOYAMA CENTER Chiba SATOYAMA College Japan 1200 http://chiba-satoyama.net/
79 RCE Chubu commission Developing Chubu ESD Model toward UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (D-ESD)End of Decade Conference Japan 5600 http://chubu-esd.net/
80 Chubu REC-ESD Citizens'Council Promotion of ESD activities and networking Japan 3700 http://biodialogue.net/
81 Chubu Recycle Citizens' Organization Project for networking of Charity shops in Japan Japan 4000 http://www.es-net.jp/index.html
82 NPO Tokuhima Conservation Biological Society Collaborative implementation of Biodiversity Strategy of Tokushima Japan 3300 http://www.hozen-tokushima.org/
83 Non-profit organization Nakaikeminet Rare animals-and-plants investigation, preservation, restoration activities of Nakaikemi swamp Japan 2000 http://nakaikeminet.raindrop.jp/
84 Nagoya N.G.O Center Projects in Chubu area: ESD trainer development, ESD implementation and ESD community planning ~For the summing up meeting of'Decade of Education for Sustainable Development'~ Japan 3000 http://www.nangoc.org/
85 Japan Environmental Education Forum Production and the spread of picture books Japan 3100 http://www.jeef.or.jp/
86 Japan Environment Association Establishment of supporting systems for environmental actions by Junior Eco Club through the collaboration of local government offices, bussinesses, and NPOs Japan 3200 http://www.jeas.or.jp/
87 Japanese Forum of Environmental Journalists(JFEJ) Studies on Methods of Communicating Information on Ecosystem Services Japan 2700 http://www.jfej.org/
88 Japan Bear Network   Japan 4400 http://www.japanbear.org/cms/
89 Nature Conservation Society of Japan Promoting the development of national and regional biodiversity strategy for nature conservation on the ground. Japan 4700 http://www.nacsj.or.jp/
90 Japan Association of Botanical Gardens Establishing the platform for thedatabase on characteristics of Japanese endangered plants Japan 3200 http://www.syokubutsuen-kyokai.jp/
91 Ecosystem Conservation Society-Japan Formulation of the basic grounds of the ecological networks and economic
circulation in the central Hokkaido metropolitan area, which have
beneficial effects of dispersion of Japanese cranes and waterfowls
Japan 3260 http://www.ecosys.or.jp/
92 Japan Butterfly Conservation Society Conservation of the most threatened butterflies in japan Japan 2400 http://japan-inter.net/jbcs/
93 NPO Association for Promoting Fiber Recycling   Japan 4100 http://fiber-recycle.org/
94 NPO Nature Academy MOGAMI Regional Development Project for Biodiversity Conservation Independent Japan 2200 http://www.tohoku-nhm.jp/
95 Noto Peninsula Oraccha no Satoyama Satoumi Cooperation among generations and rural-urban citizens for conservation of traditional knowledge of GIAHS,Noto's Satoyama and Satoumi Japan 2500 http://www.satoyama-satoumi.com/
96 Non Profit Organization Field Research Activity “making lively village of harm for the control of animals”by local residents Japan 2800 http://www.npo-fieldresearch.jp/
97 Fringe Theater Project Reader Training Project for Environmental Education Program in Elemantary schools by Communication Workshop Japan 4000 http://www.fringe-tp.net/
98 NPO Exective committee thinking about Tokyo as Birthplace Reproduction projct of Tokyo as Birthplace (Seashore environmental regeneration of Tokyo Bay,an reproduction of the culture which utilizes the seashore) Japan 3400 http://www.furusato-tokyo.org/furusato%20tokyo%201.html
99 Non Profit Oranization HOKKAIDO GREEN FUND Promoting low-carbon lifestyle in Hokkaido towards the formation of information center facility for citizens Japan 3900 http://www.h-greenfund.jp/
100 Miyagi Environmental Life Out-reach Network Project on Waste Reduction and Building 3R Society in Pro Sports Home Games Japan 3200 http://www.melon.or.jp/melon/index.htm
101 pecified nonprofit corporation japan outdoor education center uonuma-ddenshukan Maintenance of the natural environment by the utilization of regional resources.And formation and constructuion of a sustainable mechanism Japan 2600 http://www.uonuma-denshukan.com/
102 Japan Wildlife Conservation Society Research and suggestion about incentives of harmful to biodiversity Japan 2900 http://www.jwcs.org/
103 Friends of the Mountain Enforcement of the establishment announcement convention of The charter of "Mountains are everybody's treasure",and the spread activities of acharter. Japan 2200 http://www.yama-echo.org/
