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Q32: Other than the Grants Program, what kind of support does the JFGE offer for NGO activities?

A: The fundamental conditions necessary for strong environmental NGOs are said to be capital, information, and human resources. The JFGE provides capital support through its Grants Program. Also to support the remaining two conditions, JFGE carries out research and studies, and provides information and personnel training necessary to encourage global environmental conservation activities of NGOs.

Research and studies clarify the state of various projects being undertaken by Japanese and non-Japanese environmental NGOs through a survey of those organizations and identify issues important for NGOs in efforts to improve their activities.

Information obtained from research and studies is provided in a form of a database or in publications and newsletters to people related to NGOs.

For training, JFGE provides seminars for environmental NGO staff and people interested in participating in environmental activities to foster and improve manpower. Beginning in fiscal 1997, these activities have been realized under the name of The Citizen's College for the Global Environment.

These efforts are collectively known as "NGO Support Programs." In contrast to the Grants Program that supports only selected NGO projects each year, the Support Programs aid NGOs that have no immediate projects and individuals who want to participate in NGO activities.

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