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Group C: Environmental conservation activities in Japan by Japanese NGOs

(Total Number of Projects: 221, Total Amount of the Grant: JPY 640,700,000)

No. Name of Organization Project Title Project Site Amount
1 ASUKA Nature Station Asuka River, Ecosystem reproduction in Kannabi Japan 1,500  
2 Laboratory of Asobi and Manabi (Learning by Playing) Practice and evaluation of human resource development programs through experimental learning on the environment for all local community members, especially infants and their parents and university students as future members of the sustainable society Japan 1,800 http://www.asobitomanabi.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
3 Izu Nature School Building an organization to pass on the rich and plentiful nature of Nishiizu to the future generation Japan 1,200 http://www.npo-izu.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
4 IBURI Nature School Structuring of an organization to develop a forest volunteer in YUFUTSU Wilderness Japan 1,600 http://iburi-nature.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
5 Eco-mobility sapporo Lower Emissions at Makomonai ~ community pre-action program Japan 2,000 http://velotaxi-sapporo.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
6 ecology & eco-lives Shinsyuu Connection between traditional culture and biodiversity in Kijimadaira village Japan 1,300 http://npo.raposa.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
7 OshikaLink Environmental Regeneration Project of Oginohama Bay Basin, Oshika Peninsula Japan 1,200 http://www.oshikalink.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
8 Ohisama-Net Nagasaki Green curtains using the passifloraceae in Minamishimabara-city Japan 2,000 http://www.ohisama-net.nagasaki.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
9 Tourism business activity meeting for the study Cultivation of corals and recovery from chlorosis in 2016 Japan 2,400 http://kanko-ishigaki.org/index.html別窓ウインドウで開きます
10 Japan Youth Platform for Sustainability Creating the youth advocacy platform for sustainable society Japan 1,200 http://japanyouthplatform.wix.com/jyps別窓ウインドウで開きます
11 Assist Satoyama Action New project for recycling old clothes and old textiles Japan 1,000 http://www.asaa.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
12 Japan Charity Shop Network Project to strengthen networks among charity shop operating organizations in Japan Japan 2,400 http://charityshop.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
13 Hachioji Kyodo Energy A feasibility study and proving test of using edible oil waste to generate power in Hachioji city Japan 2,300 http://8ene.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
14 Hirata Satoyama association Yuyunomori Promotion Project Japan 1,800  
15 Matsusimawann amamobasaiseikaigi Recreational activity of the eelgrass field damaged by the tsunami in Matsushima Bay Japan 1,000 http://matsushima-amano.jimdo.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
16 Empower SHIMANE Building a support system of region development for energy autonomy in Japan Japan 1,600  
17 Yamagata Renewable Energy Network "Yamagata Renewable Energy School" Project Japan 1,500 http://yamaene.net/別窓ウインドウで開きます
18 Yoron Island Unparu school Environmental conservative activities in coastal resort area at Yoron harbor Japan 500 http://unparu.net/別窓ウインドウで開きます
20 Abukuma Association of Preserving village-vicinity mountain Regeneration project of village-vicinity mountain through provision of "Satoyama therapy" Japan 1,500  
21 Isumi Lifestyle Laboratory The environmental conservation activities from Satoyama to Satoumi in ISUMI local area Japan 1,500 http://www.isumi-style.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
22 Group to protect sea, the earth and domestic food On the Kozushima, Tokyo, comprehensive environmental education for non-attending students Japan 1,200  
23 NPO Mori kara tsuzuku michi Project to keep suitable environment for Ooki-tombo (Sympetrum uniforme) Japan 1,500 http://morimichi.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
24 Oki Geopark Tour Desk Beach cleaning workshop event in Oki Islands for the next generations Japan 2,000  
25 Institute of Dialog on Environmental Policies Promoting dialog on energy and environment issues for the next generation Japan 2,400 http://www.inst-dep.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
26 Gifu trees and forest school Promote environmental farming and conserve biodiversity as result of restoration of Kayaba Japan 1,400 http://gifu-kitomorinogakkou.jimbo.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
27 Green Purchasing Network in Kyoto Promotion of local food product in Kyoto Prefecture Japan 1,000 http://www.k-gpn.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
28 Kumamoto lifeboat Protection activities of native species (fish) in the Ezu Lake area of Kumamoto City Japan 2,000 http://lifeboat.main.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
29 GREEN ALLIANCE JAPAN Action to reinforce the social influence of environmental NGO/NPO sector through strengthening their network under multidisciplinary issues Japan 2,400 http://greenrengo.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
