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Q28: If a grant application is denied once, will it never be approved?

A: The JFGE Grants Program's annual budged is limited. The grant recipients are chosen each year in terms of project's priority and urgency.

Because of these circumstances, it is possible for an application to meet all of the eligibility requirements but be placed further down the list and denied approval. If these applications are made the following fiscal year, there is a chance that they will be approved.

However, applications that do not fit with the JFGE objectives (e.g., domestic projects that do not have widespread participation or are not innovative, those sponsored by government bodies, or overseas projects not occurring in developing countries) will not be selected, so please carefully read the section on "Projects Eligible for Grant" in the Guide to Grant Application. If the reason for being denied approval is unknown, please contact the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency.

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