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Group A: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by Japanese NGOs

(Total Number of Projects : 190, Total Amount of the Grant: JPY624,767,000)

No. Name of Organization Project Title Project Site Amount (1000JPY) HP Address
1 Asian Sustainable Village Network OKAYAMA Village Revitalization Project in Luang Namtha Province LAOS Laos 2200  
2 Asian Raptor Research and Conservation Network Nature Conservation resulting from the collaborative research of migratory raptors in South East Asian countries South East Asia 3600 http://www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~raptor/4th%20SympoJPN.htm
3 ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability,Japan Office Community actions and city-to-city cooperation on climate change in the Philippines Philippines 4300 http://www.iclei.org/japan
4 Indonesia Education Promoting Foundation Program Development for General Environmental Education based on Social Innovation in South Tangerang Indonesia Indonesia 4800 http://www.baliwind.com/
5 Institute of Environment Rehabilitation and Conservation (ERECON) Program on Promoting Sustainable Agriculture through Eri-culture in Greater Phnom of Cambodia Cambodia 4300 http://www.ngo-arena.org/members/erecon/erecon2.html
6 Television Trust for Environment Japan (TVE Japan) "Preserving Gene diversity",environmental education by visual media in Asia Pacific Asia Pacific 7500 http://tvejapan.org/
7 Green Purchasing Network(GPN) Assisting the expansion of green markets through green purchasing in Asia Pacific region Asia Pacific 6500 http://www.gpn.jp/
8 Kochi Prefectural Makino Memorial Foundation Inc. Botanical Inventory for Phyto-diversity and Conservation in Natma Taung National Park, Myanmar Myanmar 3200 http://www.makino.or.jp/
9 International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer Development of Comprehensive Raising Awareness Tool for Air Pollution Reduction in Ulaanbaatar City -Raising Awareness by The Environmental Leaders- Mongolia 3200 http://www.icett.or.jp/
10 Non Profit Organization SHANTI YAMAGUCHI Agroforestry and agricultural development in North Thailand 「From slash and bum to a new concept of farming」 Thailand 4300 http://www.shanti-yamaguchi.com/
11 DANKA DANKA Design Environmental Education Programs for the future generation in Senegal Senegal 2700 http://www.dankadanka.org/
12 Red-crowned Crane Conservancy International Project for the Conservation of the Red Crowned Crane in China China 5000 http://www6.marimo.or.jp/tancho1213/
13 Global Environmental Forum Project to create, test and promote of REDD+FRIC guideline South East Asia 4300 http://www.gef.or.jp/
14 Tokyo Occupational Safety and Health Center The Participatory Action-Oriented environment protection program for young generation in the Mekong Delta South East Asia 3900 http://www.toshc.org/
15 Nagao Natural Environment Foundation(NEF) Participatory aquatic biodiverity conservation ystem in th lower Mekong basin South East Asia 7200 http://www.nagaofoundation.or.jp/
16 Japan-Indonesia Promotion Council for Improvement of Water Environment and Sanitation Activities of sustainable knowledge hub building for promoting proper treatment and recycling of waste water and sludge generated in lower income level communities in Bandon City,West Java State,Indonesia Indonesia 3200 http://www.jesc.or.jp/
17 Japan Association of Drainage and Environment Activity to Improve the Living Environment of Urban Slum Aiming at Resource Recycling in Khulna City of Bangladesh Bangladesh 3800 http://www.jca.apc.org/jade/index.htm
18 Wetlamds Internatonal Japan The Making of an “Inventory for the Culture and Technology of Wetlands”in Eastern Asia (mainly in Monsoon Region) Eastern Asia 7000 http://japan.wetlands.org/
19 The Japan Forum on International Relations,Inc. JFIR/NES JOINT STUDY PROJECT ON SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT (SWM)IN SAANKHU CITY AND ITS VICINITY Nepal 2100 http://www.jfir.or.jp/j/index.htm
20 Japan International Volunteer Center Project for Promoting Natural Resource Management through Environment Education in School and Community Cambodia 4000 http://www.ngo-jvc.net/
21 JAPAN HABITAT ASSOCIATION Improve the Environment through Planting trees in the Province of Luangprabang, Lao P.D.R Laos 2900 http://www.habitat.or.jp/
22 Japan-Malaysia Association Building a susutianable tropical rainforest regeneration system with community participation in Sarawak, Malaysia, and assessing the potential of ESD through its inplementation Malaysia 3100 http://www.jma-wawasan.com/
23 East Asia Environmental Information Center Modeling for “Green Supply Chain”at China China 1300 http://www.eden-j.org/
24 Bridge Asia Japan Agricultural Biogas Project for Small-scale Farmers in hue City, Vietnam Vietnam 2500 http://www.baj-npo.org/
25 Mekong Watch Promotion to solve issues caused by expansion of plantation in tropical countries South East Asia 4900 www.mekongwatch.org
26 Yui-tool Kaihatsu Labo Development of the ESD prgram with the theme of forest coservation in Sumatera -Development of ecotourism and practice of study tour to the indigenou people and local residents Indonesia 2800 http://www.digitalium.co.jp/yuitool/Welcome.html
27 Ramsar Center Japan "KODOMO Ramsar"for ESD-Education for Sustainable Development Asia-Wide 8400 http://homepage1.nifty.com/rcj/
28 Alternative People's Linkage Asia To promote creating a circulating society and regional economy through introduction of Agroforestry in the coffee production areas in Timor Leste Timor Leste 2500 http://www.apla.jp/
29 Borneo Conservation Trust Japan Orangutan Bridge Project at Borneo Sabah Malaysia 3200 http://www.bctj.jp/
Group A: Total Number of Projects: 29, Total Amounts of the Grant: JPY118,700,000