30 Citizen activity support center of the environment of Sasebo Continuation of activity and expansion of a private-sector-led environment conference Japan 1,800 http://www.saseboecoplaza.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
31 C.C.C Furano Field Establishment of experiential environmental education model utilizing civic park natural ecosystem Japan 500 http://furano-shizenjuku.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
32 Association of Natural Energy Co-establishing Organizations The City of Ueda: The Role Model of the Energy Shift in a local City through the Collaborations between Agricultural and Urban Areas - Biomass heated energy saving ecological building and "Solar-Sharing" Farm PVs Japan 1,900 http://www.neco.or.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
33 Japan Community Power Association Mechanisms, cooperation and implementation of participatory global warming mitigation measures by community power projects all over Japan Japan 2,200 http://communitypower.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
34 Daisetsuzan Nature School Structuring a volunteer management system in Daisetsuzan National Park Japan 2,000 http://daisetsu.or.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
35 POWER SHIFT Campaign Supporting and promoting renewable energy utilities Japan 2,400 http://www.power-shift.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
36 HigashiOhte-no-Kai ~The worker's group of NPO/NGOs in TOKAI~ Back-Office Farm Project for NPO/NGOs Japan 1,200 https://www.facebook.com/higashiote/別窓ウインドウで開きます
37 Council for fukui city natural experience and interchange "satoyama" rural school and "satoyama" environmental program Japan 2,000 http://fukui-kyougi.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
38 Maruseppu Insects club Build a Bee house Japan 1,500 https://www.maru-mushi.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
39 Future Eco Life Household energy efficiency: "Check and Advice" Japan 2,000  
40 Wakasakurasinisuisya Base maintenance for Forestry by local citizen in Wakasa Japan 1,700 http://wakasa-suisya.wafull.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
41 A SEED JAPAN Project on climate change for rapid expansion of renewable energy and improving financial policy Japan 3,600 http://www.aseed.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
42 Pacific Asia Resource Center (PARC) On the ground research for the mitigation of environmental impacts in mining sites across the globe, research on Japanese corporations environmental responsibility and outreach campaigns regarding the above activities Japan 3,000 http://www.parc-jp.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
44 Ashiu nature school River of 1,000 years ~The making of river full of the life ~ Japan 2,000 http://ashiu.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
45 Workshop for Sustainable Community Development of tools to spread the efforts of impact assessment by residents Japan 4,000 http://npo.omachi.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
46 M-Bridge Promote ethical consumption through conducting campaign in environmental ethical products Japan 3,100 http://www.m-bridge.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
47 The Osaka Organization for the Promotion of Garbage Reduction Training waste-reduction-promoters into "civic leader of waste reduction" Japan 1,600 http://osaka-gomigen.net/別窓ウインドウで開きます
48 Osaka Natural History Center Utilize in the field of environmental education-Child workshop survey and human resource development at Natural Science Museum- Japan 2,200 http://www.omnh.net/npo/別窓ウインドウで開きます
49 Okishizenmura To establish environmental education system from childhood and extend establishment of education for sustainable development (ESD) at Nakanoshima Island Japan 4,100 http://sizenmura.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
50 Network for Climate Change Actions Support introducing renewable energy through group formation Japan 3,000 http://ondanka-boushi.net/別窓ウインドウで開きます
51 Kahokugata Lake Institute Vitalization of Community to Promote Integrated Basin Management in Kahokugata Region Japan 3,000 http://kahokugata.sakura.nr.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
52 Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies Policy formation and implementation of the fourth generation renewable heat policy for global warming from the bottom-up Japan 4,000 http://www.isep.or.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
53 GLOBE Japan for SDGs Knowledge deepening of the legislature for the realization of "SDGs" (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015 Japan 2,500  
54 Japan Environmental Action Network Convening cooperative workshops and amplification of public awareness
activities toward solving the problem of marine plastic litter
Japan 3,100 http://www.jean.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
