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Group C: Environmental conservation activities in Japan by Japanese NGOs

(Total Number of Projects : 205, Total Amount of the Grant: \678,581,000)

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site HP Address
2 AKAGI Clean Green Eco Network The project for developing regional coordinated environmental programmes \3,274,000 Japan -
3 Asoaso Nature School The practice of environmental education about eco-drive and the building of regional collaborative spread-model \2,800,000 Japan http://www.asoaso.jp
4 Specified Nonprofit Corporation The Association for Collecting and Recycling Resources An examination and a practice to reduction of the solid waste and recycle of the used paper constantly by the pricing system \4,600,000 Japan http://www.r-kyokai.org
5 Ariake bay rehabilitation organization Developmental actions towards regeneration of ariake bay through restoration of oyster reefs \2,500,000 Japan http://www.npo-ariake.jp/
6 Japanese Huchen Ecological Research and Conservation Network The establishment of monitoring procedures for adequate conservation of endangered salmonid, Japanese huchen Hucho perryi in Hokkaido \2,500,000 Japan -
7 Non-profitable organization Imari Hachigame Plan Development of Environment-Conscious Town by Food Resources Recycling \3,200,000 Japan http://hachigame-plan.org/
8 Water Network New model activities of environmental education named "Mother Water Project 08" by the method of environmental message and art \2,600,000 Japan http://www.waternetwork.org
9 The Woodmiles Forum Promotion and integration of environmental indexes concerning wood products \1,100,000 Japan http://www.woodmiles.net
10 Non Profit organization Eco Link Association Environmental education promotion for recycling society in sea, river, and forest \3,227,000 Japan http://eco-link.jp
11 Non profit organization ecolife Investigation for eco-museum plan in Hebara Shimonita area and learning of natural environment \1,300,000 Japan http://www.shimonita.ne.jp/blog/ecolife
12 NPO ECOBANKAICHI The 3rd Japan Youth Symposium for the Environment \945,000 Japan http://www.eco-bank.jp/
13 NPO Workshop for Sustainable Community Promotion the study tour of the activity for prevention of global warming \1,800,000 Japan http://npo.omachi.org/
14 Goshawk Protection Fund The Regional Forest Planning for Coexisting with Mountain Hawk Eagles \2,493,000 Japan http://www.ucatv.ne.jp/~goshawk.sea/
15 Ogasawara Wildlife Research Society Regeneration of the Forest in Bonin Isl \1,200,000 Japan http://ogasawara-islands.info/yasei-ken/
16 Non-Profit Organization Okinawa Environment Club Design and popularization of environmental education system for Island eco-system in Okinawa \2,500,000 Japan http://www.npo-oec.com/
17 OLALA Charcoal burner's lodge Spread enlightening activity of knowledge and technology regarding the sustainable utilization method of the forest resources in depopulated area \1,300,000 Japan http://olala.jp
18 Development Education Association and Resource Centre (DEAR) The Research Project on the Comprehensive Curriculum of "Education for Sustainable Development" \3,100,000 Japan http://www.dear.or.jp
19 River Activities Council Expansion of normal area for "Security seminars for children's waterfront" and picture book making of environmental learning \4,636,000 Japan http://www.rac.gr.jp
20 Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society Policy Recommendation and Information Dissemination Including Environmental Tax Reform and Emission Trading Scheme for Coping with Climate Change \4,800,000 Japan http://www.jacses.org/
21 Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP) Research and advocacy of sustainable energy policies and Support for citizen's practical activities \6,400,000 Japan http://www.isep.or.jp
22 Environmental Learning Centers' Network (ELC-Net) Environmental Education Program Development for Environmental Learning Centers \4,997,000 Japan http://www.elcnet.org/
