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Group A: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by Japanese NGOs

(Total Number of Projects: 223, Total Amount of the Grant: JPY 659,850,000)

No. Name of Organization Project Title Project Site Amount
1 Conference of Earth Environment from Akita Make a jump to the world! Active role of Japan! Establish in Sabah a center for STOP global warming Malaysia 4,000 http://www.ceeakita.org/index.html
2 Asia Arsenic Network Development of Arsenic Removal Unit for High Arsenic-Contaminated Areas in Bangladesh Bangladesh 2,800 http://www.asia-arsenic.jp/
3 Africa Children Education Fund (ACEF) Community-based forestry project for semi-arid area in Isiolo and Embu Counties, Kenya Kenya 3,300 http://acef-jpn.com/
4 Research Group for Applied Geology; RGAG Environmental education and technical support of operation and maintenance for sustainable use of water supply options in the difficult area for water supply in Bangladesh Bangladesh 3,000  
5 Institute of Environmental Rehabilitation and Conservation Sustainable Rural Development through Natural Resource Management and Organic Farming in Kratine Province in Cambodia Cambodia 3,300 http://www.erecon.jp/
6 International Lake Environment Committee Foundation(ILEC) Expansion of Integrated Lake Basin Management(ILBM) in Africa Africa 4,000 http://www.ilec.or.jp/
7 Non Profit Organization SHANTI YAMAGUCHI Survey of living conditions by collaborating with the local communities in Northern Thailand, Kingdom of Thailand Thailand 3,000 http://www.shanti-yamaguchi.com/
8 NPO Corporation DIFAR Project of introduction of solid waste recycling system including the pesticide container in Pampagrande City in the Plurinational State of Bolivia Bolivia 4,000 http://difar.jp/
9 Japan NGO Network on Indonesia Implementation of Community Based Air Pollution Survey and Health Effects Survey by Sidoarjo Mud Flow Victims,East,Jawa,Indonesia Indonesia 4,000 http://www.jca.apc.org/~janni/
10 Japan International Volunteer Center Project for Dissemination of Ecological Agriculture through "Forest Garden" in Cambodia Cambodia 5,000 http://www.ngo-jvc.net
11 PARC Interpeople’s Cooperation(PARCIC) Project for Sustainable Agriculture Model in Jamma’in, West Bank,Paletine Palestine 2,300 http://www.parcic.org/
12 Futaro Fund for Forests Green Lalibela Project Ethiopia 3,900 http://futaro.org
13 Miyagi Environmental Life Out-reach Network Small Scale Pilot Study for Renewal Energy(Coconut Husk)in the Republic of Kiribati Kiribati 4,500 http://www.melon.or.jp/melon/
14 Mura no Mirai(SOMNEED) Waste reduction project using schools in Kathmandu as a platform ~Promoting a recycling oriented society starting by raising children’s conscience of waste~ Nepal 2,200 http://www.muranomirai.org
15 Institute of Cultural Affairs JAPAN Reforestation and agroforestry at Loiyangalani in Marsbit,Kenya Kenya 4,200 http://www.icajapan.org
16 APLA (Alternative People' s Linkage in Asia) Planting trees and conservation water sources with community participation, and Creating a sustainable model case in Ermera district, Timor-Leste East Timor 4,000 http://www.apla.jp/
17 Ikaw Ako, Japan Philippines Partnership for Environmental Protection ESD Project through Organic Farming in Victorias City, Negros Philippines 2,000 http://ikawako.com/
18 Indonesian Education Promoting Foundation Citizen Participatory Environmental Improvement Project in South Tangerang City Indonesia Indonesia 3,200 http://www.baliwind.com/
19 FoE Japan (Friends of the Earth Japan) Research and advocacy on international scheme about "loss and damage" on climate change Asia 4,700 http://www.foejapan.org
20 The Man of the Rain Forest Foundation (MOF) Re-forestation for the habitat of orangutan in East Kalimantan Indonesia 4,500 http://moforangutan.web.fc2.com
21 Terra People Association The project for rural development based on circular agriculture and tree planting using of Moringa Myanmar 3,100 http://terrapeople.or.jp/main/
22 JAPAN HABIITAT ASSOCIATION Develop the system of improving the environment through enhancing skill of environmental conservation in Lao P.D.R Laos 2,700 http://www.habitat.or.jp
23 NPO nature center risen Practical Environmental Education at Kampong Cham Regional Teacher Trainning Center in the Kingdome of Cambodia Cambodia 6,000 http://www.naturecenter-risen.com
24 Japan Tropical Forest Action Network Promoting Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Activities in Palm Oil Related Business for Tropical Forest Conservation South East Asia 3,700 http://www.jatan.org
25 BirdLife International Tokyo Conservation of migratory land birds in Asia Asia 5,100 http://www.birdlife-asia.org/
26 BeGood Café VISIONS Asia RESILIENCE FORUM Asia 2,400 http://begoodcafe.com/
27 VERSTA The Brazilian Atlantic Coastal Forest (Mata Atlãntica) conservation promotion project by small farmers spread of agroforestry with Jussara-Palm (Euterpe edulis) and other crops Brazil 2,000 http://www.versta.org/
28 Action for Mangrove Afforestation Supporting Project for Agroforestry carried out by the Villages, Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar Myanmar 2,700 http://www3.big.or.jp/~actmang/index.html
29 NPO Mongolia Ecology Information Center Establishment of eco-tourism with environmental education in Hovsgol region of Mongolia Mongolia 4,800  
30 LEAD-Japan Asia Pacific Initiative (API) Development of Coastal Environment Monitoring Methodology and Community-based Governance Model, aiming at Diffusion through Coalition of Universities: Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines South East Asia 4,300 http://www.esd-asiapacific.com
31 NGO/NPO Little Bees International Holistic approach and activies to environmental educaion for establishing a recycling-oriented society based on community school actions in Korogocho slum Kenya 2,900 http://www.littlebeesinternational.org/
32 WAKACHIAI(Sharing) Project To Develop Sustainable Community in Kaya, Myanmar through Organic & Agro-forestry Coffee Plantation and Natural Forest Conservation Myanmar 3,900 http://www.wakachiai.com/
33 Human Rights Now Awareness raising and Training on Human Rights and Environment in Myanmar Myanmar 1,800 http://hrn.or.jp/
34 Ramsar Network Japan Promotion of practical global activities to enhance Biodiversity in rice paddies based on Ramsar Resolution X.31, and CBD Decision X/34.) Around the world 4,500 http://www.ramnet-j.org