55 Sustainable lifestyle recycle Laboratory Create circulation of nutrition and food within local community of 2kms Japan 4,600 http://www.jun-namaken.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
56 Teruha Forest Association Inc. Collaboration project for habitation investigation and damage control from land leech to promote environmental education in Aya area Japan 2,000 http://teruhanomori.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
57 Tokyo Occupational Safety and Health Center Activity on Proposal and dissemination of risk communication for prevention of scattering of asbestos contained in existing buildings and prevention of exposure Japan 3,000 http://www.toshc.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
58 Tokushima Conservation Biological Society Social system building for prompting entry of business sector into biodiversity activity Japan 3,200 http://www.hozen-tokushima.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
59 The Wildlife Research Organization in Niigata Making "the bird injury control coordination" that connects wild bird, Human beings and technique Japan 4,000 http://wironkemono.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
60 NijibetsuKorokamuinokai Research for Blakiston's Fish Owl Japan 3,000  
61 TAKAYASU study group of Japanese rose bitterling Restoration projects to conserve populations of Japanese rose bitterling in Osaka Japan 3,600 http://n-baratanago.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
62 Japan Bear Network Save the Shikoku's Asiatic black bear Japan 3,200 http://www.japanbear.org/cms/別窓ウインドウで開きます
63 Japan Butterfly Conservation Society Conservation projects for the most endangered butterflies and insects in Japan Japan 2,200 http://japan-inter.net/jbcs/別窓ウインドウで開きます
64 Moriwa Umino Koibito Adaptive management of saltmarsh formed by tsunami disaster aiming the return of Japanese eel Japan 4,100 http://www.mori-umi.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
65 Toxic Watch Network Proposals for promotion and improvement of domestic SAICM implementation plans through citizens' participation and dissemination of information Japan 3,000 http://www.toxwatch.net別窓ウインドウで開きます
66 Aomoriken Environment Partnership Center Project to protect "Mutsu Bay", the native place of the Jomon people Japan 2,800 http://www.eco-aomori.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
67 Akita Nanohana Network Place making to think a sustainable lifestyle in Chokai Kogen Japan 2,600 http://www.akita-nanohana.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
68 Asaza Fund The spread and promotion of ESD on water environmental conservation Heading towards the World Lake Conference Japan 4,000 http://www.asaza.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
69 ikimono inc Education in wild nature Japan 4,500 http://ikimonoinc.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
70 Udon Total Recycling Consortium Udon Total Recycling Project Japan 2,400 http://www.udon0510.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
71 Eco-life Hamamatsu Holding a movable "Mottainai Market", the creation and distribution of booklets to enlighten "2R" Japan 2,000 http://ecolifehamamatsu.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
72 ezorock To establish a center of service learning in Hokkaido Japan 4,100 http://www.ezorock.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
73 Ooyamasenmaida Preservation Association Study and awareness raising in multi-functionality of the ecosystem of the grassland environment in the Boso region Japan 2,000 http://www.senmaida.com/index.php別窓ウインドウで開きます
74 Organization for Future Energy Planning in Okayama Co-designing a master plan for sustainable forest management and self sufficient energy Japan 2,000 http://enemira.sakura.ne.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
75 Toxic Volatile Organic Compounds In The Air Research Association Research to protect health from an atmospheric chemical substance and control measures and the enlightenment spread to a citizen Japan 2,000 http://npovoc.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
76 Japan NGO Network for Creating Capital of Sustainability The project for strategic mitigation of climate change and developing sustainable society and development of human resources to meet the 1.5℃ target Japan 4,400 http://www.eco-capital.net/別窓ウインドウで開きます
77 Environmental Partnership Council (EPC) Partnership Building towards Achievement of SDGs Japan 3,000 http://www.epc.or.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
78 Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century Capacity building and policy proposal activities for local communities with a view to address climate change issues Japan 2,000 http://www.kanbun.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
79 Kita no Satohama, Hana no Kakehashi NetWork Rescue activities through community exchanges of beach plants in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake Japan 3,000 http://hamahirugao.jimdo.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
80 Grutta Network Omachi Environmental conservation activities around Japanese North Alps headwater region through the local exchange activities Japan 2,000 http://www.grutta.net別窓ウインドウで開きます
