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Group B: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by non-Japanese NGOs

(Total Number of Projects : 190, Total Amount of the Grant: JPY649,907,000)

No. Name of Organization Project Description Project Site Amount(JPY) HP Address
1 Indian Environmental Society Contributing to the CBD_COP11 through Wetland Club Activities on Biodiversity Conservation India 3,200,000 http://www.iesglobal.org/
2 Wetlands International-China Promotion of Wetland ESD(Education for Sustainable Development)in China focusing on Ramsar Sites and Wetland Parks through Capacity Building for Teachers China 2,400,000 http://www.wetwonder.org/
3 Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan(CRCP) Knowledge Sharing, Advocacy and Capacity Building on Safe Drinking Water, WaterPollution, and Waste Water Disposal in Slum Areas of Islamabad Pakistan 3,500,000 http://www.crcp.org.pk/
4 Centre for Coastal Environmental Conservation Environmental Education in Tiger-Human conflict region, Sundarbans, Bangladesh Bangladesh 3,000,000 www.ccecbd.org
5 PALLISHREE Building adaptive capasity of the backward communities through climate change education in Bhitarkanika Ramsar site, India India 3,200,000 http://www.pallishreeindia.com/
6 Bangladesh POUSH Biodiversity conservation through ecosystem adaptation involving the local community at Gorakghata, Maheskhali of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh Bangladesh 3,200,000 http://www.bdpoush.org
7 BINTARI Foundation Watershed Leadership Capacity Development in Collaborating Action, Central Java, Indonesia Indonesia 3,000,000  
8 The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society Recoveryof the breeding seabird population in eastern China China 5,000,000 http://www.hkbws.org.hk/
9 Cordillera Green Network Inc, Environmental education model project utilizing art for children in the mountain region of Northern Luzon, the Philippines Philippine 2,600,000 http://www.cordillera-green.net/
10 Nepal Wetlands Society Sensitization of stakeholders for collaborative learning on wetlands Nepal 2,200,000  
Group B :Total Number of Projects: 10, Total Amount of the Grant: JPY31,300,000