23 Sustainable Management Forum of Japan Continuous promotion of Sustainable Management Rating for large scale companies and new development of similar Rating System for medium and small scale companies and also for Japanese municipal governments \3,891,000 Japan http://www.smf.gr.jp
24 Citizens Environmental Foundation Investigation, research, and the proposal of the concrete strategy to create the "Sustainable Society" in Japan \7,800,000 Japan http://www.kankyoshimin.org/
25 Center for Environmental Information Science Prevention of Global Warming through Environmental Education \3,700,000 Japan http://www.ceis.or.jp/index.html
26 NPO Environment Design Associates A Project for Preservation of Forest and Prevention of Global Warming through Enhancing the Use of Lumber from Thinning \708,000 Japan -
27 The Sloth Club Hachidori campaign 2008 \5,800,000 Japan http://www.slotd.gr.jp
28 Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century The 12-point qualification for corporate executives to lead the business community in the 21st Century \3,600,000 Japan http://www.neting.or.jp/eco/kanbun/
29 Environmental Friendly Rice Network The spread of Environmental Friendly Rice and building up Environmental Friendly Rice management system \2,515,000 Japan http://www.epfnetwork.org/okome/
30 Kiko Network Research and Proposal on International Negotiation Process Concerning Global Warming Prevention \5,300,000 Japan http://www.kikonet.org/
31 Nonprofit Organization Kyushu Biomass Forum A Project of Wild Grass Paper for Keeping Grassland, Aso National Park \2,500,000 Japan http://kbf.sub.jp/
32 Non-profit Organization Kusunokishizenkan Investigation of deposits of clarifying the cause of decrease on the number of animals on Shigetomi tidal flat, and environmental education on river \1,248,000 Japan http://www.kusunokishizenkan.com
33 Center for the Redevelopment of Pollution-damaged Areas in JAPAN The Utilization of regional resources for a sustainable living and an environmentally-friendly traffic education \4,900,000 Japan http://www.aozora.or.jp/
34 National Parks Association of Japan Extending a National Park Conservation Volunteers Comprising Residents of Tokyo Metropolitan Area \3,200,000 Japan http://www.npaj.or.jp/
35 Learning and Ecological Activities Foundation for Children Promotion of Farmland Preservation/ Utilization Methods through Environmental Learning in Collaboration with Businesses \3,000,000 Japan http://www.leaf.or.jp
36 Association for the Promotion of the Junior United Nations Eco-Workshop (JUNEC) JUNEC Asia Conference 2008: Youth Conference on Sustainable Development in Asia \7,600,000 Japan http://www.junec.gr.jp/
37 CommuNet Association Collection and coordinated project of environmental activity information in Kyushu \1,806,000 Japan http://communet.jp
38 Non Profit Organization Saikati Nature Club Promotion of Environmental Education "Junior Eco-Club" in Tohoku-Area, Japan \2,740,000 Japan http://www.geocities.co.jp/Outdoors/6545/
39 Sapporo Freedom School  'YU' Education for Sustainable Development Participatory community survey and to provide information and teaching materials \3,100,000 Japan http://sapporoyu.org/
40 Japan Association of Industries and Environment International Symposium on Waste and Recycling Management \4,800,000 Japan http://www.sankankai.com
41 Non Profit Organization Sanctuary N.P.O The prevention against the erosion of Enshunada Beach by means of protecting the seashore flora and fauna \3,300,000 Japan http://www.sanctuarynpo.jp/
42 Non-profit Organization ASO-MANA club for nature Japanese traditional lifestyle (satoyama) experience for children project for spread enlightenment of "Ten years of education for Sustainable development" \3,400,000 Japan http://asomana.net
43 Civic group report association that promotes natural reproduction Proposal for CBD COP10 of civic group report association that promotes natural reproduction that connects forest, hometown, river and sea \2,400,000 Japan http://satochi.net/saisei/
44 Global Guardian Trust Promotion of environmental education aiming to avoid by catch in marine environment \3,200,000 Japan http://www006.upp.so-net.ne.jp/GGT/
