Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency of Japan(ERCA)

Japan Fund for Global Environment

The Japan Fund of Global Environment (JFGE) is established in 1993, responding to the Statement of the Rio Declarations on Environment and Development (1992) after the environmental problem occurred since mid-1980s.
The Rio statement indicates the importance of the Non-Governmental/Profit Organizations' environmental activities to address the serious environmental problems including/such as the Global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, destructions of the tropical rainforests,
With a domestic endowment from the Japanese Government and donations by citizens, these invests from the fund is utilized by the JFGE. The JFGE is for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) activities that are involved in the environmental conservation inside/outside Japan.

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The members of the Management Council consist of the experts of various fields to administrate/judge/monitor the fair funding management.
The management council is made of/have branches 'Grant Council' and 'Evaluation Council' ; Grant Council decides the examine guideline and adopts JFGE funding organizations, Evaluation Council operates post-activity evaluation of the funding organizations by the disciplinary prospects of view.

Grants Program

The JFGE provides financial assistance to NGOs and NPOs in Japan and developing countries for projects in following nine areas.

  1. Nature protection, conservation and restoration
  2. Forest conservation and tree/grass planting
  3. Anti-desertification
  4. Agriculture of environmental conservation type
  5. Prevention of global warming
  6. Building of a recycle-oriented society
  7. Air, water and soil conservation
  8. Comprehensive environmental education
  9. Other environmental conservation activities

Support program

The JFGE conducts research (on environmental NGOs and NPOs and its projects), and provides training program and information to NGOs and NPOs for (the improvement of) environmental conservation activities.

Research on basic information on and common issues to NGOs and NPOs, and also their environmental conservation activities in both Japan and foreign countries is conducted.
2.Training program:
Various training programs for NGOs and NPOs staff and volunteers are held to support their activities.
3.Providing Information:
Information on NGOs and NPOs' environmental conservation projects is provided through Internet, reports, and newsletters to support environmental activities.
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