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Group C: Environmental conservation activities in Japan by Japanese NGOs

(Total Number of Projects : 168, Total Amount of the Grant: \513,288,000)

No. Name of Organization Project Description Amount Project Site HP Address
1 AKAGI Clean Green Eco network The Project for developing regional co-ordinated environmental programmes Japan \3,336,000 -
2 A SEED JAPAN Actions to Support Systematic Changes that Generate "Green Jobs" which Contribute to Conservation of Biodiversity and Prevention of Global Warming Japan \4,000,000 http://www.aseed.org/
3 The Association for Collecting and Recycling Resources The project to activate a system of waste reduction promoter, who is a leader for waste reduction in local area Japan \4,300,000 http://www.r-kyokai.org
4 Ariake Bay Rehabilitation Organization Developmental actions towards regeneration of ariake bay through restoration of oyster reefs Japan \2,456,000 http://www.npo-ariake.jp/
5 ESD kids club Hold a leader training course of ESD kids program Japan \1,225,000 http://esd-kidsclub.sub.jp/
6 Japanese Huchen Ecological Research and Conservation Network The establishment of monitoring producers for adequate conservation of endangered salmonid, Japanese huchen Hucho perryi in Hokkaido Japan \2,000,000 -
7 Imari Hachigame Plan Development of Environment-Conscious Town by Food Resources Recycling and Technology Transfer to and Support of Other Communities Japan \3,500,000 http://hachigame-plan.org/
8 The Woodmiles Forum Promotion and integration of environmental indexes concerning wood products Japan \1,800,000 http://www.woodmiles.net
9 Eco Link Association Environmental education promotion for recycling society in sea, river, and forest Japan \3,659,000 http://eco-link.jp/
10 NPO ECOBANK AICHI The 4th Japan Youth Symposium for the Environment Japan \954,000 http://www.eco-bank.jp
11 Goshawk Protection Fund The Regional Planning for Coexisting with Grey-faced Buzzard Japan \2,497,000 http://www.ucatv.ne.jp/~goshawk.sea/
12 Ogasawara Wildlife Research Society Regeneration of the Forest in Bonin Isl. Japan \1,200,000 http://www.ogasawara-islands.info/
13 COP15 Network Kansai for Prevention of Global Warming The activities of citizens' network in Kansai area to obtain consent in Copenhagen Japan \2,400,000 http://www.bnet.ne.jp/casa/index1.htm
14 Development Education Association and Resource Centre(DEAR) The Skill Up Training for the Practitioners of "Education for Sustainable Development" Japan \2,855,000 http://www.dear.or.jp
15 Kawada Dream Green The circulation Eco Project -Seeds of trees connect forest with village Japan \2,696,000 http://www.kawada-yg.org/index.html
16 River Activities Council The substantiality of the summer camp experience of the river Japan \2,852,000 http://www.rac.gr.jp/
17 Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies Research, Study and Proposal for Renewable Energy Policies and Support for Hands-on Activities in Local Area Japan \6,400,000 http://www.isep.or.jp
18 Environmental Counseling Association of Nagasaki The conference of environmental restoration for isolated islands about problems of drifted trash Japan \2,400,000 http://www.npo-ecan.org
19 Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society Cooperation Enhancement, Policy Recommendation and Information Dissemination Regarding Environmental Tax Reform and Emission Trading Scheme for Coping with Climate Change and Promoting Green Economy Japan \4,800,000 http://www.jacses.org/
20 Citizens Environmental Foundation Investigation, research, and the proposal of the concrete strategy to create the "Sustainable Society" in Japan Japan \7,800,000 http://www.kankyoshimin.org/
21 Environmental Information Center Awareness-raising and promotion of activities for nature protection and biodiversity conservation Japan \2,106,000 http://www.eic.or.jp/eic/
22 Forum of Environmental Revitalization Research Actual condition grasp and evaluation analysis of a greenhouse gas delivery and information service activities Japan \2,042,000 http://www.kankyososei.jp