Group B: Environmental conservation activities in developing regions by non-Japanese NGOs

No. Name of Organization Project Title Project Site Amount (1000JPY) HP Address
1 Indian Environmental Society Contributing to the CBD_COP11 through Wetland Club Activities on Biodiversity Conservation India 3200 http://www.iesglobal.org/
2 Wetlands International-China Promotion of Wetland ESD(Education for Sustainable Development)in China focusing on Ramsar Sites and Wetland Parks through Capacity Building for Teachers China 3100 http://www.wetwonder.org/en/
3 OISCA Technical Trainees Alumni Association (OTTAAA) Philippines,Inc. Promotion of organic agriculture and quality open-pollinated seeds for small farmers in Quezon,Philippins Philippines 3700  
4 Cordillera Green Network Inc. Environmental education training project for teachers in the mountain region of Northern Luzon,Philippines Philippines 2900 http://www.cordillera-green.net/
5 Centre for Coastal Environmental Conservation Environmental education in the region of tiger-Human conflict Bangladesh 2800 http://ccec-bd.org
6 PALLISHREE Building adaptive capasity of the backward communities through climate change education in Bhitarkanika Ramsar site, India India 2700 http://www.pallishreeindia.com/
7 Bangladesh POUSH Biodiversity conservation through ecosystem adaptation involving the local community at Gorakghata, Maheskhali of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh Bangladesh 3300 http://www.bdpoush.org
8 BINA KARTA LESTARI FOUNDATION Establishment of collaborative dialogue for conservation and management of transboundary watershed in Central Java,Indonesia Indonesia 2600  
9 The Hong Kong Bird Watching Society Recoveryof the breeding seabird population in eastern China China 5900 http://www.hkbws.org.hk/
10 Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives,Philippines Promoting and Facilitating Zero Waste Adoption in Asia: Study tour and regional training for capacity building and increased partnerships Philippines 2600 http://www.no-burn.org/
11 Navdanya Trust Bija Vidyapeeth;Comprehensive Environmental Education for Youth,Women and Small farmers in Uttarkhand,India India 3900 http://www.navdanya.org/contact
Group B: Total Number of Projects:11 , Total Amount of the Grants: JPY36,700,000