81 Kogai Museum Network Transmission of pollution education From Kogai Museum Japan 3,000 http://kougai.info/別窓ウインドウで開きます
82 Association for the Promotion of the Junior United Nations Eco-Workshop (JUNEC) 2030 MIRAI Challenge Project Japan 2,500 http://www.junec.gr.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
83 SAGAMIKO Forest & Wood craftsmanship Laboratory Activity of forest conservation utilizing sustainable wood Japan 4,000 https://morimo.amebaownd.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
84 Surfrider Foundation Japan Enhancement on water quality test and monitoring along coastline of Shonan area Japan 3,000 http://www.surfrider.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
85 Sanbanze environment civic center Investigation research centering on countermeasure against blue tide, to establish conservation and restoration plan of Sanbanze Japan 3,000 http://www.sanbanze.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
86 CSO Network Japan Making research and guidance for promoting sustainable public procurement, and its domestic dissemination Japan 3,000 http://www.csonj.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
87 Sui-Do! Network Promoting Reduction of single-use beverage packages and enhance the choice of Tap Water through Local Networking Japan 2,500 http://sui-do.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
88 Living Environment network C&C The recycling plaza reinforcement project for the purpose of the 2R promotion Japan 3,700 http://www.l-env.net/別窓ウインドウで開きます
89 CEPA JAPAN Strengthening CEPA (Communication, Education and Public Awareness) for "Mainstreaming Biodiversity" Japan 4,000 http://cepajapan.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
90 NO Black-Bass Network (NBN) Platform development project for conservation of aquatic life on the basis of the collaboration between various entities Japan 4,100 http://www.no-bass.net/別窓ウインドウで開きます
91 Tateyama Sea Shore Explorers (Tateyama Umibe no Kanteidan) Set up actions for the "preservation" and "promotion" of Okinoshima sea shore, City of Tateyama in Minami Boso Japan 2,400 http://www.umikan.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
92 Non GM Seed Forum Influence of GMO on our living and the human development for bringing down the importance of food and agriculture Japan 2,500 http://nongmseed.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
93 Japan Network for Climate Change Actions Development and trainer training of climate change education program for the primary after-school club Japan 2,800 http://www.zenkoku-net.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
94 Citizen's Alliance for Saving the Atmosphere and the Earth (CASA) Develop recommendations from civil society towards "national/sub-national low greenhouse gas emission development strategies" based on the Paris Agreement Japan 2,400 http://www.bnet.jp/casa/別窓ウインドウで開きます
95 RCE Chubu (Chubu Regional Centre of Expertise on ESD) Policy Maker Education Project for Mainstreaming ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) in SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Japan 2,800 http://chubu-esd.net/別窓ウインドウで開きます
96 Chubu Recycle Citizens` Organization Reinforcement of charity shop business contribution to the sustainable environment and the human society Japan 2,200 http://www.es-net.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
97 Tokinosunomori Club Foundations of environment symbiotic forest conservation in small-scale forest Japan 4,000 http://tokinosunomori.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
98 Wetlands International Japan Development of an environmental education program on tidal flats and creation of a network on tidal flats around the Ariake Sea Japan 4,500 http://japan.wetlands.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
99 Ecosystem Conservation Society-Japan Building social environment for the sustainable co-existence with wild cranes in Izumi City of Kagoshima Japan 2,000 http://www.ecosys.or.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
100 Network Fukushimagata Environmental Protection such as Wet Plant including Sawaoguruma Dissemination Activities to Citizens around the Fukushimagata Japan 2,000 http://www.geocities.jp/fukusimagata/別窓ウインドウで開きます
101 Hachiro Project Project to involve younger generations in environmental restoration activities for the future Hachiroko Lake Japan 2,400 https://www.facebook.com/hachipro865/別窓ウインドウで開きます
102 HOKKAIDO GREEN FUND Promotion of low-carbon lifestyle in Hokkaido ~Cool Choice and Wise Use of energy resources for the current and future generations~ Japan 4,000 http://www.h-greenfund.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
103 Renewable Energy Organization of Hokkaido The project for mitigating global warming with small hydropower generation in Hokkaido Japan 3,000 http://www.reoh.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
104 Mie NPO Network Center Creating mechanisms to conduct policy recommendations from the local community, including environmental issues and others, and to promote participation of young generations in NGOs/NPOs Japan 2,000 http://tokaicn.jimdo.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
