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Q13: Does the requirement of "participation of a wide range of Japanese people" exclude support for regional activities such as "Recycling Association of XX Town" or "Protect the Greenery of XX Mountain?"

A: Of course it is important for national environmental conservation activities to have activities implemented in each region, but as stated in Q24, it is also important for the activities to have influence beyond the boundaries of the region or to be a innovative project that can act as a model for other regions in order to be considered eligible for the JFGE grant.

However, it is necessary for the JFGE, as a national system, to select grant recipients from a national perspective. Furthermore, it is difficult for the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency, which manages the fund, to accurately perceive the conditions and the needs of the various activities around the country.

In recent years, local public bodies throughout the country have started to become involved in supporting environmental conservation activities by local regional organizations. In addition, various private funds have become available, and it is assumed that activities of a small regional scale can make use of these funds. Therefore, both the JFGE support program that adopts a national perspective and the support programs by local public bodies that are based in the region must be carried out interdependently to promote environmental conservation activities at a variety of levels.

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