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Q34: What kind of organization is the "Japan Environment Corporation" that administers the JFGE?

A: The Japan Environment Corporation (JEC) was first established as the Pollution Prevention Corporation on October 1, 1965, under the Pollution Prevention Corporation Law (currently the Japan Environment Corporation Law; Law No. 95 of 1965). In October 1992, the corporation was reorganized as the Japan Environment Corporation, a government-backed special corporation. After its establishment, the JEC has, for a quarter of a century, implemented various programs for environmental protection as an organization specialized in this field. In 1992, JEC began international programs to supply information on environmental conservation to developing nations based on the knowledge and experience it had gained.

The JEC has been involved in building facilities to prevent pollution, such as greenbelts and industrial parks for relocating factories out of regions with considerable pollution or are in danger of pollution. The JEC has also constructed facilities for protection and for appropriate use of the natural environment in Natural Parks. It has also contributed funds for the installation of facilities to appropriately process waste and prevent pollution, and has provided information to contribute to environmental preservation efforts in developing regions. Through these activities, the JEC aims to contribute to improving the living environments, protecting the natural environment, and to the healthy development of industries.

We ask for your support and cooperation in order to increase the certainty of the involvement of the Japanese government and people for the conservation of the global environment through appropriate management and implementation.

JFGE is transferred to The Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency from Japan Environment Corporation in April, 2004.

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