Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency of Japan(ERCA)

Operations for the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund

The Operations Transfer to ERCA

As of Oct 1, 2016, operations of ERDF, as a competitive fund, was partially transfered to ERCA from the Ministry of the Environment(MOE) including funding and others, and so, we are required to establish more efficient and effective systems such as the multi-year contracts and others than before, and we will utilize our knowledge and experience that we aquired through our operation of funding environmental conservation as much as possible.

Figure: Business Structure

Environment Research and Technology Development Fund


Contribute to promote environmental policies through the research and development

We fund the essential research and development aimed to accumulate scientific knowledge and to promote environmental policies, relating to prevention of the climate change, realization of a recycling-oriented society, establishing a symbiotic relationship with the natural environment, ensuring safety in environmental risk management and others, necessary for establishment of a sustainable society.


Adoption and execution of research and development which conforms to the research themes (political needs) required by the Ministry of the Environment

ERDF is a competitive fund ,which contribute the enviromental policies, and we widely welcome a research proposal conformed to political needs by MOE from academic and industry institutions.

we establish the specific system with a framework (research thema,leaders,etc.) MOE determined , and we will powefully promote strategic research and development based on Environmental policy needs.

Securing transparency, fairness, and efficiency in system management through evaluations by external committee members

The Committee and Research expert committees , which consist of external specialists, experts, and other intellectuals, conduct preliminary (examination at the time of adoption), midterm, and post evaluations in the ERDF. Each research project will be evaluated in terms of need, effectiveness, efficiency, and cost validity.

ERCA strives for a transparent, fair, and efficient management of systems such as adopting based on preliminary evaluations and optimizing budget for the next fiscal year based on midterm evaluations.

Figure: The work flow of the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund
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