45 The Japan Council on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development Project to enhance implementation of ESD Scenario by the Local Bodies and to broadcast each local activities through the Internet WEB site \8,144,000 Japan http://www.esd-j.org
46 Shimin Forum 21・NPO Centre The Development of the Practical Evaluation System of the Non-profit Activities using the Logic Model:3rd stage \3,184,000 Japan http://www.sf21npo.gr.jp/
47 The Association for the Study of Sacred Forests The investigation of the management of sacred forests in urban area and the establishment of management technique \3,399,000 Japan http://www2.odn.ne.jp/shasou/
48 Non Profit Organization Shirakami Nature School Hitotumori Campus Kids Save the Earth "the Decade of Education" Project \1,273,000 Japan http://school.shirakami.gr.jp/index.html
49 Shirataka Furusato experience School The development of an environmental learning program for the eco-friendly life-style formation \1,800,000 Japan http://www.sgic.jp/np_o/taiken-juku/
50 Water Environmental Association of Shingashigawa River System The revival of familiar river 'Satogawa' in the city \1,927,000 Japan http://shingashi.hp.infoseek.co.jp
51 Center for Restoration of Regional Nature History after World War Ⅱ of Landslide and Present Status of Forests in the Central Kii Peninsular \2,500,000 Japan http://www.crrn.net
52 Reproduction of rice fields for fish breeding Aquatic Life Conservation Society (Intermediary juridical person of limited liability) \2,266,000 Japan http://www.fish-water.jpn.org
53 ECOSYSTEM TRUST SOCIETY Research and Study for Making a Regulation Manual Centering on Summer Birds \3,300,000 Japan http://www.h7.dion.ne.jp/~ecokochi
54 eco-works Education program on the impact of non-native species \2,483,000 Japan http://www.eco-works.gr.jp/
55 Biodiversity Network Japan Enhancement of biodiversity conservation initiatives by the private sector and local governments in Japan toward CBD COP10 \4,000,000 Japan http://www.bdnj.org/
56 Non-profit Organization of International Desert's Green Association A Green-network Project of NGOs for sharing information \0 Japan http://www8.plala.or.jp/tutumkai
57 The Japan Air Pollution Victims Association Recovery of the Environment in the Pollution-Damaged Area towards Sustainable Society: With Publicity Activities to Reach Out the Wider Public \2,500,000 Japan http://www.aozora.or.jp/kougai/
58 Japan Youth Ecology League Capacity building of Japanese youth for supporting youth environmental activities in East Asia \3,800,000 Japan http://el.eco-2000.net/
59 NO Black-Bass Network (NBN) Public awareness and Networking of the local activity to take "Black-Bass" away from the endemic precious freshwater ecosystem \4,700,000 Japan http://www.no-bass.net/
60 The National Wild Bird Poaching Countermeasure of Japan Public education activities for wild bird protection aimed at eradicating poaching and illegal breeding and selling \3,200,000 Japan http://www008.upp.so-net.ne.jp/mittairen
61 Sendai Igune School Comprehensive environmental education specifying ESD and networking those young people who will play in important role in ESD \3,720,000 Japan -
62 People's Association on Countermeasures of Dioxin & Endocrine Disruptors Research and provision of information regarding children's health especially focused on the heavy metal problem \4,200,000 Japan http://www.kokumin-kaigi.org
63 PV Owner Network, Japan Promotion of new carbon-free life of pioneering photovoltaic owners \4,098,000 Japan http://www.greenenergy.jp
64 Nonprofit Organization Taiyoh-no-Kai Environmental safeguard awareness enlightenment utilized art for children and young people \2,200,000 Japan http://www.tde-taiyo.jp/
65 Laboratory for regional society with sound material-cycles Cooperation manual production of each actor for the environmental education enforcement of a self-governing body. And information network construction support about it \4,700,000 Japan http://www.junkan.org/
66 Global Environmental Fund Fair Wood Interior/Exterior Wood Products Purchasing Campaign \4,500,000 Japan http://www.gef.or.jp
