Japan Fund for Global Environment

Group A: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by Japanese NGOs

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site
1 IKGS Reforestation Campaign, Inc. Ifgao Global Forest City Movement in Hungduan ¥6,800,000 Philippines
2 The Institute of Cultural Affairs: Japan Demonstration Program for Environment Conservation Agriculture in Canete and Yauyos Province, Peru ¥5,500,000 Peru
3 Pacific Asia Resource Center (PARC) Water Problems in Developing Countries : Information, Analysis and Advocacy ¥3,900,000 East South Asia
4 Asia Arsenic Network Environmental education based on investigation research in the arsenic pollution area of Inner Mongolian A.R, China ¥4,000,000 China
5 Asia Volunteer Center (AVC) Mangrove Planting Project through South to South Cooperation in Sarawak, Malaysia ¥2,596,000 Malaysia  
6 Africa Children Education Fund. (Registered by Japanese Government.) The Activities of Forestry Education for Pupils to Build "The School Forest" in their schools in the Republic of Kenya. ¥2,700,000 Kenya  
7 Asian People's Exchange Development of a Model for Appropriate Energy Use of Biomass in Rural Aria of Indonesia ¥4,500,000 Indonesia
8 Everlasting Nature of Asia Conservation and management of sea turtles in the Java Sea, Indonesia on the basis of Eco Tourism Development ¥3,200,000 Indonesia
9 Association for the Cooperation and Rural Self-support in West Africa (CARA) The Construction of School Forestry for School Children and Mothers ¥4,000,000 Mali
10 Environmental Counseling Association in Nagasaki Study on Sustainable Developments of Jakarta and its Satellite Agricultural Communities with Organic Waste reutilizing System. ¥3,500,000 Indonesia
11 Institute of Environment Rehabilitation and Conservation Encouragement Program on Enhancing Sustainable Agriculture in Mountainous Region of Mekong River Watersheds, Northern Thailand ¥3,000,000 Thailand
12 TVE Japan (Television Trust for the Environment Japan Committee) Support Environmental Education & Education for Sustainable Development through media/films in Asia Pacific ¥6,500,000 Asia
13 Environment & Development Survey Research Exchange Organization The project of total environment conservation support based on the plantation preparation ¥3,300,000 Mongolia
14 Kitakyusyu International Techno-cooperative Association Project for Solid Waste Reduction and Promotion of Recycling through Separated Collection and Composting in the City of Surabaya, Indonesia ¥6,000,000 Indonesia
15 Marine Wildlife Center of JAPAN Model of symbiosis between ecosystem conservation and primary industries in the northern territories. ¥3,200,000 North East Asia
16 Christmas Island Clean Up Foundation To educate activities for making ecological society by recycling system in South Pacific Countries ¥4,000,000 Kenya  
17 Coral Network Coral Network / Reef Check post 10th ICRS Workshop for Coral Reef Monitoring (Reef Check Workshop) ¥1,934,000 Asia
18 International Development Center of Japan (IDCJ) Improved Cooking Stove Project in Metinaro Sub-District, Dili District in East Timor ¥4,997,000 Timor-Leste
19 Japan International Marine Science and Technology Federation (JIMSTEF) The environment restore of aquatic habitat at Cebu island from the effect of offshore pollution. ¥3,000,000 Philippines
20 International Lake Environment Committee Foundation (ILEC) Promoting World Lake Vision and Sustainable Lake Management in Indonesia ¥3,000,000 Indonesia
21 Japan Committee for IUCN Knowledge Market Place in the 3rd World Conservation Congress ¥5,260,000 International Conferences
22 Japan International Forestry Promotion & Cooperation Center (JIFPRO) Community Forest Establishment by Woman in Vietnam ¥4,800,000 Viet Nam
23 The Nature Conservancy, Japan Building capacity for the planning and management of Marine Protected Areas networks in Southeast Asia through the WCPA Southeast Asia Marine Working Group Secretariat based Bali ¥2,086,000 East South Asia
24 Japan Forum on CO2 Sequestration in Coal Seam International Workshop on CO2 Capture and Sequestration in Coal Seam ¥3,480,000 International Conferences
25 Japan Student Conservation Volunteers The Education Programs for Minority Tribes & School Children on Vietnamese Bio-diversity Conservation ¥3,000,000 Viet Nam
26 Shanti Volunteer Association Publication of Khmer picture books on environmental issue ¥1,000,000 Cambodia
27 Foundation Joetsu Environmental Science Center Public Awareness on Acidification Problems in East Asia ¥6,500,000 East Asia
28 Global Ecolabelling Network Host of International Meetings and a Workshop, etc. on Ecolabelling ¥3,600,000 International Conferences
29 TAIYOH-NO-KAI Promotions for environmental education and preservation through building a network of the children in Asia Pacific Aria. ¥5,800,000 Asia-Pacific
30 Tancho Protection Unit Research for the conservation of Japanese Cranes at the Khabarovsk region, in Russia ¥2,600,000 Russia