105 The Foundation for Environmental Rehabilitation and Redevelopment of Mizushima Model project for sustainable local development through environmental education and strengthening collaboration with local industries Japan 3,500 http://www.mizushima-f.or.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
106 MORIBIO, the laboratory of living in forest Emperical study about the preservation of forestry ecosystem and the sustainable use of the forest resources Japan 2,400 http://www.moribio.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
107 Japan Wildlife Conservation Society Research and public awareness activity on consumption, life-style solution and awareness raising to promote biodiversity conservation Japan 2,200 http://www.jwcs.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
108 YOUTH RAMSAR JAPAN Exchange program by Youth who comes into action at a RAMSAR SITE.~The spread enlightenment activity of wetland preservation by Youth and Building of a “Youth wetland network” in JAPAN.~ Japan 2,300 http://www.youth-ramsar-japan.jimdo.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
109 Nature Information Center of Rebun Island The system construction of a sustainable invasive plant control in the flowery island "Rebun" Japan 2,700 http://www17.plala.or.jp/rebunsjc/別窓ウインドウで開きます
110 Conservation of Akame's Satoyama Environmental education in satoyama conservation with collaboration of local council in Nabari region Japan 2,000 http://akame-satoyama.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
111 Heroines for Environment and Rural Support(HERS) Time for us to make a change by ourselves ~Women farmers aim to grow agri products, renewable energy and next generation~ Japan 4,000 http://inakano-heroine.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
112 E-myoko Environmental Preservation Activities at Imori pond in Myoko area Japan 2,700 http://www.e-myoko.jp/index.asp別窓ウインドウで開きます
113 Renewable Energy Network, Ibaraki (REN-i) Human Resources Development for Local Initiative in Renewable Energy Business in Ibaraki Japan 3,100 http://www.ren-ibaraki.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
114 ECOPLUS Building a network of Place based Education aiming sustainable society Japan 3,200 http://www.ecoplus.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
115 ECOPLANFUKUI A project for infrastructure construction aim low-carbon traffic by `visualization`of CO2 emissions related to the movement of the individual Japan 3,000 http://ecoplanf.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
116 Action against Child Exploitation(ACE) Raising public awareness about issues of environment and child labor in cottonseed production area in India Japan 4,400 http://www.acejapan.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
117 Orca.org Team Sakamata Package activities for the marine ecosystem conservation that assumed killer whales and humpback whales as key symbols of Kushiro Japan 2,400 http://sakamata.life.coocan.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
118 Development Education Association and Resource Center (DEAR) Capacity Building for ESD Trainers/Facilitators ~ toward Reframing of Teaching and Learning Japan 4,100 http://www.dear.or.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
119 Kanae Project of keeping Seseragi-park clean Japan 2,300  
120 Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society Research, Advocacy and Information Dissemination to Promote Effective and Reliable Japan's Financial/Technical Cooperation and International System to Address Environmental Sustainability in Developing Countries Japan 4,300 http://www.jacses.org/about_jacses/vision.html別窓ウインドウで開きます
121 Citizens Environmental Foundation Promote "sustainable consumption" centering on the environment, through the national network enlightment activities, research (investigation) activities, exchange activities with companies, as well as information provision activities for consumers by using the website and apps Japan 4,300 http://www.kankyoshimin.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
122 Ecological Life and culture Organization Project for capacity buildings and interaction enhancement among the youth to develop local community based on circular economy focusing on Satoyama Japan 2,000 http://www.elco.or.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
123 Environmental Network Saitama Make the base of our activity for Forest Conservation by Connecting Cities and the Forest Japan 3,000 http://www.kannet-sai.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
124 Kankyounomori Kochi Promoting environmental awareness through citizen survey in Kochi prefecture Japan 2,000 http://npo-kankyonomori.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
125 Kiko Network Project to realize Low carbon vision 2050 Japan 3,600 http://www.kikonet.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
126 Climate Youth Japan Establish platform of Japanese youth for proposing Climate change policy Japan 2,000 http://climateyouthjapan.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