67 Chiba Satoyama Center Technical guidance, Information offer and activity support concerning field activity of “Chiba Satoyama” \2,199,000 Japan http://www.chiba-satoyama.net/
68 NPO Tsukuba Environment Forum SATOYAMA Renaissance at the foot of Mt. TSUKUBA; Supporting new comers maintaining the small rice fields with high biodiversity \3,300,000 Japan http://www12.ocn.ne.jp/~tef298
69 Conservation & Animal Welfare Trust The project for prove the predation of the Okinawa rail by the mongoose, and we draw up measures \2,034,000 Japan http://yanbarukuina.jp/
70 Tobetsu Ecological Community Winter-flooded Rice Fields nurture biodiversity and human network in the community \1,808,000 Japan http://www.geocities.jp/tectec_ee/
71 Network for Nipponia Nippon Construction of regional social monitor technique that supports Nipponia Nippon wild return \6,000,000 Japan http://toki-sado.jp/main/
72 Specified Nonprofit Corporation Garbage Recycling Network Japan Evidence-based Research, Investigation for Enlightenment Activities to Promote Hygienic Garbage Disposal Infrastructure widely to Citizens \4,000,000 Japan http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~namagomi/
73 Non Profit Organization niigata mizubenokai Revival motion of the natural river in the Shinano river from ecological viewpoint by the travel of the salmon upstream to Nagano prefecture \3,135,000 Japan http://www17.plala.or.jp/mizubenokai/
74 Japan Bear Network Extension/Education and Local Support Project on the Countermeasure against Bear Appearances around the Human Settlements \2,876,000 Japan http://www.japanbear.org/cms/
75 The Nature Conservation Society of Japan Networking activity for CBD/COP10 and producing and disseminating information kit on biodiversity conservation. \3,200,000 Japan http://www.nacsj.or.jp
76 Nippon Association of Consumer Specialists Survey of Consumers' action of purchasing Environment-Conscious Products (ECP) \3,500,000 Japan http://www.nacs.or.jp
77 Japan Association of Botanical Gardens Establishment of the National Network for Endangered Plant Conservation between Botanical Gardens and the Public \4,000,000 Japan http://www.syokubutsuen-kyokai.jp
78 Japan Butterfly Conservation Society Project for Endangered Butterflies and their Habitats Conservation \3,000,000 Japan http://www.japan-inter.net/butterfly-conservation/
79 Japan Sport fishing Association Clean-up Works in Water \2,673,000 Japan http://www.jsafishing.or.jp
80 Japan Toilet Association The toilet movement toward 6% reduction of CO2 \2,800,000 Japan http://www.toilet.or.jp
81 CORPORATION AGGREGATE: JAPAN WATER CLEAN ASSOCIATION Making and Providing 「The picture (DVD) for citizen's activities and studies ~ A water clean up campaign of Japan ~」 \4,000,000 Japan http://www.mizu-kai.or.jp
82 Wild bird society of Japan Inspection and spread project of assessment method for impact of wind firms on birds. \3,500,000 Japan http://www.wbsj.org/
83 Wild bird society of Japan Miyazaki prefecture branch On-the-ocean distribution investigation of the natural monument Japanese Murrelet Synthliboramphus wumizusume, and the unintentional capture survey by a fishing \988,000 Japan -
84 Noboribetsu Activity Outdoor Support Center Momonga club (NOASC Momonga club) The Forest of KOZAN restoration project; A Model Project of The Environmental Conservation System Made Use of A Local Community \1,100,000 Japan http://npo-momonga.org/
85 Partnership Support Center (PSC) Examination of approaching tool to investigate, analyze and promote environmental preservation and CSR activities, etc.(Ⅲ) \3,368,000 Japan http://www.psc.or.jp
86 Protection Club of the Buna Forest in Kakkonda River (PBFKR) Regeneration of Climatic Forest in Mt. Iwate and Kakkonda River \3,000,000 Japan http://morioka.cool.ne.jp/kakkonda/
87 Sunflower Seed Organization Development of Public Relations Project to Enhance Environmental Consciousness through Alignment of Hokkaido, Tokyo, Kochi \2,919,000 Japan http://himawari.her.jp/
