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Q1: What are the requirements for NGOs to be eligible for a grant?

A: The JFGE supports non-government organizations that work hard and steady for environmental cooperation at a grassroots level from the viewpoint of global environmental conservation. Eligible organizations will be "juridical persons or other organizations that are non-profit and base their activities on the public will." This qualification includes foundations, incorporated association, specified non-profit organizations. Unincorporated associations are also included. Business enterprises and local public bodies are not eligible.

Because this grant program is financed with government and private contributions and the grants are awarded through an official system, it is necessary to ensure that grant moneys are used in accordance with the stated goals and that the projects awarded grants are actually implemented.

To give this assurance, grant recipient organizations must be non-government organizations that are engaged in global environmental conservation activities and that are one of the following:

  1. Juridical persons in Japan established in accordance with the provisions of Article 34 of Japan's Civil Code (Law No. 89; 1896), or their equivalent nonprofit organizations (excluding those defined in (2) below).
  2. Organizations in Japan founded in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of Japan's Law to Promote Specified Nonprofit Activities (Law No. 7; 1998) and engaged in specified nonprofit activities.
  3. Non-governmental, nonprofit, unincorporated associations that satisfy all the requirements below:
    • The association must possess Articles of Incorporation or equivalent bylaws.
    • The association must possess a well-established body that makes decisions for the organization and implements the project for which the Grant is requested.
    • The association must possess an accounting structure capable of bookkeeping and self-auditing.
    • The association must possess an office that serves as a base of their activities.
    • The association must be deemed to have capacity to execute the project for which the Grant is sought, judging from its track record.
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