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Grants Program

Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE) provides grant to Non Governmental Organization (NGO)/Non Profit Organization (NPO) engaged in environmental activities.

If you consider applying for our grant program, please kindly follow the guidance page below carefully.

Eligibility Quiz

Eligibility Quiz
At first, if you are Non-Japanese organizations, please check this quiz!

1. Procedural Flow of JFGE operation

the Fiscal Year 2016

Application period for FY2016 has been already closed.
Please apply during the application period starting from December 2016.

  • Below the grant procedural flow is based on the Japanese fiscal year starts from April 1 to next March 31.
  • All application forms for JFGE should to be written in Japanese.
Procedural Flow of JFGE Operation for the Fiscal Year 2016

2. Guides and Forms

The JFGE Management Council deliberates and examines the applied projects, then decides on the projects to receive the grants along with the amount to be awarded. The grant is awarded only after performing the scheme of the JFGE Grant Policies and Procedures.

Guide Book of JFGE Grant Policies and Procedures 2016

Coming soon


  • All Request forms for JFGE should to be written in Japanese.
  • Japanese agent is necessary when applicants apply for JFGE Grant, so please find the agent by applicant. Fluent oral and written Japanese skill is needed to act as agent. The agent's main role is to act as interpreter between grant recipient and JFGE, and transfer grant to the recipient.

3. Eligibility Quiz

Are you a nonprofit organization implementing environmental conservation activities in developing countries*?

developing countries* : countries which are listed as DAC ODA recipients ;





We are sorry, but you are not eligible for JFGE grant.

Do you have any agent (organization or individual) that has a bank account in Japan and can communicate with JFGE about the project both verbally and writtenly in Japanese?






We are sorry, but you are not eligible for JFGE grant.
Find an agent by yourself and come back here again.

you are eligible for JFGE grant.
See our Grant program and detailed application procedure Here. (A Guide to JFGE Grant Program Request (PDF 633KB))

4. Grant Recipients

5. Examples of Granted Projects

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