88 Candle Night Reinforcement of promoting candle night abroad \5,500,000 Japan http://www.candle-night.org/
89 Hiroshima Institute for Life-long Education A project of advancement to consciousness and action for nature protection, wide community and international viewpoint \1,166,000 Japan -
90 Cooperative Network for Distribution of Returnable Bottles promotion for generalization of returnable bottles advanced with student and the citizens \3,200,000 Japan http://www.binnet.org/
91 Fujinokuni・Gakkou biotope Nature-experience activity in urban public gardens \3,300,000 Japan -
92 Fringe Theater Project "ECO-POLICE 2208" Performing arts in Education \4,000,000 Japan http://www.fringe-tp.net/
93 Non Profit Organization HOKKAIDO GREEN FUND The nationwide campaign to eliminate CO2 emission by changing lifestyles without highly dependence on fossil fuels \3,398,000 Japan http://www.h-greenfund.jp
94 NPO Attractive Mikuni-Minato Project Building and diffusing a model of reforesting satoyama landscape from seashore 'Mikuni-Minato' \3,355,000 Japan http://www.mikuni-minato.jp
95 Non Profit Organization Water Field Ecology Network (WFEN) Investigation of invasion situation by exotic plants and nature conservation enlightenment \1,995,000 Japan http://www.wfen.jp
96 The Foundation for Environmental Rehabilitation and Redevelopment of Mizushima The practice activity of environmental education that uses the Sea grass place for environmental rehabilitation of the Seto Inland Sea \4,000,000 Japan http://www.mizushima-f.or.jp/index.html
97 MINAMATA FORUM Enlightenment of Minamata Disease in another polluted area, Niigata \5,500,000 Japan http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~mf1997/
98 Non Profit Organization Miyazaki Cultural Head Office Development and Practice of Environmental Education Program in Aoshima Area, Miyazaki \1,007,000 Japan http://www.bunkahonpo.or.jp
99 The Forum for Forest Creating A series of activities to spread practical way of investigation and planning for the purpose of promoting sustainable forest conservation and improvement by nonprofit organizations and/or citizens \695,000 Japan http://www.moridukuri.jp/
100 Toxic Watch Network A survey on international harmonization of chemical management and information dissemination for citizens \3,600,000 Japan http://www.toxwatch.net/
101 Yodogawa River System Water Quality Research Group Water quality research for environmental preservation of Kizu River and promotion of use of our database \3,700,000 Japan http://www.yodogawa.org/
102 Committee of Restoration & Preservation for Shimanto River Source Environmental preservation activity for Shimanto river surrounding source & enhancing its idea and study \2,200,000 Japan -
103 Society for the Conservation of Fresh Water Turtles of Japan Conservation of the Japanese Freshwater Turtles : a Case Study in Urban Rivers and Ponds \1,200,000 Japan http://www.wagamehogonokai.sakura.ne.jp/
104 NPO Akita Nanohana Network (ANN) Let's Build Sustainable Regional Society using Rape Blossoms' Recycling Power \2,200,000 Japan -
105 Specified Nonprofit Corporation Act Kawasaki Popularization of Energy Saving Commodity through "Eco-Ticket" participated in a variety of businesses \1,505,000 Japan http://www.web-k.jp/actkawasaki/index.html
106 Asahikawa NPO Support Center The campaign to stop global warming in Great North \1,900,000 Japan http://potato3.hokkai.net/~asahinpo/
107 NPO Atac Matewakayama Spreading and educating projects of the energy-saving technological know-how and knowledge for small and medium-sized enterprises, schoolchildren and residents of Wakayama prefecture \1,301,000 Japan http://www.aa.alpha-net.ne.jp/atcmatwa/
108 ESD Kids Club Developing and prevailing the ESD kids program \2,000,000 Japan -
109 Iwate Research Institute of Environment for Children The Forest Environmental Education by Green Woodwork \1,036,000 Japan http://www5d.biglobe.ne.jp/~morikaze
110 Ube Network for Climate Change Actions Bicycle Use Promotion Project by Regional Alliance \1,961,000 Japan http://ubeondanka.net/
