Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency of Japan(ERCA)

Construction and Transfer Program(Green Area Project)

ERCA develops green areas with a view to realizing urban renewal in harmony with nature and creating a recycling-based society that has low impact on the environment.

This program accepts applications from local governments that plan to develop green areas as part of their environmental conservation policies. It designs and constructs green areas on a made-to-order basis to satisfy diverse needs, and transfers them to the applicants upon completion. It carries out the entire project from conducting necessary research, design, to the acquisition of land and construction of green areas. The cost of constructing the green areas is recouped from the applicants by means of long-term installments, after deducting the amount of subsidy granted by the government from the loan amount.

When the Japan Environment Corporation was dissolved at the end of March 2004, it was determined that this program would terminate upon completion of the common welfare facilities, the green areas to counter air pollution, and the green areas to counter global warming under construction. With the completion of the green area to counter air pollution in Shizuoka (Fuji) at the end of March 2007, the program came to an end.

Common Welfare Facilities (Buffer Green Belts)

This project constructs buffer zones to separate factories and business areas from residential areas to promote sound industrial development and improve the living environment. The welfare facilities (parks, green areas, etc.) can be enjoyed by both the factory employees and community residents. The facilities are transferred upon completion to the local governments or enterprises.

Green Areas to Counter Air Pollution

This project constructs green areas (city parks) to help purify the air with trees and protect the health of residents in the urban areas where there are high levels of atmospheric pollution. The green areas are transferred upon completion.

Green Areas to Counter Global Warming

This project constructs green areas (city parks) at landfill sites and in areas of soil contamination where soil environment conservation measures are needed to prevent leakage of toxic substances. It takes advantage of the functions of the green areas in the absorption of carbon dioxide and mitigation of heat island phenomenon in urban areas from the viewpoint of controlling global warming. The green areas are transferred upon completion.

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