23 The Sloth Club Hachidori campaign 2009 Japan \5,800,000 www.sloth.gr.jp
24 Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century Giving the Eco-power Award to corporate executives, and spreading the Eco-power concept to a wider society, based on the JAES 21's 12-point qualification to lead the business community in the 21st Century Japan \3,600,000 http://www.neting.or.jp/eco/kanbun/
25 Environmentally Friendly Rice Network The spread of Environmentally Friendly Rice and building up Environmentally Friendly Rice management system Japan \2,277,000 http://www.epfnetwork.org/okome/
26 Northwest Pacific Region Environmental Cooperation Center Development of coastal environmental assessment method focused on marine biodiversity in the Northwest Pacific Region Japan \2,045,000 http://www.npec.or.jp/
27 Kiko Network Participation in the UNFCCC Negotiation Process and Contributing to Copenhagen Agreement for Global Warming Prevention Japan \5,000,000 http://www.kikonet.org/
28 Marine Wildlife Center of JAPAN Survey of fauna on the marine animals in the Kurile Islands and northern four islands and attempt ecotourism of these animals Japan \3,600,000 http://www2.env.gr.jp/envision/
29 Kyushu Biomass Forum A Project of Wild Grass Paper for Keeping Grassland, Aso National Park Japan \2,500,000 http://kbf.sub.jp/
30 Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment(GLOBE Japan) Building a social and economical system for preservation of biodiversity and symbiotic society with nature based on sustainable use Japan \2,644,000 http://www4.osk.3web.ne.jp/~globejp/
31 Center for the Redevelopment of Pollution-damaged Areas in Japan Gathering Information and Implementing Participatory Education Program for Relating the Current Situation of the Pollution-Damaged Areas Japan \4,500,000 http://www.aozora.or.jp/
32 Japan Network for Earth Environment and Prevention of Pollution Announcing and educating the information about measures of greenhouse gas emission reduction, research of the effect of climate change to regional community and society, and making NGO proposal of mitigation and adaptation for cliamate change, using NGO network Japan \1,824,000 http://www.jnep.jp
33 Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation(JANIC) Promoting the partnership between international cooperation NGOs and environment NGOs Japan \1,602,000 www.janic.org
34 Japan Committee for IUCN International symposium for reviewing and discussing 2010 Biodiversity Target and Post-2010 Target Japan \5,300,000 http://www.iucn.jp/
35 The Classic Live for the United Nations The 2009 Concert of Life Environmental Musical "Our Blue Planet-Will it Survive till Tomorrow?-Perspective from 2100" Japan \4,000,000 http://www.classiclive-un.org/
36 National Parks Association of Japan Information Networking a National Park Conservation Volunteers Comprising Residents of Tokyo Metropolitan Area Japan \3,200,000 http://www.npaj.or.jp
37 Association for the Promotion of the Junior United Nations Eco-Workshop(JUNEC) JUNEC Asia Conference 2008: Youth Conference on Sustainable Development in Asia Japan \7,374,000 http://www.junec.gr.jp/
38 Communet Association Japan, CNA Collection and coordinated project of environmental activity information in Kyushu Japan \968,000 http://communet.jp
39 Sapporo Freedom School 'YU' "Link Nature to People, People to People" Project for building ESD models and human resources for the future ESD leaders and for enhancement of cooperation among ESD leaders Japan \3,200,000 http://sapporoyu.org/
40 the People Enlarging fiber recycling system from Iwaki project Japan \2,000,000 http://www.iwaki-j.com/people/
41 Sanctuary N.P.O. The prevention against the erosion of Enshunada Beach by means of protecting the seashore flora and fauna Japan \3,300,000 http://www.sanctuarynpo.jp/