111 NPO : Institute of Environmental Restoration/Creation on Osaka Bay Coastal Zone The project training of leader in eco-education and eco-tour on coastal zone \700,000 Japan http://www.osakawan.or.jp/
112 Gakegawa River Natural Regeneration Project Team Enlightenment Activity and Purification Experiment for Water Environmental Preservation of Gakegawa River \1,179,000 Japan -
113 The Foundation of Kagoshima Environmental Research and Service Promotion of Eco-drive Technique in Kagoshima \3,399,000 Japan http://www.kagoshima-env.or.jp
114 Non Profit Organization Kawada Dream Green The circulation Eco Project - Seeds of trees connect forest with village \1,219,000 Japan http://www.kawada-yg.org/index.html
115 Environmental Consortium EKORABO Basic research for ESD (education for sustainable development) material at Zoo \1,700,000 Japan http://www.community.sapporocdc.jp/comsup/eco-labo/
116 Forum of Environmental Restoration Research Actual condition grasp and evaluation analysis of a greenhouse gas delivery and information service activities \2,109,000 Japan -
117 Organization for Preserving Environments of Narugashima Field survey of ashore and adrift litter for preserving natural ecosystem of Yura bay and Narugashima \2,688,000 Japan -
118 Association For Preserving And Reusing Japanese Architectural Heritage Enlightening Activities for Promoting “Reduce” and “Reuse” in the Timber Building Materials \4,000,000 Japan http://www.wood.jp/kbank
119 NPO THE PEOPLE Starting from Iwaki Fiber Recycling Project in Fukushima Pre. \1,300,000 Japan http://www.iwaki-j.com/people/
120 People's Association for Renewable Energy Promotion Activities for Promoting People Own Wind Power Generation with Public Involvement \2,281,000 Japan http://www.parep.org/
121 Association for Nature Restoration and Conservation, Japan The gathering and introduction of the examples of local recycle system formation through the holding of an open symposium, towards the establishment of a nation-wide recycle system based natural environment in Japan \1,700,000 Japan http://www.narec.or.jp
122 Sustainable Energy Financial Initiative Japan (SEFI Japan) Expansion and Promotion of financial flow into renewable energies and energy saving technologies through Establishing and Operating "environmental financial community" \0 Japan -
123 sinrinjyuku seisui Construction of system of the citizens volunteer mobilization for Japanese pampas grass meadow reproduction of Gunma-ken minakami-machi Fujiwara \989,000 Japan http://www.commonf.net
124 Stop the Global Warming! Environment Conservation Club Providing children with an opportunity to learn about global warming prevention by establishing green-curtain, flower beds, and vegetable gardens in schools by local resident power \1,021,000 Japan -
125 University Consortium Ishikawa Promotion of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Hokuriku Region with Special Emphasis on Capacity Building for School Teachers \2,400,000 Japan http://www.ucon-i.jp/
126 Diversity = Energy for Community & Organization A grass roots study for the assessment of corporate social responsibility \2,700,000 Japan http://www.diversityjapan.jp/
127 ECO FUTURE FUND Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the pulp and paper industry, comparing regional and local differences in environmental and social impact \4,100,000 Japan http://www.eco-future.net
128 Nara Nature-Net Nanohana-Baiomass Nara Project \694,000 Japan http://www.ne.jp/asahi/nature/nara/
129 Committee of SUMIYAKI Campaign for Sustainable Forest SUMIYAKI Campaign for Sustainable Forest \913,000 Japan http://www.sumimaki.org/
130 Nature club Toukai Environmental Education for students \1,079,000 Japan http://www.geocities.jp/nature2005club/index.html
131 The Institute of Agriculture and Natural Environments Development and spread of biodiversity indices in paddy fields \4,000,000 Japan http://hb7.seikyou.ne.jp/home/N-une/
132 Nonprofit Organization Hamamatsu NPO network center Environment Symbiotic Program “for association human with forest and river” \2,500,000 Japan http://www.n-pocket.jp/