31 Global Environmental Action Information provision, dissemination and awareness raising relating to the promotion of global environment conservation and sustainable development ¥8,400,000 International Conferences
32 The Children of the Earth's Club The Asia-Pacific Children's Conference for Biodiversity ¥4,600,000 Asia-Pacific
33 Japan-China Science and Technology Exchange Association Japan-China Cooperation Studies on the Promotion of Recycling Based Society ¥4,500,000 China
34 Japan China Korea Environmental Education Forum Joint Promotion Project of Japan China Korea Environmental Education for Youth ¥4,700,000 Japan-China-Korea
35 Editorial committee for the textbook on environmental education co-edited by Japanese, Chinese and Korean NPO's Editing, Publishing and Trial using of the textbooks on environmental education co-edited by Japanese, Chinese and Korean NPO's ¥2,600,000 Japan-China-Korea
36 Japan Indonesia Orangutan Conservation and Research Committee (JIOC) The survey to propose a new systematic forest conservation plan for orangutans and other species in the limestone area in East Kalimantan, Indonesia ¥4,500,000 Indonesia
37 Sea Turtle Association of Japan Research of biodiversity of the coral reef in the Maldives Islands: with a central focus on endangered hawksbill habitats (The second year) ¥2,600,000 Maldives
38 Japan Environmental Council Promotion of the Network for Environmental Cooperation in Asia and Production of "The State of the Environment in Asia" ¥5,399,000 International Conferences
39 Japanese Forum of Environmental Journalists Fair Wood Campaign ¥4,200,000 Asia
40 Japan Bear Network Status survey on biology and conservation of bears in Asia for their future management programs ¥3,715,000 Asia
41 Japan Association of Drainage and Environment Technical cooperative activity to improve sanitation at rural area in Bangladesh focusing on dissemination and awareness raising ¥5,000,000 Bangladesh
42 Japan International Volunteer Center Participatory Rural Development in Northwest Mountainous Area of Vietnam ¥5,859,000 Viet Nam
43 INSTITUTE for ASIAN BLACK BEAR RESEARCH and PRESERVATION The bear conservation activities by researchers of Japan, the Republic of Korea and the People's Republic of China at north-east China. ¥5,400,000 China
44 Japan Biovillage Association The project for Khuriye No.1 High School to achieve the National level "Green School", Tongliao city Inner Mongolia, China ¥6,100,000 China
45 Wild Bird Society of Japan The North East Asian Crane Site Network Workshop on Conservation of Crane and Agriculture ¥5,000,000 International Conferences
46 Red de Cooperation Mutua entre Japon y America Latina Establishment of community-based natural resource management within the nature reserve in Guatemala ¥3,000,000 Guatemala  
47 Japan Tropical Forest Action Network(JATAN) Investigation and making recommendations to promote use of timber from sustainable forest management ¥3,500,000 Indonesia
48 The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering Research investigation on environment-adaptive irrigated agriculture in Cambodian Mekong Delta ¥6,000,000 Cambodia
49 Birdlife Asia Division Promotion of nature conservation through developing bird-ecotourism ¥5,000,000 Asia
50 Biwa-Khubusgul Inter-lake Friendship Association Forest Conservation Project at the Northern Part of Mongolia -Support project for prevention and recovery promotion at damaged areas by forest fires and moths. ¥5,500,000 Mongolia
51 FiELD (Fellows in Environmental Leadership Development) Campaign to enhance people's Environmental awareness In Indonesia and Southeast Asian countries. ¥5,000,000 Indonesia
52 North-East Asia Children Exchange Executive Committee North-East Asia Children Outdoor Nature Experiences Environmental Education Project ¥4,300,000 North East Asia
53 Action for Mangrove Reforestation (ACTMANG) Support to Ecotourism Development in Mangrove Areas Participated by Villagers (Myanmar) ¥4,500,000 Myanmar
54 Research Association for Global Mangrove (REAGMAN) The Green Carpet Project Phase ? ¥5,000,000 Thailand
55 Japanese Non-Governmental Rice Research Center Organizing Korea-China-Japan Conference on Sustainable Rice Farming Technologies, and Dissemination of Environmentally Creative Rice Farming for Environmental Restoration ¥1,968,000 Japan-China-Korea
56 Mekong Watch Conduct policy advocacy, field study, and outreach activities to improve environmental and social considerations of the development planning and implementation, and the role of the Japanese financing in the Mekong region. ¥2,951,000 East South Asia
57 Mongolia Ecology Information Center Ecological Assessment and Research of the Permanently Frozen ground of Darhadyn wet land in Mongolia ¥5,500,000 Mongolia
58 Ramsar Center Japan Awareness Campaign for Watlands Week and Taking Wetlands Conservation Initiatives in Asia ¥4,900,000 Asia
Total amount of grant for Group A ¥247,445,000