42 Civic group report association that promotes natural reproduction Proposal for CBD COP-10 of civic group report association that promotes natural reproduction that connects forest, hometown, river and sea Japan \4,363,000 http://satochi.net/saisei/
43 Global Guardian Trust CoP10 Project: Conservation of Marine Biological Diversity and Cultural Diversity Japan \1,540,000 http://www006.upp.so-net.ne.jp/GGT/
44 Japan Council on the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development(ESD-J) ESD model development based on bio-diversity and advocacy to CBD/COP10 Japan \7,348,000 http://www.esd-j.org
45 Shimin Forum21 NPO Centre Management school for professional staffs of the third sector Japan \3,180,000 http://www.sf21npo.gr.jp/
46 The Association for the Study of Sacred Forests The investigation of the management of sacred forests in urban area and the establishment of management technique Japan \3,400,000 http://www2.odn.ne.jp/shasou/
47 Shirataka Furusato Experience School The development of an environmental learning program for the eco-friendly life-style formation Japan \1,800,000 http://www.sgic.jp/np_o/taiken-juku/
48 Institute of Environmental study on Brackish Lakes Shinji and Nakaumi An activity for preserving the connected environment of forests, rivers, and lakes - a case study on the catchment area of Hii River Japan \1,966,000 http://www1.biz.biglobe.ne.jp/~kisuiko/
49 Center for Restoration of Regional Nature History after World War II of Landslide and Present Status of Forests in the Central Kii Peninsular Japan \2,466,000 http://www.crrn.net
50 Shinrinjyuku Seisui The mechanism that meadow with multipronged value can be maintained continuing is constructed. Business that reproduces, and uses Japanese pampas grass meadow in uenohara field. Japan \1,549,000 http://www.commonf.net
51 Aquatic Life Conservation Society Reproductions of rice fields for fish breeding Japan \2,300,000 http://www.fish-water.jpn.org
52 Ecosystem Trust Society Research and Study for Making a Regulation Manual Centering on Summer Birds Japan \3,241,000 http://www.h7.dion.ne.jp/~ecokochi
53 Eco-works Education program on the impact of non-native species Japan \2,500,000 http://www.eco-works.gr.jp/
54 BioDiversity Network Japan Assessment of 2010 national target achievement and support of next phase for GSPC Japan \3,522,000 http://www.bdnj.org/
55 Japan Civil Network for Convention on Biological Diversity CEPA Activity and Networking for Biological Diversity, Especially for CBD COP10/MOP5 Japan \5,598,000 -
56 The Japan Air Pollution Victims Association Recovery of the Environment in the Pollution-Damaged Area towards Sustainable Society: With Publicity Activities to Reach Out the Wider Public Japan \3,000,000 http://www.no-kougai.com
57 Japan Youth Ecology League Capacity building of Japanese youth to encourage youth environmental activities in East Asia Japan \3,400,000 http://www.eco-2000.net/
58 NO Black-Bass Network(NBN) Voluntary trial "establishing a waterside sanctuary free of invasive fishes" Japan \5,000,000 http://www.no-bass.net/
59 The National Wild Bird Poaching Countermeasure of Japan Public education activities for wild bird protection aimed at eradicating poaching and illegal breeding and selling Japan \3,200,000 http://www008.upp.so-net.ne.jp/mittairen
60 Greater Sendai ESD/RCE Steering Committee Development of System to Promote ESD in Miyagi Prefecture Japan \1,954,000 http://rce.miyakyo-u.ac.jp
61 People's Association on Countermeasures of Dioxin & Endocrine Disruptors Holding international symposium on sick house syndrome and publication of case collection report Japan \4,100,000 http://www.kokumin-kaigi.org
62 University Consortium Ishikawa Development of multi-stakeholder mechanism to promote ESD in Hokuriku Region Japan \4,200,000 http://www.ucon-i.jp/
63 Institute for Human Diversity Japan A grass roots study and education for the assessment of corporate social responsibility Japan \2,776,000 http://www.diversityjapan.jp/
64 Taiyoh-no-Kai Environmental safeguard awareness enlightenment utilized art for children and young people Japan \2,200,000 http://taiyoh-no-kai.net
