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Group B: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by non-Japanese NGO's

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
1 Foundation for the Education of Autistic Children, KIBO Planting trees in the mountainous areas of southern Uruguay \3,000,000 Uruguay
2 Kongju Environment Research Center Protecting coastal ecosystems in the Yellow Sea and establishing a base for information exchange among Japan, China, and Korea \6,600,000 Japan-China-Korea
3 Team Today and Tomorrow (TT&T) Carrying out afforestation project in Kellela, South Wello Zone, Ethiopia \5,100,000 Ethiopia
4 China Biodiversity Protection Foundation Providing training on the sustainable management of Biosphere Reserves in China \4,700,000 China
5 Chinese Society for Agricultural Eco-Environment Protection (CSAEEP) Enlightenment and ecology conservation activities regarding the black-necked crane wintering in agricultural minority group regions of Tibet, China \2,700,000 China-Tibet
6 Friends of Nature Implementing an environmental study program to examine the causes of sand storms \3,000,000 China
7 Chinese Society for Future Studies Conducting studies on waste disposal/treatment and anti-pollution measures in China \2,000,000 China
8 Association for Auto-development of Dielibakoro Carrying out reforestation of the hills of Folonougb in Kankan, Republic of Guinea \3,000,000 Guinea
9 Pallishree Environmental education and awareness program for the stakeholders of Chilika Lagoon regarding the wise use of wetland ecosystems \4,600,000 India
10 Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc. Region 7 (PCAPI-7) Implementing and disseminating environmental monitoring activities in the Philippines \4,100,000 the Philippines
11 The Governing Board of Bulgarian National Association on Water Quality Implementing environmental education through cleaning up of riparian areas by children and students in Bulgaria \3,500,000 Bulgaria
12 Beijing Environmental Protection Foundation Building a model district demonstrating a recycling-oriented society in Beijing \3,900,000 China
13 Beijing Environmental Volunteers Network Building a base for environment-friendly agriculture in Changping, Beijing, China \2,000,000 China
14 Mongolian Children's Cultural Foundation Environmental education in Ulan Bator, Mongolia's capital city \2,800,000 Mongolia
Total amount of grant for Group B \51,000,000