104 Yuukyuunomori exective committee The maintainable Satoyama model with which the area was united is built on the Kureha hill Japan 1100  
105 Network for Promotion of “3R”of Containers and Packaging, Japan Policy formulation and suggestions for better system of “3R”of containers and packaging Japan 3000 http://www.citizens-i.org/gomi0/
106 Specified Nonprofit Corporation River-sea-Able Hyuga Environmental conservation activity of the breeding place peripheral sea area of the Synthliboramphus wumizusume Japan 2500 http://www.riverseable.com
107 The network which considers asbestos 2028 problem (Abbreviated name : Asbestos netowork) Investigation and research of an asbestos problem,and ducation activities Japan 2400  
108 Animal-pathway and Wildlife Asociation (ApWA) ApWA aims to conserve the genetic diversity of arnoreal wild animals through the construction of animal pathways between habitats Japan 2000 http://www.animalpathway.com/
109 Association ISHINOMAKI2.0 Regional Environmental Planning Japan 3600 http://www.ishinomaki2.com
110 Art Culture & Technology Laboratory Support Program for Activities on Environmental Education , "From the SATOYAMA at Hayachine Area to SATOUMI in Iwate prefecture:With Special Focus on Restorations of People's Lives after Tsunami Diaster" Japan 3800 http://www.act.jpn.org/
111 Beautiful Gion Festival Association The project of Garbage reduction in the Gion festival Japan 1600 http://beautiful-gion-festival.jimdo.com/
112 ECO future Tottori Learning-tools development about the impact by climate change in San-in area in Japan Japan 1000 http://ecoft.org/
113 Organization for Global Environmental Designing of Oita Promoting activity for creating "Ohisan-no-Sato"-A New energy based village- in Yufu city, Oita prefecture Japan 500  
114 OSAKA-UmiSakura Osaka-Umi Sakura,activities to clean up the sea of Osaka through music Japan 2000 http://www.o-umisakura.com/
115 A nonprofit corporation Oosaka green public corporation (Osaka preventing global warming an promoting actibity center) STOP Grobal warming!Human resources raising project Japan 2200 http://osaka-midori.jp/nouen/index.html
116 "Specified Nonprofit Corporation" NPO Okinawa Ocean Culture & Environment Action Network(NPO Okinawa O.C.E.A.N.) Okinawa Asia-Pacific Environment NGO Forum for Enhancing New Laderhip & Capacity Building for Marine Litter Prevention and Management Japan 3207 http://www.okinawaocean.org/
117 The oceanic Wildlife Society Marine-resource monitoring investigation for the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster support (A fishery and natural environment reproduction support) Japan 1300 http://www.ows-npo.org/
118 Kawasaki Organization for Nature Research and Conervation Symposium for Nature of Kawasaki and Biodiversity Japan 500 www.geocities.jp/npo_konrac
119 Environmental Management Support Organization Research activities for the workshop formation by low CO2 type business accumulation in Great East Japan Earthquake stricken areas,such as Iwanuma Japan 2800 http://www.kankei.or.jp/
120 Environmental Consortium for Leadership velopment (EcoLeaD) Content Database development for fostring "Environmental Leaders" Japan 2000 http://www.eco-lead.jp/
121 Environmental preservation network Rainbow   Japan 2200 http://knet-niji.jp/
122 non-profit organization salmon preserve club   Japan 2400  
123 Shizuoka environmental education society for the study A Propagation and Enlightenment Project for Childcare Workers on "Infants' Experience Activities in Natural Surroundings" Japan 500 http://www.ecoedu.or.jp/
124 Jisedainotameni Ganbarokai Toward a recycling-oriented society a basic project for a reform in societal awareness to reduce the amount of wastes Japan 2400 http://www.ganbarokai.com/
125 Zingaoka-kyuryo region Biodiversity Conservation Council Conservation and regeneration activities of rare aquatic in Zingaoka-kyuryo Japan 1500  
126 The committee of erecon (Student Environmental Activity Contest) Nationwide assitance for the students' environmental activity Japan 2300 http://www.enecon.info/
127 Chubu association of bottles operation Research on establishing contemporary bottle-reuse system in restaurants with closed loop at Tokai region Japan 3000  
128 Pinniped Research Group Workshop for coexistence of local economy and harbor seals in Cape Erimo Japan 2500 https://sites.google.com/site/pinnipedresearchgroup/