65 Global Environmental Action(GEA) To educate and raise public awareness on conservation of global environment and realization of a sustainable society Japan \4,997,000 http://www.gea.or.jp
66 Eco Future Fund The investigation of Japanese forest potential and raw materials for paper manufacture Japan \2,949,000 http://www.eco-future.net
67 Global Environmental Forum Fair Wood Interior/Exterior Wood Products Purchasing Campaign Japan \4,385,000 http://www.gef.or.jp
68 Chiba Satoyama Center Technical guidance, information offer and activity support concerning field activity of "Chiba Satoyama" Japan \2,200,000 http://www.chiba-satoyama.net/
69 CHUBU RECYCLE CITIZEN'S ORGANIZATION Construction of an Unwanted Article Reusing System based upon the Exiting Nongovernment Recycling System Japan \3,300,000 http://www.es-net.jp/
70 Tsukuba Environment Forum Comprehensive Environmental Education in Mt.Tsukuba Japan \3,500,000 http://www12.ocn.ne.jp/~tef298/
71 Network for Nipponia Nippon Construction of regional social monitor technique that supports Nipponia Nippon wild return Japan \4,084,000 http://toki-sado.jp/main/
72 Garbage Recycling Network Japan Research and surveillance for spreading and enlightening activities to the public regarding hygienic method of garbage disposal based on Scientific Basis Japan \4,000,000 http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~namagomi/
73 The Japan Environmental Education Forum Development and Promotion of Convenient Environmental Training Programme Set Japan \2,120,000 http://www.jeef.or.jp/
74 Japan Bear Network Extension/Education and Local Support Project on the Countermeasure against Bear Appearances around the Human Settlements Japan \3,000,000 http://www.japanbear.org/cms/
75 Wetlands International Japan The Making of an "Inventory for the Culture and Technology of Wetlands(Draft)" in Japan Japan \4,200,000 http://www.wi-japan.org/
76 Nippon Association of Consumer Specialists Survey of Consumers' action of purchasing Environment-Conscious Products(ECP) Japan \4,500,000 http://nacs.or.jp
77 Japan Association of Botanical Gardens Establishment of the National Network for Endangered Plant Conservation between Botanical Gardens and the Public Japan \3,917,000 http://syokubutsuen-kyokai.jp
78 JAPAN TOILET LABO. Toilet Ecology Action Japan \2,924,000 http://www.toilet.or.jp
79 Japan Water Clean Association Holding the study meetings(seminars) and the field trips for our activities of improving the water-environment Japan \2,200,000 http://www.mizu-kai.or.jp
80 Wild Bird Society of Japan Miyazaki prefecture branch On-the-ocean distribution investigation of the natural monument Japanese Murrelet Synthliboramphus wumizusume, and the unintentional capture survey by a fishing(3) Japan \1,000,000 -
81 Noboribetsu Outdoor Activity Support Center Momonga club The Forest of KOZAN restoration project: A Model Project of the Environmental Conservation System Made Use of a Local Community Japan \1,100,000 http://npo-momonga.org/
82 Partnership support center Study of mid-small size company in Chubu/Tokai region for promotion of the environmental CSR activities: From perspective of human capacity building Japan \3,035,000 http://www.psc.or.jp
83 Conservation Club of the Buna Forest in Kakkonda River Regeneration of Climatic Forest in Mt. Iwate and Kakkonda River Japan \2,978,000 http://morioka.cool.ne.jp/kakkonda/
84 Conference for Human and Environmentally Sustainable Transport Movement for Human and Environmental friendly Transport Japan \2,749,000 http://www.areev.org
85 Candle Night Reinforcement of promoting candle night abroad Japan \5,490,000 http://www.candle-night.org/
86 Hyogo Environmental Advancement Association NGO Network Strengthening & Proposals to COP・COP15~NGO Debate on Climate Change and Biodiversity in Hyogo~ Japan \4,365,000 http://www.eco-hyogo.jp/
87 Cooperative Network for Distribution of Returnable Bottles Promotion for generalization of returnable bottles advanced with student and the citizens Japan \2,800,000 http://www.binnet.org/
