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Group A: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by Japanese NGOs

(Total Number of Projects: 221, Total Amount of the Grant: JPY 640,700,000)

No. Name of Organization Project Title Project Site Amount
1 Kyouzon-no-mori Network The practice and dissemination of ESD using the method of Kikigaki in Indonesia Indonesia 2,700 http://www.kyouzon.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
2 Fair Plus Sustainable Coffee Production in consideration of environmental conservation and Improvement in Marketing Capability thorough Fairtrade certification for coffee farmers Philippines 2,400 http://www.fairplus.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
3 Curumin Japon Project for improving the added value of Agroforestry cacao and climate change adaptation capacity in the West Amazon, Brazil Brazil 2,000 http://www.curumin-jp.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
4 CWS Japan Nurturing risk communicators on lessons learnt from nuclear accident in Fukushima for environmental conservation and risk reduction Asia 2,400 http://www.cwsjapan.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
5 Human Rights Now Awareness raising and Training on Human Rights and Environment in Myanmar Myanmar 2,000 http://hrn.or.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
6 i-i-network (Research & Action for Community Governance) Towards villages where Bali Starlings fly about - Multi-stakeholder collaborative actions in West Bali to create symbiotic relation between nature and economy Indonesia 6,600 http://i-i-net.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
7 Asian Sustainable Village Network OKAYAMA Village Revitalization Project in Luang Namtha Province, LAOS Laos 2,200  
8 APLA (Alternative People's Linkage in Asia) Promotion of environmental and edible education in Ermera, Timor-Leste East Timor 3,000 http://www.apla.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
9 Ikaw-Ako Japan-Philippines Partnership for Environmental Protection, Inc. Environmental Conservation through Transforming Sugar Cane Field into Organic Farming in a Riverhead Area in the Philippines Philippines 3,000 http://www.ikawako.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
10 HUTAN Group Countermeasures against Climate Change through Peat Land Conservation and Restoration Actions involving Local Communities in Indonesia and Promotion Activities in Japan Indonesia 4,300 http://www.hutangroup.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
11 Ehime Global Network International ESD for SDGs by youth in Mozambique Africa 4,200 http://www.egn.or.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
12 Friends of the Earth Japan Research and advocacy for implementing Paris Agreement in Asia Asia 4,200 http://foejapan.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
13 Ota Civil Activities Promotion Organization Project for Forest Conservation in Waspam: municipio de waspam rio coco, North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region(RACCN), Nicaragua Nicaragua 4,000 https://ota-suisin.jimdo.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
14 CarFreeDayJAPAN Promotion and policy Proposition of electric assist bicycle for realization of Eco-City of HoiAn in Vietnam Vietnam 3,100 http://www.cfdjapan.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
15 Japan Tropical Forest Action Network Developing Educational Material and Raising Public Awareness of Environmental and Social Issues Relating to Palm Oil in the Tropics South East Asia 3,700 http://www.jatan.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
16 BirdLife International Tokyo Conservation of Yellow-breasted Bunting in Japan and Asia Asia 4,400 http://tokyo.birdlife.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
17 VERSTA Agroforestry support project based on Jussala-palm for regeneration and conservation of Brazilian Atlantic Coastal Forest Brazil 2,000 http://www.versta.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
18 Conference of Earth Environment from Akita Make a jump to the world! Active role of Japan! Establish in Sabah a center for STOP global warming Malaysia 4,000 http://www.ceeakita.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
19 Asia Arsenic Network Development of Arsenic Removal Unit for High Arsenic-Contaminated Areas in Bangladesh Bangladesh 2,800 http://www.asia-arsenic.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
20 Research Group for Applied Geology; RGAG Environmental education and technical support of operation and maintenance for sustainable use of water supply options in the difficult area for water supply in Bangladesh Bangladesh 2,400  
21 Institute of Environmental Rehabilitation and Conservation Sustainable Rural Development through Natural Resource Management and Organic Farming in Kratie Province in Cambodia Cambodia 4,000 http://www.erecon.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
22 International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC) Expansion of Integrated Lake Basin Management(ILBM) in Africa Africa 4,000 http://www.ilec.or.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
24 Corporation DIFAR Project of introduction of solid waste recycling system including the pesticide container in Pampagrande City in the Plurinational State of Bolivia Bolivia 6,300 http://difar.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
25 Japan NGO Network on Indonesia Implementation of Community-Based Air Pollution Survey and Health Effects Survey by Sidoarjo Mud Flow Victims, East Jawa, Indonesia Indonesia 4,000 http://www.jca.apc.org/~janni/別窓ウインドウで開きます
26 PARC Interpeople's Cooperation (PARCIC) Project for Sustainable Agriculture Model in Jamma'in, West Bank, Palestine Palestine 2,300 http://www.parcic.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
27 Futaro Fund for Forests (FFF) Green Lalibela Project Ethiopia 3,900 http://futaro.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
28 Miyagi Environmental Life Out-reach Network Small-scale Pilot Study for Renewal Energy (Coconut Husk) in the Republic of Kiribati Kiribati 5,000 http://www.melon.or.jp/melon/index.htm別窓ウインドウで開きます
29 Institute of Cultural Affairs JAPAN Reforestation and agroforestry at Loiyangalani in Marsabit, Kenya Kenya 3,200 http://www.icajapan.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
30 Indonesian Education Promoting Foundation Citizen Participatory Environmental Improvement Project in South Tangerang City Indonesia Indonesia 4,100 http://www.baliwind.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
31 The Man of the Rain Forest Foundation (MOF) Re-forestation for the habitat of orangutan in East Kalimantan Indonesia 4,500 http://moforangutan.web.fc2.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
32 Terra People Association The project for rural development based on circular agriculture and tree planting using of Moringa Myanmar 3,000 http://terrapeople.or.jp/main/別窓ウインドウで開きます
33 Action for Mangrove Reforestation Supporting Project for Agroforestry carried out by the Villages, Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar Myanmar 2,700 http://www3.big.or.jp/~actmang/別窓ウインドウで開きます
34 Little Bees International Holistic approach and activities to environmental education for establishing a recycling-oriented society based on community school actions in Korogocho slum Kenya 3,000 http://www.littlebeesinternational.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
35 LEAD-Japan Asia Pacific Initiative (API) Development of Coastal Environment Monitoring Methodology and Community-based Governance Model, aiming at Diffusion through Coalition of Universities: Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines South East Asia 4,700 http://www.esd-asiapacific.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
36 WAKACHIAI (Sharing) Project To Develop Sustainable Community in Kaya, Myanmar through Organic & Agroforestry Coffee Plantation and Natural Forest Conservation Myanmar 4,000 http://www.wakachiai.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
37 Ramsar Network Japan Promotion of practical global activities to enhance Biodiversity in rice paddies based on Ramsar Resolution X.31, and CBD Decision X/34. Around the world 4,300 http://www.ramnet-j.org別窓ウインドウで開きます