127 Groundwork Mishima Save the nature and Spring place of home town! Ecology up Project of Mt.Fuji and Sakai-gawa Ground Spring water park Japan 4,500 http://www.gwmishima.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
128 Center for the Redevelopment of Pollution-damaged Areas in Japan (Aozora Foundation) The Environmental Pollution Education to ESD (Education for Sustainable Development )  And the air pollution to the subject Japan 3,000 http://www.aozora.or.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
129 Japan Committee for IUCN Implementing and Supporting the Aichi Biodiversity Target in global, national and local level Japan 4,000 http://www.iucn.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
130 Japan Civil Network for United Nations Decade on Biodiversity Construction of NGO network for the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity Japan 4,300 http://www.jcnundb.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
131 Sapporo Freedom School "YU" The development of SDGs Local Agenda and the formation of ESD regional platform in Central Hokkaido Japan 2,200 http://sapporoyu.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
132 Sanctuary N.P.O. Investigation about the environmental influence by the big seawall construction along Hamamatsu coast Japan 3,600 http://www.sanctuarynpo.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
133 Siminmiraikyosya Environmental Conservation activity of satoyama landscape Japan 2,000  
134 The ECOCON Committee Building a support system for coordination of environmental activities conducted by student environmental activists groups Japan 2,000 http://www.ecocon.info/別窓ウインドウで開きます
135 SENTO TARUI Advocacy School Japan 4,800 http://sento-tarui.blogspot.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
136 University Consortium Ishikawa Promotion of ESD in Hokuriku towards better sound material cycle (SMC) society Japan 2,500 http://www.ucon-i.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
137 Regional Renaissance Agency A practical seminar of Renewable energy (micro hydropower) in Gifu & Formulation a Spreading model Japan 3,500 http://chiikisaisei.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
138 Institute for Local Communities with Sound Material-Cycle Leader education activity of environmental education in local community Japan 2,400 http://www.junkan.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
139 Regional Future Energy Nara Co-production project of the Nara model with renewable energy promotion Japan 2,000 http://nara-renergy.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
140 Tsuru Environmental Forum Plow a rice field with the traditional horse Japan 3,200 http://www.teforum.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
141 TOKUSHIMA OKARA KOBO Making Environmental Studies programs for Elementary School Students and Training Leaders for Disaster preparedness Japan 3,300 http://npo-tokushimaokarakobou.jimbo別窓ウインドウで開きます
142 Tochigi Conservation Corps Creating a new system to overcome the problems of aging and lack of successors, by training and matching young volunteers to the organizations for forest conservation Japan 2,100 http://www.tochigi-cc.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
143 Nagoya N.G.O. Center Global Environmental Leadership and Sustainability program for the Youth in Tokai area Japan 2,000 http://www.nangoc.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
144 Wild Bird Society of Japan Gathering information, research, dissemination and advocacy about the way and methodology of the zooning in consideration of the bird protection towards the introduction of wind power generation Japan 4,000 http://www.wbsj.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
145 Sunflower seeds association Promotion of climate change action by the environmental interpreters Japan 2,000 http://himawari.her.jp/wp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
146 Fringe Theater Project Development of Human Resources for Environmental Drama Teaching along with Measurement of its Effectiveness in order for Implementation Japan 3,000 http://www.fringe-tp.net/別窓ウインドウで開きます
147 Scout Association of Japan Learning from the Forest-Education for Sustainable Development Japan 3,000 http://www.scout.or.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
148 The network of the nursery school in Maebashi Wooden education to a small child and Development of teaching materials Japan 2,500 http://www.mae-hoiku.net/別窓ウインドウで開きます
149 Machinabiya Development and Packaging of "The Environment and Carrier Class" for Children with a Focus on Primary Industry of Environmental Conservation Type Japan 2,000 http://machinabiya.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
150 MINAMATA FORUM Making of Minamata disease bibliotheca and the Minamata exhibition pictorial record of Minamata disease 60-year commemorative projects Japan 3,800 http://www.minamata-f.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
151 Tokushima Regional Energy The woody biomass regional alliance that protects the environment by the heat utilization conversion and leads to the future Japan 6,000 http://tene.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