88 Fujinokuni Gakkou biotope Investigation of familiar index species Japan \1,700,000 -
89 Fringe Theater Project "ECO-POLICE 2209"-Perfoming arts in Education- Japan \3,800,000 http://www.fringe-tp.net/
90 HOKKAIDO GREEN FUND The nationwide campaign to eliminate CO2 emission by changing lifestyles without highly dependence on fossil fuels Japan \3,286,000 http://www.h-greenfund.jp/
91 Attractive Mikuni-Minato Project Green Relay Project -Growing Lively Forests- Japan \3,333,000 http://www.mikuni-minato.jp/
92 Water Field Ecology Network(WFEN) Investigation of invasion situation by exotic plants and nature conservation enlightenment Japan \1,772,000 http://www.wfen.jp/
93 Miyazaki Cultural Head Office Development and Practice of Environmental Education Program in Aoshima Area, Miyazaki Japan \750,000 http://www.bunkahonpo.or.jp/
94 MAKE the RULE Campaign Committee The national campaign for the mid-long term scheme of a large scale GHG emission reduction Japan \9,000,000 http://www.maketherule.jp/dr5
95 Toxic Watch Network A survey on international trend of chemical management and an advocacy activity for SAICM national implementation plan Japan \3,716,000 http://www.toxwatch.net/
96 Committee of Restoration and Preservation for the Shimanto River Source Environmental Preservation Activity for the Shimanto River Source and Enhancement of its Idea and Study Japan \2,200,000 http://www.shimanto-genryu.net
97 Ramsar Center Japan KODOMO Biodiversity: Children's Participation in Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity Japan \6,000,000 http://homepage1.nifty.com/rcj/
98 Society for the Conservation of Fresh Water Turtles of Japan Conservation of the Japanese Freshwater Turtles: a Case Study in Urban Rivers and Ponds Japan \1,400,000 http://www.wagamehogonokai.sakura.ne.jp/
99 Aomori Environment Partnership Center The Project of Making the Regional Network Pointed in Agricultural High Schools for Climate Change Action Japan \1,854,000 http://www.eco-aomori.jp
100 Iriomote Island ecotourism association The Activity for spread and personnel training of experience environmental education at Iriomote Island Japan \1,600,000 http://www10.ocn.ne.jp/~iea/index.html
101 Ecotopia Koto Reduction of carbon dioxide can be by the Use energy can be reproduced and Resource recycling, Attempt in the Hachiro-lagoon east shore Japan \683,000 -
102 ECOLO Japan New Leaders' School for Sustainable Society Japan \451,000 http://lp.jiyu.net/ecolo.htm
103 Oita Environmental Preservation Forum Habitat maintenance activity for population protection of "Libellula angelina" and new habitat creation activity Japan \1,985,000 http://www9.plala.or.jp/kei_uchida/
104 Oryzanet Establishment and Dissemination of Environmentally Sound Agriculture Based on Biodiversity Japan \0 http://oryzanet.servehttp.com/
105 Citizens Against Chemicals Pollution Activities for Risk Reduction on Children's Environmental Health by Proving Information on Toxic Substances in Everyday Products Japan \1,200,000 http://www.ne.jp/asahi/kagaku/pico/
106 Prefectural Citizens' Forum for Akita's Environment The International Forum on Pan-Pacific Renewable Energy Japan \2,100,000 http://www.eco-akita.org/
107 Kankyou Ishintai Environmental Revolution Corps Gomiga Herujan Project Japan \2,200,000 http://ishintai.org/
108 Environmental Network in Yamagata Promoting Further Utilization of Renewal Energy Project in Yamagata Japan \1,800,000 http://eny.jp
109 Environmental Conservation Association A survey for establishment of micro hydro power station around Kitakata city(Fukushima prefecture) Japan \640,000 http://www.npo-eca.com/
110 Kitakyushu Eco-Supporters The Project for the Environmental Education Collaborating with the Personal Evaluation in Kitakyushu City for the Environmental Capital in the Globe Japan \1,694,000 http://kitaq-eco.net
