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Q12: What do "participation of a wide range of Japanese people" and "significantly meaningful to a wide range of the people of Japan" mean as requirements for activity eligibility?

A: Because the JFGE is a national system to support the activities of NGOs, activities in Japan that are eligible for the grant must have an appropriate amount of appeal, encourage participation, and have results.

Although it is necessary to base decisions on the methods and contents described in individual grant applications for specific projects, it is possible that activities that invite "participation of a wide range of Japanese people" can also correspond to activities that are "significantly meaningful to a wide range of the people of Japan." Some examples of these activities include those that occur simultaneously nation-wide and encourage national participation, those that are implemented in a specific region that gain the participation of residents from outside that region, and those that are unique or innovative and have the possibility of being implemented nationwide in the future.

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