129 Hiroshima for Sustainability Network Promote the spread of Community Power Structures in Hiroshima Japan 2300 http://sus-terrace.jimdo.com/
130 The Committee for the Reuse Bottles, Japan Research on current status of priomary and secondary education on 2R along with the survey on the teaching materials and methodologies Japan 2800 http://www.bin-reuse.jp/
131 General Incorporated Association FUKUSHIMA-KAIGI To develop a platform for discussions and knowledge sharing of environmental restauration of lands severely polluted with radioactive pollutants in Fukushima Japan 6000 http://www.fukushima-kaigi.jp/
132 Hokkaido International Foundation Environmental coservation activities of Onuma Ramsar Coservation area by local reidents and foreign volunteers Japan 2600 http://www.hif.or.jp/
133 NPO The network of the nursery school in Maebashi Wooden education to a small child an Development of teaching materials Japan 1000 http://www.m-hoiku.net/
134 NPO Mansion Owners' Community Promoting and enlightening activities for power-saving in condominiums Japan 2000 http://www.npo-moc.or.jp/
135 Miura peninsula Biodiversity Coservation Network Construction of workings of the biodiversity conservation of the YATO field reproduction of Miura Peninsula Japan 2100  
136 School of Forest Civic enlightnment , consciousness intention research activity for the person in the city and the community improvement that agriculture lived together Japan 2500 http://www.morinogakkou.jp/
137 NPO The Life style Research Institute Forests -Action for restoraion of unused graze into beech forest- Collaboration and cooperation between the government officials and citizens Japan 2700 http://www.slow.gr.jp/
138 World Oceans Day Japan Organization base strengthning of NPO and cooperation organization construction by PDCA cycle experience of the plan, practice, and evaluation which utilized the environmental event -as a solution for the basin enviornmental protection of sea and river - Japan 2800 http://worldoceansday.jp/
139 Marine Learning Center Minami-sanriku village Nature Center Renaissance Project Japan 4000 www.marinelearning.org/
140 Osaka Natural History Center Workshop Activities to bring children for Naturalists by enjoying the nature-rich environment on Sanrikukaigan,bringing up the Pride,and for to keep the Memory of the Great East Japan Earthquake from fading Japan 2200 http://www.omnh.net/npo/
141 NPO The People Project for establishing the style of agriculture in consideration for environment in Fukushima with growing organic cotton, and making new local products with them Japan 3200 http://www.iwaki-j.com/people/
142 Coalition for Legislation to Support Citizens' Organizations(C's) Passing legislation and builing support structures to strengthen the third NOP sector in Japan Japan 5200 http://www.npoweb.jp/
143 No profit organization Shabomdamanokai The activity to provide solar panel for Jusanhama in Ishinomaki Japan 1700 http://www.shabondama.org/
144 Tokyo Occupational Safety and Health Center The preventive education and enlighten activity for the people living in the disaater areas focusing on the asbestos risk in the restore and reconstruction process of the Tohoku earthquake Japan 4000 http://www.toshc.org/
145 Tochigi Conservation Corps Creating opportunities of making friendship between local people and refugees through conservation works in Iwaki city, Fukuhima. Japan 2600 http://conservation-corps.jp/tochigi/
146 NPO Nanohana-Project Network   Japan 3700 http://www.nanohana.gr.jp
147 Japan Ecotourism Society Promoting the concept of Ecotourism Japan 2000 http://www.ecotourism.gr.jp/
148 The Nature Conservation Sciety of Japan Suggestions to the recovery with their natural capital at the disaster area of the Great East Japan Earthquake Japan 4200 http://www.nacsj.or.jp/
149 Nonprofit Organization forest cycle genki Unused resource application was designated as origin, actual proof experiment of renewable energy spread Japan 4800 http://www.fs-genki.com
150 Study Club for Forest and Greenery Studies on the coast disaster forst in Iwate prefecture owing to big earthquake tuami at east Japan and its reforestation method Japan 3200 http://www.erca.go.jp/jfge/subsidy/organization/act_repo/report23/178.html
Group C: Total Number of Projects: 150 , Total Amount of the Grants: JPY469,367,000