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Group B: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by non-Japanese NGOs

(Total Number of Projects: 221, Total Amount of the Grant: JPY 640,700,000)

No. Name of Organization Project Title Project Site Amount
1 Handicrafts Association of Bhutan Greening Handloom Industry in BhutanⅡ Bhutan 2,100 http://www.handicraftsbhutan.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
2 GREEN The implementation and expansion of integrated participatory action-oriented environment protection education to secondary and high schools in Can Tho City, Vietnam Vietnam 3,200 http://windyvn.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
3 GRAIN Regional workshop and platform: Community capacity building on the expansion of industrial oil palm plantations in West and Central Africa Africa 3,600 https://www.grain.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
4 SORAK Development Agency Expanding Lemon grass growing for environment protection and education Mubende Districts Uganda Uganda 3,000  
5 Chintan Environmental Research & Action Group Protecting the Environment of Uttarakhand (Northern India) by implementing Zero Waste India 3,100 http://www.chintan-india.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
6 Nasir Foundation for Promotion of Education, Libraries and Literature, Nusrat Jahan College Awareness Campaign of Water Contamination and Remedies in Education Institute of District Chiniot, Pakistan Pakistan 3,000 http://njc.edu.pk/faculty/別窓ウインドウで開きます
7 ASED HABIGONJ Sustainable Environmental Protection Action through Comprehensive Environmental Education (SPACEE) in Habigonj, Bangladesh Bangladesh 3,600 http://www.asedbd.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
8 Water, Agroforestry, Nutrition and Development (WAND) Foundation Facilitating the recovery of coconut farmer livelihoods and the rural environment through agroforestry conversion in a Typhoon Haiyan affected area of Northern Leyte, Philippines Philippines 3,800 http://mindaterrapretabiochar.blogspot.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
9 PALLISHREE Activities on Livelihood Improvement and Participatory Management for Community Resilience through Climate Smart Wetland Education and Awareness Building in Bahuda Estuary, India India 2,400 http://www.pallishreeindia.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
10 Bangladesh POUSH Community-based harvest management by conserving the juveniles of marine biodiversity in the Bay of Bengal, Teknaf, Bangladesh Bangladesh 2,700 http://www.bdpoush.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
11 Share An Opportunity Philippines Storm Surge Mitigation through Mangrove Reforestation in Selected Communities Affected by Typhoon Haiyan Philippines 2,500 http://www.saophilippines.org別窓ウインドウで開きます