111 Kitahiroshima Environmental Citizens Association Reconstruction on Regional Recycling by Kitchen-Refuse-Composting in the Cold Latitudes Japan \1,300,000 http://www.community.sapporocdc.jp/
112 Kyushu Green Purchasing Network Information gathering of eco-products in Kyushu region Japan \0 http://www.kyushugpn.jp
113 Green partner Okayama Think about basin environment from sea garbage. Brightens the world jewel "Setonai-kai" the Inland Sea. Japan \1,397,000 http://www.green-partner.org/
114 Community Youth Bank momo Social finance for lenders, borrowers, and investors~Building system of capital flows to environmental NPO~ Japan \2,000,000 http://www.momobank.net/
115 Consumers Kyoto To build up the recycle-system of fluorescent lamp Japan \697,000 http://hc2.seikyou.ne.jp/
116 Sapporo Convention Network Promoting environmental consciousness at conventions and other events Japan \3,156,000 http://www.sapporo-convention.net/
117 Satogyoland KITO Partnership Project Concerning Promotion of and Enlightenment on Practical Use of Timber Resources Japan \2,300,000 http://npokito.com
118 SATOYAMA Committee in Chiba Biodiversity Exhibition in cooperation with the History Museum Japan \5,300,000 http://www.satochiba.jp/
119 Crayfish Research Group Conservative biodiversity action for Alien species -Signal Crayfish(Pacifastacus luniusclus trowbridgii)- extermination in north part of Hokkaido Japan \2,950,000 -
120 Shikoku Institute of Natural History A study to urgently propose a protection plan for a vulnerable Asiatic black bear of Shikoku Japan \2,000,000 http://www.lutra.jp
121 NPO Nature Experiences Co-learning Center Fukui nature art festival in Miyama Japan \2,222,000 http://kyougaku.com/
122 Japan Environmental Action Network(JEAN) Holding the Japan-Korea NGO workshop towards the international cooperation regarding the problem of marine litter Japan \3,180,000 http://www.jean.jp/
123 Center for Ecological Education(CEED) Action plan for biodiversity conservation through a participatory monitoring program in private gardens throughout Japan Japan \2,910,000 http://www.wildlife.ne.jp/
124 Japan Forum for Biodiversity Public Awareness of Biodiversity by Promoting of Countdown 2010 Movement Japan \3,042,000 http://www.jf-biodiversity.org
125 Local Environmental Network Learning from our hometown of OITA: Creating a climate change learning program Japan \2,400,000 http://homepage3.nifty.com/
126 The Totoro Fund Research on the New Forms of National Trust Activities Japan \2,700,000 http://www.totoro.or.jp/
127 Nagoya NGO Center Practicing and educator training of ESD in the World Collaboration Festa 2009 Japan \1,400,000 www.nangoc.org
128 Nissin Yasaijuku Biological diversity in rice fields Japan \3,732,000 http://n-yasaijuku.com
129 The National Council of Urban-Rural Solidarity Building Extension & Development of Utilization Systems of Plants Bio-Mass, linked with Activation of Forestry Japan \3,300,000 http://www.notonet.jp
130 The WHODO & Environmental Forum Sustainable activity plan decision of SATOYAMA Japan \1,300,000 http://whodo.org
131 Executive committee thinking about Tokyo as Birthplace Swim place revival symposium -from Tokyo Bay- Japan \2,800,000 http://www.furusato-tokyo.com/index.htm
132 from grassroots hiroshima Reuse Project Japan \1,300,000 http://from-grassroots.com
133 The Millenniumcity The MIRAI(Future) Village Summit Japan \2,000,000 http://npo-mc.com
134 Japan Wildlife Conservation Society(JWCS) Preparing for COP10 Biodiversity Treaty: An investigation into the Japanese pet trade in imported wildlife with a view to increasing public awareness of trade as a factor in the extinction of species Japan \3,000,000 http://www.jwcs.org/
135 The Avian Medical Surgery for Wild Birds Lectures and practices of wildlife rescue technology to make up volunteers Japan \916,000 http://www.nakatsuvet.com
136 YBATC Congress VOL.1 The total study of ecological messenger's programs for youth 16-35 in 2009 Japan \3,600,000 http://blog.goo.ne.jp/ybatc/
Group C :Total Number of Projects: 136, Total Amount of the Grant: \396,474,000