152 Association of sustainable forestry through the use of "forestry household" approach Establish and promote the foundation of sustainable forestry based on "forestry household" approach Japan 9,300 http://jibatsukyo.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
153 Ecotourism Japan Introduction and spread of international sustainable tourism certification system in Japan Japan 6,600 http://www.ecotourism-center.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
154 Friends of the forest of the Metasequoia Raising, proposal, networking of intermediary organization in the wildlife management Japan 8,000 http://metamori.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
155 Africa Japan Forum A Series of coherent policy advocacy of civil society organizations for SDGs Japan 6,300 http://www.ajf.gr.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
156 Climate Action Network Japan 100% Renewables Initiative Japan Japan 5,600 http://www.can-japan.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
157 Japan RQ Disaster Education Center Co-creating Sustainable Local with Nature school at Disaster-stricken Japan 2,700 http://www.rq-center.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
158 ISHINOMAKI UMISAKURA Sea & beach clean-up project in Tohoku Ishinomaki Japan 2,000 http://i-umisakura.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
159 Iwate Environment Partnership A project intended to establish a model case of low-carbon-community in Kesen regions which can maintain Satoyama-Satokawa by practical use of waste cooking oil Japan 3,000 http://www.iwate-eco.jp/別窓ウインドウで開きます
161 The People The project of supporting the return of residents in the coastal area of Fukushima Prefecture with realizing the organic cotton belt Japan 3,300 http://npo-thepeople.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
162 Hamanone association Develop sustainable capture management model toward Cervus nippon by collaboration between local resident and hunter Japan 4,000 http://hamagurihama.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
163 Fukushima Community Power Renewable energy Realization Project Japan 2,600 http://fcpower.org別窓ウインドウで開きます
164 Network of Rural Recover in South-Aso Support project for Minamiaso-village recovering from the Kumamoto Earthquake Japan 3,000 http://www.facebook.com/minamiasofurusatofn別窓ウインドウで開きます
165 Eco Mosaic Association Support project for 3.11 disaster area by the mentally challenged
& senior people
Japan 2,700 http://eco-heiban.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
166 Institute of Ecological Engineering Restoration of seagrass beds damaged by the Great East Japan earthquake in Matsushima Bay Japan 2,300 http://www.e-tec.server-shared.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
167 FIRST ASCENT JAPAN Environmental regeneration activities for Kinka-san, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan 2,900 http://first-ascent.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
168 Shonan Ocean Education Sports Promotion Association Hold "Enoshima Ecolympic 2017" to connect the coastal environment and local residents at the Tokyo Olympic competition site for sailing through marine sport and beach clean-up Japan 4,700 http://www.coco-bea.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
169 Global Environmental Forum Advocacy and practical activities on sustainability issues for Tokyo 2020 Games by SUSPON (Sustainable Sports NGO/NPO Network) Japan 4,000 http://www.gef.or.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
170 Fukuoka-FUN Activities for the research of biodiversity and the conservation of underwater environment in the Fukuoka Sea Japan 1,300 http://www.fun-fukuoka.or.jp別窓ウインドウで開きます
171 The movement to protect the environment of the Arakawa River A clean-up of the Arakawa River Japan 500 http://www.mirainoarakawa.com別窓ウインドウで開きます
172 Yattarou-de-Takashima Beach and bottom of the sea clean-up operation in Takashima Island Japan 1,200 http://nagasakist.web.fc2.com/de/別窓ウインドウで開きます
173 Andante21 The aquatic environmental conservation project for training the next generation and private public partnership in Masuda City Japan 1,200 http://www.andante21.org/別窓ウインドウで開きます
174 Ibi River Fresh and Vivacious Water Eco-Station Clean-up Project of Ibi River Basin ・Earth Day Ibigawa in Seinou Area and local Environmental Education in Ibi area Japan 1,300 http://www.ibigawamizueco.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
175 Green Partner Okayama The project of thinking the environment from sea trash Japan 1,000 http://green-partner.jimdo.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
176 Creating hometown of public interest at Tsuruoka System construction project to enforce the algae management of the Uchikawa basin, Tsuruoka City, through community-based approach Japan 1,200 https://k-tsuruoka.com/別窓ウインドウで開きます
177 Noto Peninsula-Oraccha-no-Satoyama-Satoumi The inheritance and retention of "Satoumi" cultures in Noto Japan 1,300 http://satoyama-satoumi.com/oraccha/別窓ウインドウで開きます