133 Children Eco-Education Study Team (CEEST) Manufacture of KAMISHIBAI about global warming and enlightenment work to the children \1,200,000 Japan http://www011.upp.so-net.ne.jp/ceest/
134 Conference for Human and Environmental Sustainable Transport Convention of Human and Environmental Sustainable Transport in YOKOHAMA \1,700,000 Japan http://www.areev.org
135 Lake Biwa Citizens College Citizens college in Minamata City-Regional environmental reproduction that Biwako are cooperated with Minamata \2,200,000 Japan http://www.hyogokankyo-lab.com/biwako/
136 Furusato Club Promotion of group activities to collect and compost the sorted kitchen garbage \800,000 Japan -
137 NPO Whole Earth Institute School Enlightenment Activities on Stopping Global Warming \589,000 Japan http://wens.gr.jp
138 Hokkaido Tourism Association Water Quality and Natural Resources Research for the Protection of Threatened Species "Miyabeiwana" (Salvelinus Malma Miyabei) \1,615,000 Japan http://www.htu.ne.jp
139 A farmhouse and the citizens meeting which protect a waterside and a creature SATOYAMA forum in Echizen \2,433,000 Japan -
140 Yamaguchi Mammal Research Association Research current distribution of Japanese Squirrel, Japanese Flying Squirrel and Japanese Dormouse in western Chugoku mountain range, Japan \1,000,000 Japan -
141 Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment, and Development Conducting Advocacy Work and Hosting an International Youth Conference on Climate Change and Biodiversity Aimed Towards the Group of Eight (G8) Hokakido Toyako Summit \7,700,000 Japan http://www.aseed.org/
142 Friends of the Earth Japan Holding international civil society forums toward G8 Japan process to discuss reducing emission from deforestation and biofuel as climate change measures \2,843,000 Japan http://www.foejapan.org
143 Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP) Activities of promotion for sustainable energy policies focusing on Hokkaido Toyako Summit in 2008 \7,862,000 Japan http://www.isep.or.jp
144 Television Trust for Environment Japan Committee What can be done to slow Global Warming with moving pictures: an international workshop for film producers and a public screening of documentaries in Asia Pacific \5,975,000 Japan http://www.tvejapan.org
145 Kiko Network Campaign for Prevention of Global Warming During the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit Year. \4,100,000 Japan http://www.kikonet.org/
146 Japan Education And Resource Network Child environmental summit in KOBE \3,493,000 Japan http://www.jearn.jp/
147 The Classic Live for the United Nations Environmental Musical "How Beautiful Our Blue Shining Planet! Clear Sky, Gushing River and Rich Biodiversity we must Conserve All for our Future Generations!" \9,500,000 Japan http://www.classiclive-un.org/
148 Association for the Promotion of the Junior United Nations Eco-Workshop (JUNEC) JUNEC Tokyo Summit 2008: Youth Conference on Sustainable Development \7,700,000 Japan http://www.junec.gr.jp/
149 G8 Summit Hyogo "NGO International Symposium/Open Plaza" Committee The opinion proposal for the Secretary of G8 Summit Hyogo \8,249,000 Japan -
150 G8 Media Network G8 Independent Media Center Project for Sustainability \7,500,000 Japan http://g8medianetwork.org
151 Japan Council on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD-J) International Workshop and Forum: Message from Asian Civil Society to G8 Summit for Sustainability \5,434,000 Japan http://www.esd-j.org
152 World Student Environmental Summit in Kyoto Executive World Student Environmental Summit in Kyoto \6,000,000 Japan http://st-summit.doshisha.ac.jp/kyoto/
153 Global Environment Centre Foundation (GEC) GEC International Symposium on "Low Carbon Society-Towards its Realization with Collaborations of Actors" in commemoration of G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit \3,416,000 Japan http://gec.jp/jp/
154 Japan Environment Association (JEA) Support for Environmental NGOs on G8 Summit 2008 \14,838,000 Japan http://www.jeas.or.jp/
Group C :Total Number of Projects: 153, Total Amount of the Grant: \485,611,000