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Group B: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by non-Japanese NGO's

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
1 Earth Council Institute Project for assisting NCSDs to develop integrated sustainability planning by NGOs \7,500,000 Asia
2 Amur Socio-Ecological Union Promotion of public awareness on conservation of important crane sites in northeast Asia \3,000,000 Russia
3 International Ocean Institute Conservation of coastal environment through environmental education and capacity building in poor communities \5,500,000 India
4 Indian Environmental Society Fostering awareness and education among school children on natural resources - A Project on Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur \3,000,000 India
5 Wetland International - Asia Pacific International Workshop on East Asian Anatidae Network \4,000,000 East Asia
6 KIRANG Love Green Development Cooperation Inc. KIRANG Reforestation Program \2,000,000 Philippines
7 Yayasan Gemi Nastiti (GENI) Practical diffusion of technology and knowledge of renewable energy to Indonesian rural areas \5,000,000 Indonesia
8 Green Forum Philippines Education and networking campaign on Climate Change in the academies in the Philippines \3,000,000 Philippines
9 The Wilderness Trust of Southern Africa Environment Education Workshop for Teachers of the Northern Province in South Africa (Mikolo Environment School Africa) \6,000,000 South Africa
10 Sao Paulo Natural History Research Center Protection of medical plant resources in the Eastern Littoral Mountains of Brazil, PHASEⅢ \1,500,000 Brazil
11 Institute for Restoration of Natural Environment Conservation of the endangered tropical freshwater wetlands of Kanyakumari area in Southern India through environmental education \3,000,000 India
12 Wildlife Conservation Society of Shanxi Province International Workshop on Crested Ibis Conservation in China \3,000,000 China
13 Thailand Environmental Institution Urban Forestry Organization \4,000,000 Thailand
14 World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan Environmental education program based on partnership with schools and youth organizations in Pakistan \6,100,000 Pakistan
15 Team Today and Tomorrow (TT&T) Environmental Rehabilitation and Rural Development Project in Kellela South Zone, Ethiopia \4,500,000 Ethiopia
16 China Forum of Environmental Journalists Public education on CO2 emission reduction and its health benefit \3,500,000 China
17 Nature Conservation Foundation Tracking the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles in Olissa - Understanding Problems for formulation of an Appropriate Management Strategy \3,000,000 India
18 Pesticide Action Network-Asia and the Pacific Partnership for sustainable environment and trade: trading monitoring and education of chemical safety \7,000,000 Asia
19 BirdLife International 22nd Bird Life International World Conference \30,000,000 Malaysia
20 Palawan Ecovolunteer Program (PEP) Implementing environmental conservation aimed at independence of rural communities of the Philippines \3,500,000 Philippines
21 Save the Children Center Research and study activities on water hyacinth in Kenya \3,000,000 Kenya
22 Culture & Environment Preservation Association (CEPA) Environmental education and awareness in Stung Treng District \500,000 Cambodia
23 Beijing Environmental Protection Foundation Strategy research and implementation for pollution prevention of municipal solid waste in Beijing \5,000,000 China
24 National Association of Vietnamese Gardener - VACVINA Third Asia Aigamo Symposium "Sustainable Agriculture: Food and Environment" \2,000,000 Viet Nam
25 Machhapuchre Development Organization (MDO) Environment conservation for sustainable development \3,600,000 Nepal
26 Mahale Wildlife Conservation Society Education and public relation efforts for the conservation of national environment in the Mahale Area, Tanzania \1,800,000 Tanzania
27 Leader's - Nepal Research Activities for environmental conservation and awareness-raising through Eco-Club in Nepal \3,000,000 Nepal
Total amount of grant for Group B \127,000,000