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Sharing Japanese, Chinese and Korean Environmental Information

East Asia Environmental Information Express Manager
Representative, Toshiya Hirose

Knowing Surprisingly Little about our Neighbors' Environmental Issues

China and Korea - Japan's neighbors. We see many news articles about the graveness of Chinese environmental issues, in particular, but searching the web for information on the status quo of the environment in both countries or on activities undertaken by environmental NGO's, we find that little information is offered in Japanese.

In Autumn 2000, we began making preparations for the "Project for Web-based Sharing of Japanese, Chinese and Korean Environmental Information," in which NGO's from Japan, China and Korea have collaborated with the objective of providing a website that offers the same environmental information in Japanese, Chinese and Korean, the official languages spoken in their respective countries and a tool which allows site visitors to cross the language barrier in discussion.

Conducting a Survey of Websites

Bulletin board for translation among the three languages

In 2001, organizations from the three countries jointly conducted a survey on how much environmental information regarding the other two countries is available in their respective countries, which websites offer the information and what kind of information is provided on these sites. The NGOs' findings showed that in China and Korea, as well as in Japan, people have access to little environmental information regarding the other two countries provided in their respective mother tongue.

Furthermore, we conceded that despite the efforts of various environmental NGO's, not only in China but in all three countries, to provide the domestic audience with diverse environmental information via the Internet, we have yet to work on transmitting information to a foreign audience.

The First Japan-China-Korea Steering Committee - Seoul Meeting

In January 2002, environmental NGO's from the three countries met in Seoul, Korea to discuss the proceedings of the project and to exchange information on the status quo and role of environmental NGO's in each country and on domestic environmental issues for the year 2001. Consequently, we were able to have an understanding of the differences in our backgrounds.

We believe the interaction at the conference has brought us one step closer to cooperation based on mutual understanding.

Discussion on a Bulletin Working in Three Languages

Seoul Meeting in Korea

Members from the three countries currently exchange ideas via a three-language forum that we have set up. This bulletin translates comments written in one language into the other two languages, making it possible for members to overcome the language barrier in communication. Due to the restrictions that automatic translating programs encompass, the translation work cannot be done without human assistance, and therefore, the bulletin is open only to member parties. However, we are looking to utilize information technology to develop further exchange among the citizens of the three countries.


East Asia Environmental Information Express Manager
2-7-3 Kojimachi, Nishikawa Bldg., Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo 102-0083
c/o ASAP21
TEL: +81-3-3263-9022
FAX: +81-3-3263-9463
URL: http://www.eden-j.org

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